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BioX Nitro Juice (12lb / 5.4kg)

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The same great Nitro Juice Gainer, now packaged in 5.45 kg (12 lbs) zippered bags...
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BioX Power Whey Complex (2.27kg)

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BioX Xtreme Power Whey Complex uses an exclusive filtration process to isolate the protein. This ensures that all of the...
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BioX Shaker

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The BioX shaker holds 20 oz. of your favorite supplements - making it ideal for all products including weight gainers w...
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BioX is Canada's leading sports supplement company and produce a full range of supplements including protein powders, weight gainers, ready to drink shakes, protein bars and more!

While BioX may not be the most well known brand in the UK they have a fantastic product range which combines great quality with quite frankly unbelievable taste. By far their most popular product is BioX Power Whey - coming in seven flavours from the usual chocolate, strawberry and vanilla to rocky road, cookies and cream and the hugely popular orange creamsicle there is a flavour for everyone!

In addition to this other BioX highlights include BioX Nitro Rush - an intra-workout supplement based around branched chain amino acids (BCAAs), glutamine and citrulline which manages to taste very refreshing in both cherry and grape flavours.

One area where BioX really excel is their range of on the go high protein supplements including protein bars, canned ready to drink shakes and bottled pre workout protein shots - all of which as usual for BioX taste great and pack a punch with their high protein count. If you're looking for a new brand to try give BioX supplements a go!

BioX - Echo Top Product
BioX Nitro Juice BioX Nitro Juice 3000 is billed as "The Solution For The Hardgainer" - with nearly 1000 calories per serving, and with it's outstanding taste you cannot fail to gain weight with BioX Nitro Juice!