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Quest Cravings (12x50g)

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Quest Cravings (12x50g)

Quest Cravings are as healthy as a protein bar and just as tasty as a forbidden confectionary treat. With over 20 grams of protein, 4 grams of active carbs and no added sugar!
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Quest Cravings (12x50g)-Peanut Butter 1
ECHO £23.99 MSRP Price: £29.99 20% off!

28th November

ECHO £23.99 MSRP Price: £29.99 20% off!
  • Description


    We all love peanut butter cups. For most, they are reserved as a special treat or bought in a moment of weakness. What if you could eat a delicious peanut butter cup every single day, and have it help you achieve your goals - fat loss, muscle gain, or just living a healthy life?

    The peanut butter cups you've had in the past are loaded with sugar and other ingredients you shouldn't eat. That's all changed. Over a year in the making, Quest Cravings are as healthy as a protein bar and just as tasty as a forbidden confectionary treat. With over 20 grams of protein, 4 grams of active carbs and no added sugar, you can eat Cravings every single day. These are high protein products that are actually good for you. This isn't candy, this is food that makes you better. It just happens to taste like candy. There's no catch, no asterisks, just simple ingredients, real food and perfect nutrition.

    One 50 gram serving (2 cups) has 20 grams of high quality protein. Just like your favorite Quest Bar, Cravings use cross flow filtered whey protein isolates, the only whey that doesn't compromise. No soy and rich in highly desirable Branch Chain Amino acids, our proteins stand out from the rest.

    Low Carb
    Refined carbohydrates are the cause of many problems. Candy by its very nature is high in simple carbohydrates and low in protein. Quest Cravings are exactly the opposite. Our Peanut Butter cups have just 4 grams of active carbs (10 total, 3 from fiber and 3 from sugar alcohol),which make these great for athletes, low carb dieters, diabetics, and everyone who loves delicous snacks. And like all Quest products, they contain no gluten-containing ingredients.

    Simple Ingredients
    With Quest, you always know that we use the best ingredients with the shortest ingredient list possible, and you recognize them all. Fresh peanuts, our high quality protein blend, pure unsweetened chocolate and all natural Erythritol.

    We've all read about the benefits of chocolate. The problem is to get those benefits you also get all the sugar and undesirable ingredients that completely nullify the nutritional benefits. With Cravings, you get pure, non-dutch processed chocolate without paying the price of sugar and trans fat. Our unique process of blending high quality proteins with unsweetened chocolate allows us to deliver unparalleled taste without adding any sugar.

    Mix all these ingredients together and you end up with an amazing peanut butter cup packed with protein that is so good for you that you can eat them seven days a week. Get your daily protein in the most delicious way ever.

  • Nutritional Information
    Nutritional Information Per Serving (2 Cups/ 50g)
    Calories 240
    - from fat 150
    Protein 20g
    Carbohydrate 10g
    - dietary fibre 3g
    - sugars 1g
    - erythritol 3g
    Fat 17g
    - saturated fat 7g
    - trans fat 0g
    Cholesterol <5mg
    Sodium 240mg
    Potassium 230mg
  • Ingredients

    Protein Blend (Whey Protein Isolate, Milk Protein Isolate), Peanut Butter, Unsweetened Chocolate, Cocoa Butter, Erythritol, Peanuts.
    Contains less than 2% of the following: Salt, Almonds, Cashews, Stevia, Sunflower Lecithin and Sucralose

    Allergen Warning: Contains almonds and cashews (tree nuts), Peanuts and Milk Derived Ingredients

  • Directions For Use

    Eat as desired or when you have a craving!

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