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Boditronics Pre + Intra Workout Bundle

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This bundle is designed to represent the ultimate pre and intra workout combo & to be the perfect introduction to the Boditronics range. Use as follows

1x Red Mist - pre workout on training days. Red Mist is formulated to only require 1 scoop per serving & works best on an empty stomach around 20mins before you start.

1x Intra Cell - while you train on training days and whenever you want to add extra BCAAs for better recovery during the day

This stack will last around 1 month if used pre and intra workout on average 4 workouts per week.

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Boditronics Red Mist V2 (320g)

Echo Supplements on Boditronics Red Mist V2

Boditronics original Red Mist pre workout supplement was one of the first really strong & effective pre workout supplements around and with the new "V2" version Boditronics have improved on all aspects and produced a top formula which we will go through below one ingredient at a time.

No Proprietary Blend in Red Mist V2

At Echo Supplements we really prefer to recommend products with a full ingredient listing as found in Boditronics Red Mist V2 - there are a couple of reasons for this:

  1. No Micro-Dosing - Micro dosing involved listing ingredients on the packaging and including them in tiny doses which are totally pointless but only if you research each ingredient which you probably don't have time to do - if a product fully discloses it's ingredients then micro dosing is obvious and generally doesn't happen!
  2. You know what you're getting - sounds obvious but even if a product doesn't contain micro-dosed ingredients, if it hides the amounts behind a proprietary blend you don't know which ingredients are giving you the results you want so it is impossible to compare with similar products

On a more general note brands which fully disclose the ingredients tend to make better products in our experience.

Intelligent Dosages of Top Ingredients

Many pre workout supplements get it "wrong" with the caffeine content of their product and if you have a double serving (as many of us do!!) then you end up with towards 1000mg of caffeine which only leads to a terrible energy crash later. Boditronics have included 250mg per serving which is enough to give you a strong "kick" even if you're used to pre-workouts but not too much that you can't double up, should you want to experience the pump that 6g Citrulline + 6g Arginine AKG gives you!

Pump & Vascularity

Boditronics have added 3g Citrulline Malate AND 3g Arginine AKG which means you should experience a really intense pump and good vascularity which is enhanced if you're at a lower bodyfat level. Having tried Red Mist V2 quite a lot at Echo it's certainly up there with anything else on the market for a pump!

Mind-Muscle Connection

Good focus in the gym where you really get that mind-muscle connection can be hard to come by and feels incredible when you really feel it. Although experience is the most important thing here you can certainly have a helping hand and this is where Tyrosine and Glucuronolactone come into the Boditronics Red Mist V2 formula. These 2 ingredients are time-proven to boost focus and have a positive effect on your mood and the doses used in this formula are (as you might expect from Boditronics) high to say the least. Three grams of L-Tyrosine is the highest we've seen and alongside 1g Glucuronolactone you will definitely be in the right frame of mind to have a great workout!

Strength & Endurance

In many formula's we would be raving about this time proven stack of creatine and beta alanine but with the rest of the formula being so impressive you almost don't notice that Boditronics have included a 2g dose of beta alanine - perfect for a pre workout, and over half your daily total for optimum results. If you choose to double dose Red Mist V2 then this is your full daily dose however be aware that with very pure beta alanine you will get skin "tingles" from the beta alanine which are perfectly normal but a bit odd if it's new to you!

The creatine that Boditronics have used is new and looks great - only 750mg is included because with this form of creatine you need much less than with regular monohydrate, and means that if you're one of the unlucky few that get bloated with creatine monohydrate then this is much better for you.

Overall at Echo Supplements we're happy to recommend Boditronics Red Mist V2 as it offers a well rounded effective pre workout boost with no "grey area" stimulants or unsafe ingredients at a great value price. Red Mist V2 comes in 3 flavours: "Orange & Passionfruit", "Lemonade" and "Forest Berries" with the Orange the in-store Echo favourite, and 2 size tubs - the 320g tub which provides 16 servings - enough for a month if training an average 4 times per week, or a double sized extra value tub.

Boditronics Red Mist V2 - Manufacturer's Description

With industry leading doses of key performance enhancing ingredients including the cutting edge Creatine HCL, Red Mist v.2 is the last word in pre-workout supplementation.

No micro-dosing, no half measures and NO proprietary blends, Red Mist v.2 is the professional athlete’s choice. An effective pre-workout product isn’t just about blowing your head off with a concoction of stimulant, it is about providing real results, strength enhancing, plateau busting, muscle building results!

Skin bursting pumps, more reps, more explosive lifts, precision focus - all this can be yours with Red Mist v.2

Key Ingredients

  • Citruline Malate (3g per serving) - a combination of the amino acid Citrulline and the organic salt Malate, this massive 3g dose increases blood flow resulting in huge muscle pumps as well as transporting hydrogen ions away from the working muscle resulting in greater endurance.
  • Arginine AKG (3g per serving) – the ‘go to’ ingredient when it comes to engorging the muscles with nitric oxide laden blood meaning insane vascularity and muscle pumps.
  • Taurine (3g per serving) – no pre-workout formula is complete without taurine, and for good reason, with benefits that include super-hydrating muscle cells, improving brain function and preventing cramps, our huge 3g dose ensures you get the most taurine has to offer.
  • Beta alanine (2g per serving) – beta alanine is the ultimate endurance ergogenic aid. By ‘moping’ up hydrogen ions, beta alanine prevents the build-up of lactic acid in working muscles meaning you can hit your failure point after more reps than ever before.
  • Creatine HCL (750mg per serving) – creatine hydrochloride (HCL) is the newest and meanest creatine on the market. Only a small dose is needed to saturate your muscles with this potent strength enhancing nutrient giving you all of the benefits with none of the bloat or stomach discomfort associated with the required large doses of regular creatines.
  • Tyrosine (3g per serving) – as a precursor to adrenaline, this massive 3g dose provides a huge lift in mental focus, essential when hitting a hard and heavy session in the gym.
  • Glucuronolactone (1g per serving) – glucuronolactone is a metabolite of glucose and has been shown to have very positive effects on mood and altertness. As well as providing greater focus in the gym, glucuronolactone also regulates glycogen production, resulting in more energy and greater performance.
  • Caffeine (250mg per serving) – what pre-workout formula would be complete without caffeine!? Red Mist v.2 provides a huge 250mg dose which when combined with the other synergistic ingredients in the formula, gives you a lasting surge of energy and the mind stimulation you need to take even the most intense workouts to yet another level.

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Boditronics Intra Cell (375g)

Echo Supplements on Boditronics Intracell

At Echo we always advise customers to read the nutritional information on a supplement to know what you're REALLY getting. This is where IntraCELL really stands out among many other similar products.

IntraCELL packs in a massive 14g of BCAAs per serving - if you take a BCAA capsule supplement that would mean 28x500mg capsules in ONE serving! In addition to this Boditronics have added Citrulline Malate, L-Glutamine, Taurine and Electrolytes to produce a supplement that will supercharge your recovery even before the workout has finished, and keep you hydrated.

If you haven't tried intra-workout supplements before, make this the product you try and we're sure it won't disappoint! Available in 3 flavours: Zesty Lemonade, Orange & Passionfruit and Forest Berries - our pick is Berries!

The 750g sized tub provides 39 servings so should last around 2 months if you train around 4 times per week. There is also a 375g sized tub which is ideal for trying out a new flavour.

Boditronics Intracell - Manufacturer's Description

Boditronics IntraCELL is a precise, scientific blend of Amino Acids consisting of the proven 2:1:1 ratio of Branched Chain Amino Acids (L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine and L-Valine), Glutamine, Citrulline, Malate and Vitamin B6 that will give you the energy you need to maximise training while enhancing recovery at the same time.

Electrolytic Rehydration Blend

Boditronics IntraCELL also includes an Electrolytic Blend to help re-hydrate the body and replace essential salts to keep performance to the optimum. Complex Carbohydrates are also included to help replenish Glycogen levels and provide energy while training.

Boditronics IntraCell - What Does it Do?

The advanced components in Boditronics IntraCELL have been scientifically proven to help:

  • Enhance recovery from strenuous exercise
  • Enhance ATP Production and promote cell volumisation
  • Decrease muscle breakdown and cortisol levels
  • Avoid fatigue by blocking entry of fatigue-inducing tryptophan into the brain
  • Increase protein synthesis, immune function and digestive health
  • Promote vasodiltion which can lead to better assimilation and absorption of protein
  • Elevate growth hormone levels

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Bundle Price £32.99

  • Description



    This bundle is designed to represent the ultimate pre and intra workout combo & to be the perfect introduction to the Boditronics range. Use as follows
    • 1x Red Mist - pre workout on training days. Red Mist is formulated to only require 1 scoop per serving & works best on an empty stomach around 20mins before you start.
    • 1x Intra Cell - while you train on training days and whenever you want to add extra BCAAs for better recovery during the day
    This stack will last around 1 month if used pre and intra workout on average 4 workouts per week.
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