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Boditronics Mass Attack Heavyweight (2kg)

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Boditronics Mass Attack Heavyweight (2kg)

Boditronics Mass Attack Heavyweight really dominates the other mega-gainers with it's delicious taste, added creatine and it mixes in only 300ml of water - no need to buy huge shakers to get your mass gainer down!

While stocks last EVERY tub of Mass Attack Heavyweight comes with a FREE tub of Boditronics Red Mist V2 - experience a true athlete's pre-workout formula!

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ECHO £19.95 MSRP Price: £45.00 56% off!
ECHO £19.95 MSRP Price: £45.00 56% off!
  • Description


    Boditronics Mass Attack Heavyweight

    Boditronics Mass Attack Heavyweight

    Boditronics Mass Attack Heavyweight is what at Echo we call a "mega gainer" which is one that provides over 1,000 calories per serving & is used to maintain a calorie surplus when looking to add muscle mass.

    Key Benefits

    • 1300 Calories Per Serving - Get into a calorie surplus easily & without having to force down huge amounts of food.
    • Can Mix in a Regular Shaker - Most mega gainers need a LOT of water to mix, Mass Attack Heavyweight, on the other hand, mixes smoothly in as little as 300ml of water, although at Echo we'd recommend around 500ml for a perfectly smooth, delicious shake.
    • 60g Premium Quality Protein Per Serving - Each serving provides the same amount of protein as 2 large chicken breasts and the primary protein source is highly bioavailable whey protein so none goes to waste.
    • 5g Creatine Per Serving - Creatine has been proven to increase muscle size AND strength and you'd be crazy not to take creatine when looking to add muscle size. Boditronics have added just enough dextrose to maximise the creatine absorption too - it's little touches like this which make Mass Attack Heavyweight such a good choice.
    • MCT - Medium Chain Triglycerides - At Echo we're regularly asked what the hell MCTs are - they are a type of fat that is used more like a carbohydrate in the body so your body uses them for ENERGY and is unlikely to store them as fat. A very important consideration when bulking up is the source of your calories and once again Boditronics go the extra mile.
    • Half Servings - One issue with many mega gainers is that if you have a half serving (to add 600 calories during the day) you don't get enough protein and need to add more. Boditronics Mass Attack Heavyweight is very well balanced in this respect - a half serving gives you 650 calories and 30g protein. Many of our customers ONLY use half servings, making the product last longer and spreading the calories through the day.
    • No Artificial Colours or Flavourings - Once more underlining the quality of Boditronics formulation; Mass Attack Heavyweight ONLY uses natural colours and flavourings.
    • Clean Carbohydrate Blend - We've kept possibly the biggest strength of Mass Attack Heavyweight until last - the carbohydrate blend. Many mega gainers PACK their product with sugars, meaning while you get the calories you need, you also have a crash soon afterwards and it isn't great for your health. Mass Attack Heavyweight uses a blend of complex carbohydrates (Ground Whole Oats & Maltodextrin) along with MCT (see above) to give you a healthy low GI carbohydrate blend that will fill you up nicely and give a steady release of energy with no crash. In fact, the only sugar present in the Heavyweight formula is used to boost the Creatine absorption and make the product mix better.

    Who is Mass Attack Heavyweight For?

    Mass Attack Heavyweight is designed for "hard gainers" - people that struggle to put on size no matter what they try - at Echo we speak to dozens of customers every month with this problem and Mass Attack Heavyweight is the No.1 repeat purchase among all of our mega gainers.

    If the prospect of adding in lots of healthy calories to aid muscle growth without having to eat huge amounts of boring food appeals then Mass Attack Heavyweight would definitely be our recommendation.

    When to Use Mass Attack Heavyweight?

    While you can have a serving any time of the day you'd like we'd generally recommend taking advantage of the post workout window to get a serving in on training days. If you require another half or full serving to hit your calorie target in the day then you might find it makes sense to have the other serving at the opposite end of the day otherwise you might get bored of having shake after shake.

    Who Are Boditronics?

    Boditronics as a brand have been one of our top brands since Echo opened - their formulations are second to none and all products are manufactured in an Informed Sport Registered Site - meaning that their manufacturing factory is regularly inspected to ensure there is no risk of contamination with banned substances. Boditronics is also a brand which our customers come back to time and time again and we are happy to recommend the Boditronics range.

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  • Nutritional Information
    Boditronics Mass Attack Heavyweight - Per 300g Serving
      (With Full Fat Milk) (with water)
    Energy kcal 1500 1300
    Energy kj 6147 5345
    Protein 71g 60g
    Carbohydrates 221g 206g
    - of which sugars 75g 60g
    Fat 33g 21g
    - of which saturates 15g 9g
    Fibre 6g 6g
    Sodium 0.03g 0.02g
  • Ingredients

    Ultimate Energy Blend (Maltodextrin, Ground Whole Oats, Medium-Chain-Triglycerides), Protein Blend (Whey Protein Concentrate, Milk Protein Concentrate), Heavyweight Gain Stack (Dextrose Monohydrate, Creatine Monohydrate), Cocoa Powder (In Chocolate and Mocha), Flavouring, Colour (None in Vanilla, Beta Carotens in Banana, Beetroot Red in Strawberry, Caramel in Toffee)

    Boditronics Mass Attack Heavyweight - Allergy Information
    Contains: Milk, Gluten, Oats. Made in an environment which processes nuts

  • Directions For Use

    Add 4 slightly heaped scoops of powder to 300ml of water or milk (you may need to add more liquid if milk is used to obtain desired texture) in a blender or blender bottle-style shaker and shake vigorously for 20-30 seconds. Not recommended for mixing in shakers without mixing grills. For best results use a blender-bottle style shaker cup.

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    GarethGains 21/08/2018
    Amazing gainer

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