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  • The Echo Pick N Mix is here!

    We have been working on this one for a while - our most popular deal in our Windsor store is the Pick N Mix - we have a big selection of protein bars, cookies, protein drinks and supplement samples and our in store customers can mix and match ANY 12 for £20 - well, we have FINALLY managed to bring this online!

    This means you can buy ANY 12 products marked with the "Pick n Mix" logo on our website and it'll adjust the price down to £20 (this works for 24 for £40 etc as well, so as many as you want per order!) - this is the logo to look out for:

    Or you can just go straight to the Pick N Mix Category (CLICK HERE) and they're obviously all included!

    Here is just ONE of the countless combinations you can make up for only £20!

  • Killing Easter Cravings

    Easter. Perhaps the second most indulgent holiday after Christmas but just as dangerous for your diet! Whether you've stayed away from the sweet treats since making that New Year's resolution in January or have given them up for Lent there's no denying that this is a truly testing time. The supermarket shelves are lined with eggs, bars and bags upon bags of chocolate goodies all screaming your name. The kids are begging for just one more and temptation is all around. Can you really resist?

    Fortunately for you there a few tips and tricks I can offer you to make sure you kill those cravings this Easter and stay on track for that summer body.

    Flexible dieting, or "If It Fits Your Macros" is a science based approach to nutrition many people into fitness are familiar with. Instead of counting calories or labelling foods "clean" and "forbidden", you have an allowance of carbohydrates, fats and protein to spend on whatever foods you wish throughout the day. Of course, you still aim to fill this with as many healthy and nutritious meals as you can but there's always room for a cheeky treat. If you fancy a piece of chocolate or beheading a Malteser Bunny all it takes is a little maths to make it fit in your macros. No restriction and cravings satisfied.

    If fitting the real deal into your diet is too much of a macro sacrifice then try a substitute. Echo stocks your favourite Snickers and Mars bars' protein jacked cousins for a perfect pre or post workout chocolate treat. Or how about killing the cocoa cravings with a Grenade Carb Killa? Lower in carbs but still packed with protein these bars all have a soft nougat base, a smooth caramel layer and rich chocolate coat.

    Still not satisfied? Go cocoa crazy on all of your day to day recipes! Add a tablespoon of unsweetened cocoa powder to your shakes, smoothies, oats and pancakes to switch things up.

  • Wow! What a Day!

    Another HUGE open day over and I'd like to say a massive thanks to Sci-MX Nutrition and Arran Arogundade - the day was a huge success and it was an absolute pleasure to meet such a great athlete and all round nice guy!

    We sampled Sci-MX Nutrition's new PRO2GO range and the PRO2Go Protein Coffee and PRO2GO Cookies in particular all sold out fairly quickly (more soon!).

    Check out some pics from the big day :


  • A Huge Thank You!

    Wow! What a day yesterday was - I'd like to say a HUGE thank you first of all to Alex Crockford. If you somehow don't know who he is, then you NEED to check out his website ( www.alexcrockford.com ) for a range of online plans including 12 week gym fit, 12 week home fit (no gym required) and also SheFit - a 12 week plan designed with women in mind.

    Because everyone likes different foods his plans include explanations of WHY to eat certain foods and recipes so you know  HOW to apply them - I'd thoroughly recommend them.

    As you can see in the photos below it was VERY busy in store all day and we can't wait to have Reflex Nutrition back again soon!


  • Save The Date! Reflex Nutrition Open Day - Saturday 25th Feb!

    One for the diary! On Saturday 25th February (THIS COMING weekend) we are excited to welcome Team Reflex athlete Alex Crockford to our Windsor store.

    As well as being a top fitness model, Alex has his own #CrockFit brand dedicated to helping people transform their bodies in a sustainable way (check it out: www.alexcrockford.com ) - so as well as Reflex goodies you can get some TRULY expert advice on the day.

    We will be sampling Reflex One Stop Xtreme, Protein Coffee and BCAA Intra Fusion on the day & we will also have ONE-OFF in store promotions that you won't find anywhere else!


    Reflex Nutrition Open Day Saturday 25th Feb Reflex Nutrition Open Day Saturday 25th Feb
  • Thank You!

    I'd like to say a HUGE thank you to EVERYONE that came to our first sample day on Saturday with SPECIAL thanks to Mick and Sam from PhD Nutrition, Simone from Five Star Health & Fitness (an AWESOME Windsor Gym)  and Sam Hall (awesome Windsor-based Osteopath if you're in the area I'd HIGHLY recommend him) for helping out and making it such a success!

    Going forward with the exception of the 18th Feb we will be opening from 11am until 3pm on Saturdays from now on, and will aim to have as many in store events as possible - we have Reflex and Sci-MX Nutrition coming in soon, and THIS Saturday (11th Feb) we will be sampling a range of PROTEIN BARS from leading brands so you can come in and try a nice selection!

    Thanks again to everyone that came in-store and if you want a giggle check out the burpee competition video on our Instagram page!



    PhD Nutrition Sample Day PhD Nutrition Sample Day

  • Time To Get Serious

    It's finally February and the wave of New Year's Resolution-ers has withered away to leave just the few dedicated gym rats in their wake. If you're reading this then you've already made it further than most but now it's time to get serious.

    By now you probably should have a fitness or physique goal in mind that you'd like to make a reality this year - lose fat, gain muscle, tone up, lean down, get fit, get strong - but no matter which direction you're headed in you need to be taking the most efficient route. Whilst no supplement is absolutely essential to making progress there are some which are scientifically proven to keep things moving along nicely and get you on the fast track to fit. Today I'd like to share with you my top products for your very own "Supplements Starter Pack".

    1. Whey Protein Powder A product of cows' milk, whey protein is a complete protein that can be quickly digested and used by the body. In it's powdered form whey protein is an incredibly versatile ingredient which you can drink as a shake, add to oats, or use to bake all sorts of high protein treats. Whey protein is ideal for post workout nutrition to aid muscle recovery and repair but can be consumed throughout the day to meet your increased protein needs as an athlete. There's an extensive range of flavours and blends to try so give them a go and find yourself a new favourite!
    2. Creatine. This one is essential for anyone who follows a strength training or bodybuilding style programme and is one of the most effective supplements available. Creatine is a naturally occurring chemical in the body but when supplemented in an increased dose results in a greater uptake of water and all the nutrients and minerals it carries into the muscle cells. Creatine causes muscles to swell slightly but ensures that nutrient delivery is optimal for increased strength and rapid recovery. Mix the powder in water, with a protein shake or stack with your pre-workout.
    3. CaffeineCaffeine comes in many different forms but however you choose to take it, it is certain to get you going for a great workout. Caffeine has a stimulating effect on the nervous system to lower your perceptions of fatigue and can also increase thermogenesis and lipolysis (aka. get a sweat on and burn more fat). All pre-workout supplements contain caffeine of some kind, some with additional amino acids, creatine or carbohydrates but all serve the same purpose - to get your body buzzing and give your sessions a real kick start.
    4. Omega 3. Often overlooked, Omega 3 supplements will make sure you are getting enough of the essential fatty acids your body needs for optimal growth and repair. Naturally found in oily fish, fatty acids can help to lower cholesterol, increase fat burning potential and stimulate circulation so are ideal for promoting all around health.

    That just about covers the basics, once you've got these supplements in your stack you'll be off and away, taking your next steps on your fitness journey but this time with a little helping hand. Supplements are there to enhance your performance and nutrition so are certainly not something to be skipped!

  • Hi, I'm Dani!

    Hey there, Dani here - you all know Dave pretty well but I thought I had better give myself a proper introduction too. My name is Dani Barker, I'm a personal trainer, online coach, an undergraduate biomedical sciences student at the University of Manchester and aspiring powerlifter who loves everything health and fitness related! But more importantly I'll be featuring more frequently here as an Echo Supplements blogger so keep your eyes out for future posts!

    I currently run a fitness and lifestyle Instagram account (@danibarkermbs) and a Youbtube channel too (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC96QHph1t965rXLuMOVFqgA) where I keep my followers up to date with my training, nutrition and all sorts of other exciting things every day.

    I am looking to take on new clients this year so for any enquiries regarding my coaching services visit www.dbmbsfitness.com or email me at daniellebarkerpt@gmail.com and I would be more than happy to help!

    Prior to establishing my Youtube channel I ran a blog "Dani Every Day" where I would frequently review different protein bars, snacks and supplements alongside inventing my own healthy recipes. It was in this not so distant past that one day I came across our lovely Dave and started working more closely together with Echo. I would order my snacks and supplements from the store and then take my time to review each product, take photographs and post across my various social media accounts - I guess that's what we call "marketing".

    Now however, I'm proud to say that I am truly a member of the team and with the relaunch of this site have accepted to take on the role of Echo Blogger. Expect to see more posts from myself with the latest news, reviews and whatever else I might have to share!

    So that's a bit about me, but I'm sure you'd like a little insight into my own training and nutrition. As I mentioned previously, I am an aspiring powerlifter - however I train with a hybrid of both powerlifting and bodybuilding or "powerbuilding". This sees me in the gym 5-6 times per week with the main focus being my compound lifts and then appropriate accessory work. I thoroughly enjoy both styles of training and would like to one day compete in both.

    In terms of nutrition and supplements I've made quite the turn around... Two years ago I brought myself up and out from the depths of a restrictive eating disorder sub 1000 calories and now can proudly say that I'm cruising through a lean bulking phase at around 3500! 10Kg of lean mass gained so far and no plans to stop yet! I follow a flexible dieting approach which sees me track macronutrients throughout the day and enjoy all the foods I want without restriction. Hard work and dedication is what gets results but there are a few thanks I need to give: Oatein and Grenade for making the absolute best protein flapjacks on the market, caffeinated pre workouts to get me out of my study induced slumbers and of course our good friend Dave for keeping me so well stocked!

    I think that's about it! I can't wait to see what we can achieve this year!

    Onwards and upwards.

  • The Echo Blog is Back ... Also Hi, I'm Dave!

    Hi, Dave here - if you've been following Echo Supplements on Instagram that's me and my day to day training, food and supplements. I'm going to be using the Echo blog for some more in depth posts and also as a public place to relay answers to some of the most common queries I get sent by email, on the phone and in our Windsor shop so that hopefully the answers can be useful to a wider audience.

    As I am a bit of a geek and LOVE my training I'll also be posting opinions about these topics from time to time as well and I REALLY value feedback whether positive or negative. I'm not touchy and I believe that all feedback is valuable so feel free to tell me if you think I'm wrong about a topic as this is how we learn!

    A little bit about me I've been training in one form or another for most of my adult life but in the past year I've started really LIVING the healthy life style and looking after my nutrition better. I've also started ENJOYING my training rather than being a slave to what someone else has told me is the best system to use. As a result and completely unsurprisingly I've started to see some of the best results of my life; I've lost over 15kg of fat (around 2.3 stone for the imperial minded reading this) --- I didn't even KNOW I had that much to lose --- and still going strong.

    My training sessions are typically around 2 hours long including warm up and core work at the end and I'm doing the following split:

    2 days on / 1 off / 3 days on / 1 off

    I find this works well for me, any more than 3 days training in a row and the fourth day is worthless everything hurts too much! Due to injuries I tend to stick almost exclusively to dumbell and machine work.

    Supps wise I'm currently a bit of a Decibel fan boy with their pre workout first thing at 5am (did I mention I'm an early bird?) then the Decibel all in one post-workout. Then during the day I take Reflex Nutrition Omega 3 (3x a day), Glucosamine Chondroitin (3x a day) and Vitamin D3 (1x a day) and also tend to have at least 1x Reflex R-Bar during the day as they're by FAR the best quality protein bars on the market, and usually 1-2  whey protein shakes. I'm not TOO fussy on which protein I have on a given day but it's usually one of Decibel Protein Water, Boditronics Express Whey (ALL about the coconut cream!) or Sci-MX Ultra Whey - generally as long as it gives me 25g protein and under 5g carbs I'm happy.

    My food is very simple - I aim for calorie control and a balanced diet meaning each meal has protein, carbs and fat in it and I'm currently taking in between 2,000-2,200 cals per day 6 days per week with a bit of leeway in the form usually of a roast dinner on a sunday!

    So this post is longer than anticipated but to summarise, hi - keep an eye on this blog for loads more posts soon!

  • PayPal now accepted at Echo Supplements!

    Hi guys we've been planning for a while now to get PayPal back up and running after lots of requests and now you can pay with Paypal - just choose Paypal on the checkout options as in the image below!

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