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CLEARANCE - Reflex Protein Flapjacks (24)

Reflex Protein Flapjacks are truly unique - Reflex have made a gelatine/collagen free protein flapjack which is truly different to the competition

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MSRP Price: £33.99

ECHO £15.00 56% off!
  • Description


    Echo Supplements on Reflex Protein Flapjacks
    Reflex Protein Flapjacks are a delicious, healthy choice of high protein snack, and unlike most other protein bars and flapjacks on the market have no hydrolysed collagen/gelatine, which is a very poor form of protein. In contrast Reflex Flapjacks have only whey protein as a protein source. Reflex Flapjacks are very much an Echo Supplements favourite and we usually have a box on the go!

    One thing that we have noticed with Reflex Flapjacks is that they have a MUCH nicer consistency when eaten at around room temperature compared to when colder so take this into account!

    Reflex Protein Flapjacks - Manufacturer's Description
    Reflex Nutrition have spent just over a year developing what is being described as the best tasting flapjack in existence. Its completely different to the bulk of protein flapjacks that are currently on the market, and we mean different!

    Reflex Flapjacks - Gelatine/Collagen Free!
    For a start these are hand made in trays and they're oven baked, they look like flapjacks, they taste better than the competition and they're completely free from hydrolysed gelatine/collagen.

    Each High Protein Flapjack is packed with 20 grams of protein which is derived from pure hydrolysed whey protein - arguably the most effective form of protein available in the World today. We add healthy fats in the form of pure rapeseed oil with added Delta Tocotrienol (a potent form of Vitamin E).

    Reflex Protein Flapjacks - With Lactospore Pro-Biotics
    You'll also be pleased to hear that we've also included Lactospore pro-biotics. Our mouth watering High Protein Flapjacks are packed in foil for freshness and will be available in two flavours, Chocolate Tofee Flavour and Chocolate Orange. Each Box contains 24 Bars.

    • 20 grams of Protein per bar
    • No Hydrolysed Gelatine
    • Slow Release Carbohydrates
    • Oven Baked Taste
    • Whole Grain Malted Oats
    • Low in Sugar
    • Contains a Pro-Biotic
    • Contains a Powerful Antioxidant
    • Source of Fibre
    • Foil Wrapped for Freshness


  • Nutritional Information
    Per 80g Protein Flapjack (Choc Toffee, Choc Orange)
    Calories 313
    Protein 20.2g
    Carbohydrates 31.4g
    - of which sugars 1.3g
    - polyols


    Fat 13.7g
    - of which saturates 3g
    - monounsaturates 7.3g
    - polyunsaturates 3.4g
    Fibre 3g
    Sodium 75mg
    Tocotrienols (DeltaGold) 8mg
    Probiotic Spores 50,000,000 Spores


    Per 80g Protein Flapjack (Malted Oats Flavour)
    Calories 311
    Protein 20.5g
    Carbohydrates 22.7g
    - of which sugars 1.6g
    - polyols


    Fat 17.4g
    - of which saturates 3g
    - monounsaturates 6.6g
    - polyunsaturates 5.9g
    Fibre 2.7g
    Sodium 96mg
    Tocotrienols (DeltaGold) 8mg
    Probiotic Spores 50,000,000 Spores
  • Ingredients

    Reflex Flapjacks - Ingredients (Choc Toffee, Choc Orange)
    Wholegrain malted oats (oats, malt extract), Partially hydrolysed whey protein, vegetable glycerine, rapeseed oil, fat reduced cocoa powder, emulsifier (soya lecithin), preservative (potassium sorbate), flavouring, antioxidant (tocotrienols as DeltaGold (35% total tocotrienols of which 84-92% delta-tocotrienol, 8-16% gamma-tocotrienol) obtained from annatto), artificial sweetner (sucralose), lactospore probiotics (bacillus coagulans).

    Reflex Flapjacks - Ingredients (Malted Oats)
    Wholegrain malted oats (oats, malt extract), Partially hydrolysed whey protein, vegetable glycerine, rapeseed oil, sunflower seeds (5%), emulsifier (soya lecithin), preservative (potassium sorbate), antioxidant (tocotrienols as DeltaGold (35% total tocotrienols of which 84-92% delta-tocotrienol, 8-16% gamma-tocotrienol) obtained from annatto), soya sauce, lactospore probiotics (bacillus coagulans).

  • Directions For Use

    Consume as part of a high protein diet.

  • Reviews

    Customer Reviews 49 Reviews

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    MattMck 03/02/2015
    I have been weight training since I was 15 and I am now 24. I have used supplements and protein products since I was 17 and I successfully stacked and added mass numerous times and in all this time I have never come across a product that is truly inedible

    Until now.

    I wish I could get a refund on the basis that these are inedible, but I know that's a step too far

    I accidentally dropped 95% of a bar in my garden - possibly from the shock of the first bite being some form of punishment - and it has remained there all week: even wildlife won't eat these

    I've successfully used one to hang a painting in my kitchen, and found it actually more efficient that a hammer, so of that's what you want from a protein bar, then these are the ones for you

    Cheers, Reflex, please fire you taste-tester

    EssexBoy 27/09/2014
    OMG it had all the flavour and texture of sawdust and cardboard. I wouldn't eat these if they were free. The flavour I had was chocolate toffee but if the label hadn't said that I wouldn't have known.

    I don't know what the other guys reviewing this product are describing but it can't be the bar I tried. It was inedible.

    No stars from me.
    Chris 26/09/2014
    Malted oats and hydrolysed whey protein, 24 bars and less than 20 quid? What's not to like? - Ok for some people the taste seems to be a bit of an issue, but I'm a long time buyer of all three flavours and think they are all pretty decent. No they are not as tasty as some of the other bars or flapjacks out there, but they are half the price of many of the offerings and the ingredient profile is one of the best going in a handy packaged snack.
    James 14/09/2014
    Malted oat flavour
    I bought these after using the Grenade baked flapjacks as these are cheaper and have more protein. Win win, it seemed. Although I did read the reviews, I wanted to make my own mind up. These are very dense, hard and have an almost 'meat' taste to them. I am yet to finish one, my first one I found disgusting. I am slowly getting used to them, however. As many of the reviews say, if you can eat anything and just want a high protein bar, these are perfect. However, if you want both- taste and protein, although the grenade are 4g less, I would go for them as the price isn't too different. I won't be buying another box, but will use everything in my will power to finish the 20 bars I have left!
    m.j 27/08/2014
    Horrible like bloody plastic a waste of money !
    Barry 22/08/2014
    I tried the Malted Oat flavour.

    The flapjack definitely tastes different to most flapjacks out there. It's not one if you're looking to satisfy a sweet tooth. But I liked it a lot. It's very chewy and quite filling. It's also hydrolysed collagen free. There's a malty taste to it but again, definitely not sweet at all.
    It's got 20g of protein per 80g bar (similar to most) and it comes mainly from partially hydrolysed whey protein.
    These bars come in a 24bar box and retail at Echo for only £18.89p so only 79p per bar! Bargain imo!
    Definitely recommend these bars and will be getting some when I current ones run out.
    mitchell 09/08/2014
    I had the Malted Oats flavour

    First reading the ingredients it makes very good reading.
    20.2g of protein per bar,31.4g of carbs in the form of low Gi Oats only 1.3g of that sugars.

    Added ingredients Lactospore Pro-Biotics

    How do they taste? well they have a great texture they are very moist the malted oats flavour was not one I was expecting but it was very nice but wouldve benefited from a few pieces of died fruit like Raisins as it was a little bland but as I say not unpleasant a nice malty flavour .

    Over all a great bar very good nutritional profile.
    Jamie 04/08/2014
    Malted oats – Where to start with this, how they can call this “flapjack” I’ll never know, the texture and taste is nothing like a flapjack. To be fair to the flavour it kind of tasted like malt loaf so malted oats is not far from the mark I would say. However that’s one of the only plus points about this bar.
    The ingredients list is good as you would expect from Reflex.
    The main problem with this is how sticky/chewy it is, the entire bar seemed to get stuck to my teeth etc which made it extremely tough going. The texture was terrible, resembling some kind of course tar substance.
    I have a protein bar mid afternoon so I’m not tempted to snack on anything else, needless to say I went hungry that afternoon due to giving up halfway through and throwing it away.

    I won’t be recommending these to anyone.
    Dale 01/08/2014
    Chocolate Orange.

    The nutritional value of these bars are fantastic. So too are the ingredients; Wholegrain Oats, Whey Protein and Rapeseed Oil to name a few.

    Pros - Excellent ingredients, large size, nice texture.

    Cons - Plain packaging, DeltaGold? Would be nice to know what it is exactly, Taste was ok but could be better.

    Overall I would say the Pros outweigh the cons and these are a brilliant snack, and a reliable source of protein at any time of the day.

    You can't grumble at 24 servings for £19.99, it is a fantastic price as always!
    Drew 31/07/2014
    This is a bit of a mixed bag if I'm honest...

    PROS - The ingredient list!!! Wholegrain Malted Oats (Fantastic slow release energy source, Hydrolysed Whey Protein (You'll struggle to find a better source!)Healthy fats from Rapeseed oil, plus added Antioxidants, Probiotics and Lactospore... On paper, this is the cream of the crop - it simply doesn't get any better than this!!

    CONS - The taste... Unfortunately, whilst not unpleasant, this really did not taste amazing. In fact, there was very little taste, it was quite bland, very 'Meh'. I would consider any bar/cookie/flapjack as a treat, something to help avoid those cravings we all get whilst dieting - this however would do nothing to curb the cravings, in fact I wouldn't be looking forward to eating it at all!!

    However, if you eat purely for function, you simply won't find a better bar ANYWHERE on the market...
    Nick 29/07/2014
    I usually love Reflex products but so I hate saying this but the taste and texture of these flapjacks were just not palatable to me.
    Obviously a high quality bar as with all reflex products and the price is very reasonable but I couldn't recommend them
    given the taste.
    Chris 18/06/2014
    These flapjacks have become a bit of a staple for me. I keep a selection of flavours in my drawer at work for that mid morning or pre workout (evening) snack. Unlike most other bars on the market these offer a good balance of quality (whey) protein and moderate carbs. Not low or high carb, but squarely in the middle, which is great as I can use these whether low carbing or not. I prefer the Chocolate Orange & Malted Oats flavours, but the Toffee isn't bad either. They are by no means the tastiest bars out there, but the ingredient profile is more important to me and they do not require refrigerating like some of the chocolate covered varieties. The price is also great...only a shade more expensive than some "bulk stores" own brands, but much better quality.
    Owen 16/05/2014
    People need to rate the product primarily on the actual product rather than taste, not just moan about how it tastes. In my opinion one of the best tasting protein bars, great ratio of carb and protein whether you're cutting or bulking. Recommended.
    Chris 16/05/2014
    They do the business but taste and texture keave a lot to be desired
    John 11/09/2013
    Ok , so the taste isn't great! This is, however, an all round Great Product. Quality ingredience and at a good price. Unlike most protien bars there is no Gelatine to make up the protein content
    Teeeeeeej :) xxx 03/09/2013
    Malted oats are so good, I literally want to clench every bar (yes! you read that correctly!)

    Woo Team Reflex! xx
    Sonny Gym 03/09/2013
    These literally taste like your pet rabbits bedding. Stay away ~ GYM xx
    geoffrey 09/08/2013
    Great profile for a protein flapjack. It beats all the one I hv previously tried. Awesome stuff.
    Ben Reynolds 10/07/2013
    I would never give negative feedback about anything but with these bars I have to make an exception. They are now in the trash as they taste so SO awful! Most of the time your can take these reviews with a pinch of salt as they are mostly just moaning but these taste horrible. I have even tried taking them with a hot drink but I still gag with every bite.

    Stay away from these lol
    Matt 30/04/2013
    They are ok. That's it. Nothing is there that stands out but also nothing that's horrible. However, if I were you, I would get NRG protein flapjacks as there flavour beats any other on the market, I switched from the reflex bars to the NRG ones and I have the bakewell flavour or the peanut butter but the bakewell is my fav and tastes like your eating a bakewell slice (best to open one side of the packet and put it in the microwave for 10 seconds ;) they taste amazing) plus they are about £33.50 for a box of 30x100g so good value for money

    Summary- these are good flapjacks but have mediocre flavour. For better taste and good nutrients too get NRG flapjacks, I prefer NRG ones
    Andy 02/04/2013
    I've bought these several times over and have to say they are fab. I've tried the malted oat flavour and they are plain awful, however, these taste of neither chocolate or orange, but are extremely palatable and pack enough protein with minimal carbs to to be a really useful filler. Why anyone would eat hoof and horn bars when you could have these instead is beyond me!
    Ben 21/03/2013
    Malted oats - Vile (and I'm not normally picky). I've bought a box of these and tried one for taste. Got 3/4 way through and eventually felt like I was going to vomit. Can't put my finger on the exact problem with it, but I had to finish it with a lot of water to wash away the taste. Got knows how i'll get through the rest! Try XL nutrition instead, much better and cheaper.
    David 06/03/2013
    Very surprised at the other reviews, bought the plain flapjacks, tried one and couldn't finish it, one of the least pleasant things that has ever passed my lips!
    Dan 19/10/2012
    I swear the malted oats flavour has been improved some how as its not as chalky and dry and now even tastes just like a regular flapjack, sticky and sweet!!!
    Jim 17/08/2012
    5 stars for the price alone but i really enjoyed these. i bought two boxes of choc toffee. Decent taste and does the job. Very happy.
    THUNDER 24/07/2012
    Mmmm mmmm! Amazing taste, a little chewy (like a flapjack should be if you know what I mean) and SO cheap I can't believe it!
    mrdch 13/06/2012
    I only tried the Melted Oats - and it's just awful. No taste, just chewy staff - it's really bad. I am not usually picky about taste (i.e. - everything goes...) but I had to leave this feedback to warn others. If you do want to try it - buy just ONE if at all possible. Should be to your taste - fine - but otherwise the loss was minimal. I learned my lesson :)
    Kez 19/05/2012
    Hard to eat.tastes nothing like chocolate and caramel. Tastes more like liquorice!!!
    Martyn 15/05/2012
    I love these, by far the best bar on the market for quality of ingredients, and they taste good too, though at first I didnt like the choc toffee ive now got used to it and its my favourite flavour
    MALTED OATS!! 02/05/2012
    WOW loving the new malted oats flaovour well impressed toffee was a little chewey and always got stuck in my teeth
    Zane 21/02/2012
    A quick review of the Reflex protein flapjacks. Taste - absolutely outstanding in all three flavours, not artificial or bitter like I'd expected.

    Cost - SO damn cheap compared to any other protein bars out there, well under £1 a bar I pay more for a snickers now!

    Profile - This is the one area where I have dropped a star as I find them too high in fats. I have been told they are healthy fats but it is still a bit much for my diet. So a nice treat but I can't eat them as much as I want to!
    Marcia 17/12/2011
    Very tasty, however very chewy.
    curt cobain 09/11/2011
    Great 15/10/2011
    Wow best tasting flapjack or even pretien bar I'v ever tired plus they are sooo filling and with 20 grams protien I'm finding it easyer to hit my protien goal each day thou most inporantly is the added Delta Tocotrienol which is an anti-oxidant that helps your muslces fight off free radicals!!
    Prit 06/10/2011
    These flapjacks are excellent really tasty especially the chocolate toffee. These bars have a good amount of protein per bar and don't seem to sit on your stomach. Recommend you try these but like some of my friends, you may have to eat a few bars before the taste grows on you.
    Dayal 19/09/2011
    The Chocolate Toffee flap jacks are the worst I have ever tasted what a waste of money!!!!!!
    Danny 14/09/2011
    Really good!!!
    Jack Hughman 12/07/2011
    Had one as a free with an order and I couldn't believe the taste or protien content, choc orange flapjack as a free sample? Must be something wrong but take my word you won't find a better tasting flapjack. Will be ordering a box with my next order from Echo. Thanks to Echo and Reflex, both keep up the good work!
    Matt Lovesy 23/06/2011
    Cracking product and very tasty, could'nt decide which flavour is the best so bought box of each. Also Echo is the cheapest provider of this item anywhere.

    will use product and store again.
    Ross Mounter 13/06/2011
    What I like the best about reflex protein flapjacks is that they aren't the fake style protein bars that you usually get. I've tried some "flapjacks" which look nothing like a flapjack!!

    With these protein flapjacks you can see how natural they really are - any sugars, fats etc. come from natural sources such as the oats.

    Overall I think you won't get a better protein flapjack - just wish there were more flavours!
    Dan 26/05/2011
    wow got 1 as a free sample, ate it straight away and ordererd a box of 24 instantly. They came next day offcourse! and already eaten 2 i just cant stop sooooo good!!!
    Shane M Spencer 16/03/2011
    I feel compelled to leave a review having tried serveral makes of Protein Flapjack before finding one I really enjoy - CNP I think tastes like Plasticine, Vyomax taste ok but are very crumbley, and LA Muscle are little too sweet. These by Reflex (both Choc Orange & Choc Toffee) have a nice subtle flavour that isn't sweet, a good slightly chewy texture, a high Protein content for their weight (higher than the aforementioned bars, some of which are considerably heavier) at a competitive price.
    Joss Powick 02/02/2011
    These are so more-ish its not funny, in both toffee and choc-orange. They are nice and soft unlike some others that leave you with jaw ache afterwards. The only reason you'll have jaw ache with these is you'll be eating more than one!
    Tiny Tom 14/01/2011
    What I like the most I think about these protein flapjacks is that you can SEE the whole oats in them - I trust them a little more for that, and with under 2g of sugar I think reflex flapjacks are the healthiest protein snack you can buy.
    Aaron 09/12/2010
    Mark 05/12/2010
    Changed from PhD flapjacks to these due to their profile. Great value and tasted. Choc Toffee is my favourite.
    Mark 05/12/2010
    I usually but CNP flapjacks but after trying a couple of these I've ordered 2 boxes (one of each flavour) for a change, the Reflex flapjacks have a much nicer flavour than the CNP ones and at just under £1 per flapjack its a good price considering most protein bars are over £2 each.
    Dave 04/12/2010
    Simply the best protein bar/flapjack on the market - high quality ingredients, baked like a flapjack should be and the chocolate orange flavour is delicious!
    James 03/12/2010
    Really really like these - hydrolysed whey instead of gelatine is a really good plus point for me and the choc orange is really more-ish! These have a real natural" flapjack taste to them which is rare for protein bars!"

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