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Boditronics Mass Attack Heavyweight (2kg)

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Boditronics Mass Attack Heavyweight (2kg)

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Boditronics Mass Attack Heavyweight really dominates the other mega-gainers with it's delicious taste, added creatine and it mixes in only 300ml of water - no need to buy huge shakers to get your mass gainer down!

While stocks last EVERY tub of Mass Attack Heavyweight comes with a FREE tub of Boditronics Red Mist V2 - experience a true athlete's pre-workout formula!

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ECHO £19.95 MSRP Price: £45.00 56% off!
ECHO £19.95 MSRP Price: £45.00 56% off!
  • Description


    Echo Supplements on Boditronics Mass Attack Heavyweight
    Boditronics Mass Attack Heavyweight is our choice of "mega gainer" here at Echo Supplements because it gets the balance of "clean" carbohydrates and an enjoyable shake just right. The main source of carbrohydrates found in Mass Attack Heavyweight is from a blend of Maltodextrin, Ground Oats and MCT's with the remainder coming from dextrose which itself helps drive the added creatine to the muscles.

    If you're wondering why all of the carbohydrates don't come from oats the reason for this is that it produces a really big, lumpy consistency and would require a lot of water to mix with - this is why some other brands have to produce a much bigger shaker to go with their gainers. In contrast Boditronics Mass Attack Heavyweight can be easily mixed in only 300ml (around half a shaker) of water and makes a smooth and delicious shake which delivers a huge 1300 calories. You can (if you want) mix with milk for an extra 200 calories per shake but at Echo we'd recommend just sticking with water.

    The protein sources used in Mass Attack Heavyweight are really high quality too; only whey protein and milk protein are used in the protein blend formula, so there is no soy or other cheaper proteins used. The amount of protein used is also ideal - with 60g of protein in a single serving if you wanted to use "half servings" as a snack then you'd still get 30g of protein.

    As well as the macronutrients in Mass Attack Heavyweight, Boditronics have added a full daily serving of creatine monohydrate in each serving so if you're having at least 1 serving of Mass Attack Heavyweight then you don't need any additional creatine. There are no artificial colours or flavourings in Mass Attack Heavyweight making it the healthy choice of mega gainer, and with each huge 6kg tub providing 20 servings, each providing 1300 high quality calories you'd really struggle to find a better way of getting these calories in!

    Boditronics Mass Attack Heavyweight - Manufacturer's Description
    Some people have a very fast metabolism, which means it is extremely difficult to gain weight. Mass Attack Heavyweight is specifically designed for "hardgainers". Containing a massive 60g of muscle building protein, together with quality complex carbohydrates and medium chain triglycerides (a fat that is processed in the body like a carbohydrate).

    Mass Attack Heavyweight - Over 1000 Calories Per Serving!
    Mass Attack Heavyweight packs a monster 1300 calories per serving when mixed with water (more if mixed with milk). This potent blend of nutrients and energy is enough to pack on the most stubborn frame when used in conjunction with correct diet and training regimes.

    Precise Mixture of Creatine & Dextrose
    In addition Boditronics Mass Attack Heavyweight contains the heavyweight gain stack a precise mix of creatine monohydrate and dextrose monohydrate designed to transport creatine to the muscles quickly and efficiently, continued supplementation with creatine has been shown to increase power and muscle size and strength.

    Unlike most high calorie mass gain products Boditronics Mass Attack Heavyweight mixes easily in a shaker and is not overly thick, making it easy to consume. Available in delicious flavours, Mass Attack Heavyweight contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and is unique in that it does not contain any artificial sweetners.

  • Nutritional Information
    Boditronics Mass Attack Heavyweight - Per 300g Serving
      (With Full Fat Milk) (with water)
    Energy kcal 1500 1300
    Energy kj 6147 5345
    Protein 71g 60g
    Carbohydrates 221g 206g
    - of which sugars 75g 60g
    Fat 33g 21g
    - of which saturates 15g 9g
    Fibre 6g 6g
    Sodium 0.03g 0.02g
  • Ingredients

    Ultimate Energy Blend (Maltodextrin, Ground Whole Oats, Medium-Chain-Triglycerides), Protein Blend (Whey Protein Concentrate, Milk Protein Concentrate), Heavyweight Gain Stack (Dextrose Monohydrate, Creatine Monohydrate), Cocoa Powder (In Chocolate and Mocha), Flavouring, Colour (None in Vanilla, Beta Carotens in Banana, Beetroot Red in Strawberry, Caramel in Toffee)

    Boditronics Mass Attack Heavyweight - Allergy Information
    Contains: Milk, Gluten, Oats. Made in an environment which processes nuts

  • Directions For Use

    Add 4 slightly heaped scoops of powder to 300ml of water or milk (you may need to add more liquid if milk is used to obtain desired texture) in a blender or blender bottle-style shaker and shake vigorously for 20-30 seconds. Not recommended for mixing in shakers without mixing grills. For best results use a blender-bottle style shaker cup.

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