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Reflex Instant Whey Pro (2.2kg)

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  • Reflex Instant Whey Pro (2.2kg)
  • Reflex Instant Whey Pro (2.2kg)
  • Reflex Instant Whey Pro (2.2kg)

Reflex Instant Whey Pro (2.2kg)

Reflex Instant Whey has been the UK's highest quality protein for years due to it's guaranteed 80% level of protein and the fact that Reflex use primarily whey protein isolate as a protein source rather than the cheaper whey protein concentrate. Reflex Nutrition recently improved this by using Native Whey Isolate - an even better form of whey isolate - and now with Instant Whey Pro they have set the standard even higher.

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ECHO £40.49 MSRP Price: £82.99 51% off!
ECHO £40.49 MSRP Price: £82.99 51% off!
  • Description


    Reflex Instant Whey Pro

    Reflex Nutrition Instant Whey Pro

    Reflex Instant Whey has been the UK's highest quality protein for years due to it's guaranteed 80% level of protein and the fact that Reflex use primarily whey protein isolate as a protein source rather than the cheaper whey protein concentrate. Reflex Nutrition recently improved this by using Native Whey Isolate - an even better form of whey isolate - and now with Instant Whey Pro they have set the standard even higher.

    Key Benefits

    • Added Probiotics & Increased Digestive Enzymes - The PRO in the name of Instant Whey Pro is due to the added probiotics. Reflex have added 4 types of probiotics as well as increasing the amount of digestive enzymes which means that Instant Whey Pro is very easy for your body to process and won't give you any nasty bloating like some cheaper shakes can do.
    • More Flavours & Better Taste - The only criticism that Instant Whey used to get from time to time was that it was a bit "watery" compared to some other brands. Reflex have improved this aspect of the product a lot and Instant Whey Pro now mixes into a thicker milkshake-like consistency. Reflex have also been busy with making new flavours as Instant Whey Pro now comes in nine different flavours; you get the standard Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla as most brands make but also some innovative flavours such as Banoffee, Cinammon Vanilla and Choc Peanut - you won't get bored that's for sure!
    • Native Whey Isolate - It's hard to emphasise the difference this makes as many brands use Whey Isolate but the Native form (which is only used by Reflex Nutrition) is simply the best quality whey you can buy. It includes up to 166% more bioavailable cysteine and 16% more leucine (the most important amino!) per gram than regular isolate.
    • Increased Muscle Mass - When you train hard you break down the muscle fibres in the worked muscle. With a high protein diet your body can repair the muscle back larger to deal with an ever increasing weight load - the whey protein found in Reflex Insant Whey Pro is the best way of achieving this due to it's incredibly high bioavailability and the high quantity of BCAA (branched chain amino acids) found in whey
    • PROVEN 80% Protein Content - Sadly there are many brands which under dose their products and don't actually match what it says on the label. With Reflex you can be assured this is not the case as EVERY batch is tested to ensure it meets or exceeds an 80% protein level. Additionally this is correct for ALL flavours - even many leading brands have a chocolate flavour with less protein than a vanilla flavour due to additional flavouring - Reflex compensate for this with a greater isolate content to bring each flavour to 80%

    Overall it is hard to see how you could get a better protein shake than Instant Whey Pro - it has more protein than most competitive products, tastes great and digests very due to the probiotics and digestive enzymes and at Echo we're always happy to recommend it.

    This product is the most popular 2.2kg sized tub which provides 88 servings, Instant Whey Pro also comes in 900g sized and 4.4kg sized tubs.

    Who is Reflex Instant Whey Pro For?

    Reflex Instant Whey Pro is for anyone that wants the highest quality general purpose whey protein supplement on the market, which has been produced in an informed sport registered site and is batch tested to ensure protein purity.

    When to Use Reflex Instant Whey Pro?

    Reflex Instant Whey Pro can be used at any time of the day as well as used as a cooking ingredient or post workout shake. Most people tend to have 2-3 shakes per day of between 25g-40g at a time, providing 20-30g protein each to reach a daily protein intake target.

    Who Are Reflex Nutrition?

    Reflex Nutrition is one of our top selling brands at Echo Supplements. Reflex place their focus on QUALITY above all else and as a result their range of supplements always provide effective dosages of the highest quality ingredients in the world. This is no exaggeration!

    Reflex Nutrition Top 3 Supplements

    Reflex Nutrition - Informed Sport Informed Sport

    Manufactured in an Informed-Sport registered UK site.

    Reflex Nutrition - Vegetarian Suitable For Vegetarians

    This product is suitable for those following a vegetarian diet.

    Reflex Nutrition - Albion Minerals Albion Minerals

    Albion Minerals are the world leaders and innovator in mineral amino acid chelate technology meaning that the minerals found in Reflex Nutrition products from Albion Minerals are of a superior highly bioavailable form.

    Reflex Nutrition - Halal Certified Halal Certified

    Reflex Nutrition are a partner of the Halal Trust which certifies that this product is suitable for anyone that wants to ensure their supplements are Halal.

  • Nutritional Information
    Nutritional Information Per 25g Serving / 2 Scoops
    Calories 97
    Protein 20g
    Carbohydrate 1.6g
    - of which sugars 1g
    Fat 1.1g
    - of which saturates 0.4g
    - of which monounsaturates 0.3g
    - of which polyunsaturates 0.4g
    Fibre 0.4g
    Salt 0.11g
    - sodium equivalent 0.05g
    Digestive Enzyme (Digezyme) 50mg
    Bacillus Coagulans (Lactospore) 125x106 spores
    Bifidobacterium Bifidum 125x106 CFU
    Lactobacillus Acidophilus 125x106 CFU
    Lactobacillus Rhamnosus 125x106 CFU
    CFU - Colony Forming Units present at the time of manufacture
  • Ingredients

    Instant Whey™ PRO Blend (Undenatured Native Whey Protein isolate & Undenatured Cross-Flow Micro-Filtered Whey Protein isolate, Undenatured Ultra-Filtered Whey Protein concentrate), Muscle Drive™ [(Peptide-Bonded Glutamine (derived from wheat protein), Hydrolysed Whey Protein (30% degree of hydrolysis), L-Glutamine], Thickener (Undenatured Milk Protein, Carboxymethyl Cellulose, Potassium Cloride), Flavouring, Natural Colourings [fat-reduced cocoa powder (chocolate and banoffee varieties only), Betanin (strawberry and raspberry varieties only), Beta Carotene (banana, banoffee, cinnamon & vanilla varieties only)], Artificial Sweeteners (Acesulfame K, Sucralose), Digezyme® Enzyme Complex (Amylase, Protease, Cellulase, Lactase, Lipase), Emulsifier (Soya Lecithin), Probiotic Blend [Bacillus Coagulans (LactoSpore®), Bifidobacterium Bifidum, Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Lactobacillus Rhamnosus].

  • Directions For Use

    Mix 25g (approximately 2 level 25ml measures) with 175-225ml water or skimmed milk in a shaker or blender. Consume 2-3 servings daily.

    The above is a recommendation only; you may of course mix with more or less liquid to reach the desired consistency and taste. Product is best consumed immediately once mixed. Do not leave mixed product to stand, or leave in warm environments for extended periods. The scoop included with the product measures by volume not by weight, for precise measurements please use measuring scales. This product is sold by weight not by number of servings.

  • Reviews

    Customer Reviews 30 Reviews

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    Euan 25/06/2017
    Amazing on paper but some how leaves me feeling somewhat bloated even though it has more probiotics and enzymes than any other whey product I've seen.

    Don't get me wrong it's getting results and reflex seem great it's just that it makes me feel bloat-y for 20-30 minutes afterwards.
    Ammar 15/06/2017
    Good stuff
    Pindi 03/06/2017
    Top whey protein I have been buying this for years and it doesnt let you down. unless you buy raspberry flavour - that is a real let down lol

    I like the fact that it isn't SO sweet compared to other whey protein supplements I've tried and the 80% protein looks to be the best around without paying too much for an isolate only (micro whey at an extra £20).

    It's also halal which is an absolute must for me and I have a lot of respect for reflex in making the effort to make their range Halal it takes a lot of the stress out of choosing.

    To summarise I would recommend this whey protein just don't go for raspberry "delight" flavour. It isn't a delight it's over 2kg of my worst nightmare.
    Lou Lou 29/05/2017
    Reflex Instant Whey Pro is just an all around top quality whey supplement and although the banoffee flavour is to be avoided the rest are all good.

    Would recommend combining this with Reflexs micellar casein for a great fast and slow combo - use instant whey pro first thing in the morning, a scoop of each post workout and a micellar casein before bed.

    My PT recommended this to me and I have made great progress in the past 2 months.

    Echo deliver fast and thats why I'm back here!
    Stewart KK 19/05/2017
    Swapped from gold standard to this product and have saved ££ and actually feeling like my recovery is faster as well.
    Tiger 05/03/2017
    Pretty good whey protein shake I've had better and worse but my PT recommended instant whey and she's the boss
    Anyam 26/02/2017
    Having done some research this seems the Best Buy for a protein shake at the moment. Reflex have used this "native Whey" which when you look into the facts is quite a lot better than the whey used by other brands.

    As with anything you read from supplement companies how much of a difference it makes is up in the air but it seems silly to buy other brands that don't use it when the option is there with reflex.

    If anyone reads this review for a flavour recommendation I'd go with vanilla ice cream, it really tastes of ice cream - I took a chance on the raspberry flavour and regretted it (too sweet) but if you mix the two it's drinkable.

    Instant Whey pro with native Whey does mix well in a ball Shaker (or blender I'd imagine) but not as much in a mesh one so bare that in mind.
    gregor 21/02/2017
    AMAZING protein shake it tastes great and VERY impressed with REFLEX testing it all as I've heard BAD things about cheaper brands!!

    One thing is pay attention to the SCOOP SIZE - each serving is only 20g if you follow the instructions on the side of the tub.

    I weigh 110kg so I DOUBLE this to get a suitable serving make sure if you weigh more to get more protein in!!
    Best there is 01/02/2017
    No questions about it you won't find a better protein shake for the money. Messed around with my protein for ages and got sub standard product and was recommended instant whey pro. Great investment and well worth the extra for better quality.
    Perfect on a diet 28/01/2017
    I've been put on a calorie limited diet and need to hit a protein target of 150g per day - instant whey makes it really easy to hit this target without adding any extra cals so I can eat more!
    LOW CARB 19/01/2017
    instant whey pro is BY FAR the best protein shake for my low carb diet and tastes ok too
    Charlotte P 19/01/2017
    It's OK I guess doesn't taste great but mixes very very well and the macro profile is awesome. Shame it tastes a bit chemically in water (improves with almond milk). I've mixed in with porridge and it's fine so I guess its true that the better the quality the worse the taste.
    Hassan 19/01/2017
    Simply the best protein shake and I've tired lots of them I did think ON GOLD STANDARD was king but then read about the native whey and bacteria reflex use in the instant whey pro and it all makes sense.

    The bacteria make a massive difference already I can tell that there isnt the bloaty reaction I got from other brands (USN and PHD terrible for this) so on that basis it would be great but every thing I read about from REFLEX just makes them sound better and better.

    I got vanilla flavour and it really dose taste like ice cream even just with water
    Hyder 17/01/2017
    Great protein recommended by echo and was good shout. Tastes good (for a protein shake) my muscles are growing shape leaner ordering more now
    gavin 11/08/2014

    Ok ive tried this new product this morning ill crack on with the review

    MIXABILITY: I mixed 2 scoops 50g in 450mil water i know its a lot but i always do with breakfast i had no problems what so ever here. A few good shakes and all powder had dissolved there was not any foaming either this is an isolate so did not expect it too either 9/10

    INGREDIENTS: OK reflex have improved there formula here from there INSTANT WHEY this has a 4 protein blend where as INSTANT WHEY had a 3 proteins blend. The main ingredient is NATIVE WHEY this is extracted direct from semi-skimmed milk at low temperature using ultra & cross flow microfiltration & this has also got:
    4 types of probiotics in there form of Bacillus Coagulans, Bifidobacterium Bifidum, Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Lactobacillus Rhamnosus all these are friendly bacteria which are good for stomach health.

    25% more digezymes Which are needed to help breakdown food in the body.

    4 types of proteins: Native whey protein isolate, Cross flow micro-filtered whey protein isolate, Ultra filtered whey protein concentrate & hydrolysed whey protein (30% degree of hydrolysis) Not many companys tell you that!! thats a very good protein blend we have there. 10/10

    TASTE: Yes i liked this flavour altho i cant compare it to any others as ive not tried any you can taste the strawberrys with a creamy taste its very much like the peptide fusion. Any 1 who likes strawberry will like this.8/10
    It does also come in:

    OVERALL: Yet another top product from reflex and 88 servings per 2.2k tub but as its just been raised in this thread its not far from that different from there INSTANT WHEY and its £6+ more. I dont know if any 1 from REFLEX is on here they could tell us what difference there is apart from the probiotics. Its not cheap for an 80% protein but they packed some goodies in this one so you can see why its not so cheap defo worth a trying out some of the flavours 7/10
    Jamie 23/07/2014
    Strawberry - I used to be a huge reflex fan until for me I found they priced themselves right out of my budget seemingly overnight with a makeover, I don’t doubt the quality of the ingredients within their products though.
    This flavour for me personally was watery, lacked any taste of actual strawberry and couldn’t be drunk straight away due to a huge amount of throth.
    The days are long gone since you found yourself having to neck some manky tasting protein because you had no choice, or at least I thought they were.

    In summary the quality of the ingredients is top notch, value for money (unless on offer) and taste/texture falls very short of the mark for me.
    Shaun 21/07/2014
    Reflex Instant Whey – Chocolate Mint

    Mixability 10/10 – Mixes extremely well, does not settle if you leave it for a while, no lumps and doesn’t get a foamy head. Perfect mixability in my opinion.

    Taste 8/10 – Nice chocolate flavour, tastes very similar to other chocolate whey protein powders and doesn’t taste overly sweet. The flavour is improved with a nice hint of mint which I actually liked, I had tried other choc-mint flavours but this is by far the best and tastes a bit like an after 8.

    Texture 10/10 – Good quality whey so when mixed in water it remains thin and goes down well.

    Price 8/10 – At £46 for 88 servings it slightly below average in my opinion at 52p per serving which is a positive. This is one of the lowest price branded proteins online that you can actually trust to deliver a high quality product.

    Ingredients 9/10 – An excellent whey protein with a blend of whey isolates and whey concentrate. This also benefits from the addition of digestive enzymes (e.g. Digezyme). The only reason this didn’t score higher is it is only 80% protein, if it were over 90% this would definitely be a 10/10 for me. Just 97 kcals per 25g serving which is the norm for a high quality protein source, also contain 20g protein (80%) which is a fairly good amount with just 1.6g carbs, 1.0g sugars which are both low and 1.1g fat which also is low.

    Overall 9/10 – Not a lot to say about this whey protein as it is that good in my opinion there’s not a lot to fault it on. One the of best whey proteins on the market in my opinion and I will be purchasing some myself when I run out of my current supply. Love the addition of the digestive enzymes. Only fault is the 80% protein content if this was a little higher this would be a 10/10 for me. High quality, reasonably priced and a brand I personally think you can trust.
    mitchell 19/07/2014
    I had the Banana flavour

    They are using Native whey which is great but can also see our old friend Peptide -Bonded Glutamine in there. This is not a bad thing by any means its just a cheaper form of protein. The main proteins in this are top quality .

    This protein also has Digezyme Enzyme Complex added which I personally think is a great addition to a protein to help take in every nutrient.

    This protein is 80% Protein content which is very good . (it says PROVEN 80% , as with all Reflex products they use independent tests)
    Per 25g serving we have 20g of protein , 1.6g of carbs of which sugars 1g, 50mg of digestive enzymes.

    Taste and Mix ability
    I had Banana , im not even a banana fan and I thought it tasted great . Really lovely Banana Flavour. Few shakes all mixed up.

    I think this is an excellent whey , I love the Native whey used and 80% content is around what we should be looking for in a blended protein, tasted great and id recommend this whey .
    Phil 14/07/2014
    So in a protein shake I look for 3 things, 1) taste, 2) mixability, and 3) protein profile.
    1) Banana, not the greatest or smoothest of tastes but bearable. I found it to lack a certain creamy edge that would of served it well.
    2) using a ball shaker I could not believe the poor mixability of such a good product. In the 90's we had clumpy hard to mix shakes and to me they have no place in todays market
    3) this has a great [protein profile and contributes heavily to its score. With the primary and secondary sources listed in the blend being the best you can get I would expect slightly more then 80%.
    Overall a good profile and mediocre taste sum this product up, but be does not like ball shakers!
    Irfaan 13/07/2014
    Flavour - Reflex Instant Whey Pro, Banana

    Review - Reflex is one of those brands who you either love or you hate. I have drank Reflex Instant Whey in the past and found it to be pretty good. Now that the brand has changed some of their product line-up and also updated their flavours, i was quite keen to see what improvements they have made.
    Banana was the flavour that i was having, and to be honest, it smelt like banana, tasted like banana and i felt like a banana afterwards. I took the recommended serving of powder with around 200ml of water (i dont like my shakes too watered down) and shook it vigorously and to my surprise there were still small clumps of powder present; so i shook it some more but didnt disappear.
    Along with the really strong smell of banana that was coming from my shaker, i decided to neck it down; i certainly was glad i did. Banana flavour Instant Whey pro may have over 80% of protein content but the overpowering whiff of banana along with its mix-ability pulls a few points away from top marks in my review, but apart from that Instant Whey Pro is a good all-round shake. 7/10

    Verdict - Doesnt taste too sweet, flavour is quite accurate; mix-ability could be better but not a bad product.

    Bottom Line - if you're after an all-round product that comes in a variety of flavours, then this is for you; and being priced at £45.99 at Echo Supplements, its well worth the money.
    Howard 11/07/2014
    It's good to see Reflex keeping up with the times and bringing out a more 'modern' flavour line up. I tried the cinnamon vanilla roll flavour, which considering I'm not a huge fan of vanilla was quite tasty. It blended well with water within a few shakes. It's consistency was almost like it had been mixed with milk as it was surprisingly thick.
    As with most reflex products it has a strong nutritional profile. Low sugar, low carbs and low sat fats make this a good summer protein.
    In regards to price at about 52p a serving its very competitive.

    Pros -
    - Good taste
    - Competitive pricing
    - Strong profile

    Cons -
    - A bit thick for my liking. I prefer something a bit more watery for post workout.
    Emma 11/07/2014
    Reflex make products with strong nutritional profiles and not a lot of pointless extras. The new Instant Whey pro is more competitively priced than previous Reflex whey's in this category and seems to be growing in popularity.

    I've tried this mixed with both water and milk (separately) and was quite pleased.

    It mixes well with water and isn't "thin & nasty" like some other shakes, with milk it was even better. 9/10

    The taste Was very sweet and had a bit of a chemical sweetener after-taste but was overall quite pleasant and bananary. 6/10

    I'd definitely recommend this whey, but would probably want to try out some of the other flavours. Chocolate from Reflex tends to be on the better side (at least in one stop extreme).
    Dale 07/07/2014
    I've always seemed to have overlooked Reflex products in the past but after trying this in the Banana flavour it may well be my next protein purchase!

    The taste is fantastic. Mixed with water I was left with a thick, creamy and smooth shake that tasted exactly like banana - not too strong either.

    It went down a treat and there was no lingering aftertaste like you get with a few other's. The added 'friendly bacteria' really helps aid digestion too.

    For the price and the serving size, you really can't go wrong. The only downside for me was the lack of added muscle building and repair profile's (BCAA, EAA, Leucine).

    Overall a really top-quality protein with top-quality ingredients from a revitalized and new-look company with a massive 88 servings! 9/10 from me!
    Phil 04/07/2014
    Nice product from reflex - the profile is good, the added extras are useful and definitely aid digestion, no bloating with this one.

    I tried banana which was excellent. Not artificial tasting, no perfumed finish, just subtle banana, loved it.

    Mixed very well, no foaming, and not too thick or too thin with approx 200 mls water. Very satisfied overall, definitely recommended.
    Nick 30/06/2014
    Just tried the Banana flavour instant whey pro by Reflex.
    Really impressed, the flavour was amazing and it was really easy to mix.
    I would rate this 9/10 overall. Great taste, great contents.
    I have heard of Reflex whey being called the king of whey's and having tried it I must agree.
    Loaded with friendly bacteria and others gems like Glutamine this really would be my whey of choice.
    It's hard to believe how good it tastes when it is so low in fat and carbs.
    Reflex have totally nailed it with this one, it will be my whey of choice in future.
    Reasonably priced too considering what's in it.
    scott 27/06/2014
    i had the peanut choc flavour, the plus side for this product is it nutritional value 25g has 20g of protein, 1.1g of fat and 1.6g of carbs, which when im following a calorie controlled diet i thought was great. it also has added digestive enzymes which is good. the problem i has with this product was it did not mix very well and it left a almost powdery taste in your mouth when you finished it im not really sure how to describe it also at first i was not to keen on the flavour but after my second shake it was not as bad so i think eventually the flavour would not be an issue, but i would definetly try another flavour.
    overall i give this 5 out of 10
    Barry 27/06/2014
    As with many of Reflex's products this one is a winner in my opinion. A blend of Native whey isolate, whey protein concentrate, hydrolysed whey protein is completed with a digestive enzyme complex and a probiotics blend. I got strawberry flavour and this is lush! :) Mixes instantly too!
    Stuart 22/06/2014
    Being the main foundation of any athletes nutrition, a sound protein is a must.

    Reflex Whey Pro is by far the best whey on the market from my point of view. This product has it obvious unique selling points (Identified clearly on the packaging). This specific product has not only these qualities but is my favourite tasting an digestive friendly whey (I supplemented with the chocolate flavour), many whey proteins left me feeling slightly bloated - not this one. It is easily mixed with milk or the bold H2O with a fresh taste without the bloated feeling.
    Great overall product in all areas.
    John Keung 16/05/2014
    The cinnamon vanilla roll flavour tastes absolutely awful! Otherwise, a great product.
    Jordan Hamlin 21/01/2014
    Chocolate Peanut Butter tastes great. Ordering the Cinnamon Vanilla Roll next so will have a taste comparison. Instant whey Pro has a much thicker density and more shake like. The predecessor (instant whey) was more of a muddy water shake. As for functionality - No complaints. Easy to digest, high quality Whey, good product. Helping me cut for the summer and wouldn't hesitate to recommend.

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