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Boditronics are known for their research based approach to sports supplements - each Boditronics product is precisely designed to help you achieve your goals.

Looking over the Boditronics supplement range the first thing that is clearly noticeable is that their products are unique and in most cases contain doses of potent ingredients that have been shown to work in scientific research.

For example Boditronics Express Whey - rather than being another 'me too' whey protein supplement, Express Whey contains a scientifically proven amount of micellar casein which means that in addition to helping your muscles recover with the fast acting whey, the micellar casein is anti-catabolic meaning that it helps prevent muscle loss.

Another example of Boditronics well thought out products is Profusion Reloaded - at Echo Supplements we consider it the best lean all in one supplement available in the UK today - this is because in addition to the leading doses of protein, carbohydrates, healthy fats, glutamine and creatine you get a proven dose of beta alanine - where other brands may add trace amounts (less than a gram!) Boditronics provide a full 4g per day - enough to notice results in training!

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  • Boditronics Red Mist Pre Workout and Intracell BCAA

    Boditronics Pre + Intra Workout Bundle

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  • Boditronics Mass Attack Heavyweight Plus Red Mist Bundle

    Boditronics Heavyweight + Red Mist Bundle

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  • Boditronics Mass Attack Juggernaut Plus Red Mist Bundle

    Boditronics Juggernaut + Red Mist Bundle

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