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Sci-MX Diet Pro Meal (2kg)

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  • Sci-MX Diet Pro Meal (2kg)
  • Sci-MX Diet Pro Meal (2kg)

Sci-MX Diet Pro Meal (2kg)

Sci-MX Diet Pro Meal is a delicious tasting, filling shake which has only 200 calories per serving so it is absolutely perfect to help you lose fat as part of a calorie controlled diet.

Because it has a good ratio of Protein to Carbohydrates you can use Diet Pro Meal to replace snacks, small meals or even as a post-workout protein shake. It mixes perfectly and has that really nice milkshake texture that is so good you wouldn't know it was a high protein shake!

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ECHO £21.80 MSRP Price: £87.97 75% off!
ECHO £21.80 MSRP Price: £87.97 75% off!
  • Description


    Echo Supplements on Sci-MX Diet Pro Meal

    Sci-MX Diet Pro Meal is a meal replacement product for those who may be short on time, or have decided to have many small meals throughout the day but struggle with the logistics of doing it! Each serving of Sci-MX Diet Pro Meal can be thought of as having a very lean protein source (for example chicken breast, fish) plus a small carbohydrate portion such as a sweet potato.

    Sci-MX Diet Pro Meal also has added digestive enzymes to avoid upset stomachs, and added vitamins and minerals which are essential to many bodily functions - in addition Sci-MX Diet Pro Meal tastes great and is a filling and thick so you won't be starving afterwards! This 2kg tub is our most popular size, although there is a 1kg Diet Pro Meal option if you want to try a flavour first!

    NEW Formula Diet Pro Meal

    Sci-MX Nutrition are continuously improving their product formulations and the new Diet Pro Meal makes an already amazing product even better. First of Sci-MX have removed wheat protein hydrolysate completely (replaced with whey protein) which makes Diet Pro Meal completely gluten free.

    The consistency has been improved to make it thicker and more filling to further help with weight loss as if you aren't hungry then you're less likely to snack, and it now contains a full vitamin and mineral pack delivering 30% of the daily RI per serving including chromium picolinate

    Levels of CLA and Green Tea Extract have also been increased, and in accordance with the latest EU regulations on legal meal replacement status, each serving now provides 200 calories, of which 100 (50%) are from protein. Finally, Sci-MX Nutrition have more than doubled the fibre per serving.

    Overall Diet Pro Meal is now the top choice of diet meal replacment shake!


    • 1 serving = 1 meal replacement. Substitute up to 2 meals per day
    • Use as part of a calorie controlled diet and exercise programme
    • Other foodstuffs should be a necessary part of your diet


    • Add 1 level scoop (54g) to 300ml of water
    • Shake for 5-10 seconds
    • Allow to settle for 30 seconds and drink.
    • SCIENTIFICALLY BALANCED MEAL Diet-targeted protein to carb ratio ideal for nutrient support as part of a reduced calorie diet
    • GREEN TEA EXTRACT High concentration, premium grade green tea extract supports a balanced diet plan
    • METABOLIC SUPPORT Niacin, iodine and biotin contributes to normal energy-yielding metabolism
    • ENERGY & VITALITY Folic acid and niacin contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue to support normal energy levels when dieting
    • CHOLESTEROL CONTROL Optimum levels of CLA with linoleic acid may help to maintain normal blood cholesterol concentrations
    • THYROID HEALTH Iodine contributes to thyroid function and normal production of thyroid hormones.
  • Nutritional Information
    Nutritional Information Per Serving (54g)
    Diet-Pro Protein 25g
    CLA Powder 1.7g
    - of which linoleic acid 1g
    Green Tea Extract 32mg
    Vit-MX Trim  
    Vitamin A 240ug
    Vitamin D 1.5ug
    Vitamin E 3.6mg
    Vitamin C 25mg
    Thiamin 0.3mg
    Riboflavin 0.5mg
    Niacin 5.4mg
    Vitamin B6 0.5mg
    Folic Acid 61ug
    Vitamin B12 0.52ug
    Biotin 15ug
    Pantothenic Acid 1.8mg
    Potassium 590mg
    Calcium 400mg
    Phosphorous 250mg
    Magnesium 114mg
    Iron 5.4mg
    Zinc 3.2mg
    Copper 0.3mg
    Manganese 0.65mg
    Selenium 16.5ug
    Chromium 13ug
    Molybdenum 15ug
    Iodine 41ug
    Nutritional Profile
    Calories 200
    Protein (on dry matter) 25g
    Carbohydrates 15g
    - of which sugars 3.6g
    Fat 3.2g
    - of which saturates 0.8g
    Fibre 6.6g
    Salt 0.7g
  • Ingredients

    Diet Pro™ Protein (whey protein concentrate [milk], soy protein isolate, maltodextrin, calcium caseinate [milk], emulsifier [soya lecithin]), starch (corn), flavouring, CLA powder (conjugated linoleic acid [60% CLA, triglycerides]), thickeners (guar gum, xanthan gum), potassium citrate, non-hydrogenated shortening powder (milk), di-calcium phosphate, colour (beetroot red), sodium chloride, stabiliser (cellulose gum), magnesium oxide, sweeteners (acesulfame potassium, sucralose), lactase enzymes (Optizyme™), vitamin C (as ascorbic acid), vitamin E (as D-alpha-tocopherol), niacin (as nicotinamide), pantothenic acid (as calcium D-pantothenate), vitamin A (as retinyl acetate), vitamin D (as cholecalciferol), vitamin B6 (as pyridoxine-hydrochloride), vitamin B2 (as riboflavin), vitamin B1 (as thiamine hydrochloride), biotin (as D-biotin), folic acid (as pterolymonoglutamic acid), vitamin B12 (as methylcobalamin), green tea leaves dry extract/Camellia sinensis L., ferrous fumarate, anti-caking agent (silicon dioxide), zinc citrate, selenium methionine, copper citrate, manganese citrate, chromium picolinate, potassium iodide, sodium molybdate

  • Directions For Use

    Sci-MX Diet Pro Meal - When To Use

    • Take 1 serving between meals up to 3 times per day
    • Use as part of a calorie controlled diet and exercise programme

    Sci-MX Diet Pro Meal - How To Prepare

    • Add 1 level scoop (50g) to a shaker with 300ml of water
    • Shake for 5-10 seconds
    • Allow to settle for 30 seconds and drink
  • Reviews

    Customer Reviews 86 Reviews

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    Mixed review 16/06/2017
    It does fill you up for a bit but it has that nasty protein taste and you feel like you're suffering through each and every shake
    James 07/06/2017
    Great store, quick delivery and very helpful staff.
    Lisa, Burnham 27/05/2017
    Bought diet pro meal last weekend on the advice of dave in the echo store, so first of all I'd like to say - WHAT A STORE - if only the UK had more shops like this, he really knows the ins and outs of all the supplements in there BUT made it easy so even I understood it!

    Onto the product. Diet pro meal has 200 calories in a serving but I was advised to have an extra scoop to make 300 calories because I was struggling with being hungry all of the time and don't like the way the fat strippers make me feel.

    It mixes up velvety smooth and compared to the myprotein one my boyfriend was giving me it tastes like what I'd expect a proper milk shake to taste like - this is in vanilla flavour - so thats a win

    But more so it WORKS I can drink one of these at breakfast and not feel hungry until around 1pm where before I had the munchies at 11am - this is a revelation!

    Would recommend A++
    noy 22/05/2017
    Tastes nice and creamy - buy with the sci mx shred x stack and it strips the fat off real quick
    FMS 12/05/2017
    Works wonders I'm losing a steady kilo every 10-14 days with swapping this in for junk foods. Tastes nice but does take a bit of shaking to be proper smooth. This is in vanilla flavour the others might mix a bit better.
    Gerry 27/04/2017
    Top recommendation from ECHO I've slotted 2 of these in per day and lost on average 2 pound a week for the past month
    rovinghobo 15/04/2017
    I'm new to the whole protein thing and shakes, so was very dubious. However a little research and opted to tri this range and for me it has worked. I'm 4 weeks in and have lots 7kg, but I did change all my diet and opted to switch flavours to mix it up. I have added oats to my shakes and it helps fills me up. I will stick with echo as they have always been helpful and it's what I need.
    Falcao 25/02/2017
    M Coleman 21/02/2017
    It's so confusing looking through all of these diet protein shakes so I called up echo and was very impressed with the service on the phone and with this recommendation.

    I'm following a 5:2 diet and needed something low calorie that would fill me up and this is doing a really good job.

    It does taste a bit artificial which is why I've given it 4 rather than 5 stars - it's very very pleasant tasting but you can tell it's artificially flavored.

    Overall though I will be buying more very soon.
    Ms Gent 05/02/2017
    Got this on a promo deal which looks like it has finished ( SCIMX10 was the code for 10% off if anyone at echo is reading?? ) and topping up now.

    The product seems very good it mixes well and tastes very nice - or as nice as you can expect for a protein shake at least.

    I got the banana flavour last time as it was the "new one" according to the guy on the phone and it's Ok but the vanilla is still my favorite.

    I'm thinking of adding the CLA LEANCORE 1000 to this as a combination but not sure has anyone tried these too together?
    Alexander 22/01/2017
    I've tried lots of brands and this SciMX one is the best of the lot it tastes delish doesnt break the bank and I've lost 2lb a week for the last 8 weeks running since using it
    CharlieJ 05/10/2016
    Great meal replacement and good taste. Price from Echo Supplements was really good.
    Emma 03/06/2016
    Great product. I tend to make this up and pop it back in the fridge for a few minutes to thicken up. Keep me full and I do 2 20 minute school runs either side of a hour and a half gym session before lunch. Ordered and received quickly and will be reordering when I get low. Great price and service from Echo Supplements
    Biggun! 26/11/2015
    Decent low call protein, Shred X is a good pre-workout with beetroot juice and a great price. The thank you note and free sample is a nice touch. Its a pleasure doing business with you.
    Mcpx 29/10/2015
    As always Echo have the best price, the best deals and faultless service.

    This particular product however, is a failure. I have always trusted Sci-Mx to deliver a quality product that not only does the job it is designed for but tastes good as well, and until now I have never been disappointed with them. I did a lot of research before choosing this product and one of my main criteria was that it be low in sugar, which this is, but they have decided to make up for this by adding artificial sweeteners, a lot of them, a real lot of them. The end result is a product that looks good on paper, but is not only sickeningly sweet, but that has an awful plasticy artificial taste. You can actually smell it as soon as you take of the lid, it is quite overpowering. I have tried it with water (drink in one and don't smell it) almond milk (slightly better) and with full fat milk, which gives the most palatable solution, but kind of defeats the object of a low calorie meal replacement.

    Also note that if you don't drink this within a couple of minutes it will continue to thicken, left a mixed shake (350ml milk) yesterday for 10 minutes while washing up and it had almost turned into a mousse. Not good.

    The free ShredX are a welcome gift and make the bundle about a third of the price you would pay elsewhere for the combo, just don't expect any fat burner type product to magically melt away the love handles. They are all just a bunch of stimulants, so think of them as a pre-workout booster, take 2 before training and then go into attack mode.
    Zaki 02/04/2015
    I never write reviews but so happy with Echo Supplements with their prompt delivery, free treats and a hand written note! Customer service here is on another level and really appreciate it.

    I've not started this product yet and even if it's no good, I'll still be returning here for other products with the quality of service this company provides!

    Rich 03/07/2014
    Great product at a great price delivered next day and was well informed of delivery I even got a txt to tell me the hour my product would be delivered in (& it was) came well packed & even had a free MET-Rx supplement & a thank you note inside
    Excellent service
    Thank you echo
    Brunty8 16/05/2014
    Great product ,great flavours,choc and strawberry sooo nice,used with free shred x and have lost 20 pounds in 6 weeks,love the free protein bars that come with super fast delivery,great product and great service thanks echo supplements.
    Wass 16/05/2014
    Great tasting protein from a great website
    Ben 16/05/2014
    Brilliant products. Using Diet Pro Meal for 2 (post workout breakfast and lunch) of my 6 daily calorie controlled meals. Taking 2 Shred-X Rippedcore upon waking with 500ml water 30 mins before morning weights session and 1 upon waking on non training days. They give a nice uplift but no crazy buzz. I've lost 9lbs in the first 10 days on this training diet with minimal cardio which consists of 1 x 90 minute Krav Maga session per week and 1 x 60 minute bodyweight circuit training session per week. If your carrying some extra weight and want to shift it this stack will get you there.
    Dave 16/05/2014
    Great product and prices, thanks echo.
    Peter 16/05/2014
    Alright product
    Tee 16/05/2014
    What can I say. Absolutely fantastic. Delivery was on point, and I received my package in the next working day, as stated upon payment. Thought that was good, well wait until you hear this. The guys at echo supplements gave me a free protein bar. That's absolutely great. Respectable brand. Respectable people. Respectable results.
    David 16/05/2014
    great product very filling and nice thick drink unlike a lot of other branded diet shakes,i will be ordering more soon
    Lance 16/05/2014
    quick delivery, great service and a shake that smells like strawberries and tastes great. only had two up to now but each flat lined any hunger i had and tasted great. made with water and ice. got a free protein bar as well. will be using again without a doubt!.
    ste fisher 16/05/2014
    Great tasting product and great value. The chocolate flavour curbs my cravings for chocolate in the evenings. Highly recommended.
    Richard 16/05/2014
    Good product. Mixes well and the taste isn't the worst on the market. With bonuses of free gifts as well Echo are hard to beat
    Alan 20/02/2014
    I use this as an additional meal in the morning. It helps me maintain low body fat while providing me with all the nutritional requirements for building lean muscle. Tastes great and is a real bargain. I buy the chocolate flavour and I find its better when mixed with water.
    john 07/02/2014
    5star ...first time usein this and ive bought x7 lots with free shred x and ive lost 2stone in 8week usein sci mx diet por meal ..will be buying alot more
    Steve 31/01/2014
    2nd order from echo, absolute bargain on the mrp and the shredx is a bonus. Saved a lot of money and extremely quick delivery
    Lisa B 27/01/2014
    I always purchase this product because it's tried and tested. Quality. Also, Echo Supplements cannot be beaten on service and price. I am a returning customer and have recommended them to friends who have gone on to place orders. The whole transaction process is faultless and the speed of actual delivery is superb. 10/10 all round!
    Carl fletcher 22/01/2014
    After previously using this supplement before and getting good gains from it! My wife persuaded me to buy some more. Lol. I have used other creatine supplements, but not gained as much as I have with sci mx creaplex hardcore... plus its a bonus as always echo have really good deals on with the supplements they sell!!
    Tat2ramirez 17/01/2014
    Really pleased with the products and the results , great flavour (strawberry) , filling and lost 5lb in first week! Hope the deal sticks around as I haven't found it cheaper also brilliant customer service ! Cheers, Rob
    Terry havill 14/01/2014
    Fast delivery and you get a text when it's coming I've had this deal before from echo it's great tastes nice mixes well and does shreed the pounds great service from echo would not order from any where else
    craig 01/01/2014
    Great product great price
    Marcus 18/12/2013
    I've used to use the old formula Sci-MX Diet shake for the last couple of years, and found it vital for achieving my weight goals by providing a tasty nutritious shake that staved off hunger pangs.

    The new formula is even better - and the free Shred-X is just a bonus.
    Simon 17/12/2013
    As always excellent service, great product, quick delivery and the best price on the internet
    Bev 29/11/2013
    Decided to try this one instead of the usual USN shake I get. Must admit, I much prefer the USN product but this certainly does the trick and it's better value at the end of the day. Not as filling though I found but it still curbs cravings. Especially with a spoon of coffee in as another user suggested, it really is like a frappacino. The shred-x tablets were a great bonus too and I'll certainly be using them again in future. Excellent service
    Chris Stevens 29/11/2013
    Very efficient fast delivery and great value
    Linda 21/11/2013
    I bought a 1kg tub of Sci-MX Diet Pro Meal locally before I discovered Echo Supplements, and paid almost as much for the 1 kg size as I did for the 2 kg size from Echo! I won't be making that mistake again!

    Now, to get to the product, the Sci-MX Diet Shake is brilliant. It's so quick and easy to make, tastes great, and has a wonderful creamy thick (but not too thick) consistency. I've only tried the strawberry and the vanilla flavours up to now and have to say I prefer the strawberry myself. That said, I livened the vanilla up by adding a heaped teaspoon of Morrisons banana-flavoured milk shake powder to the water before adding the Sci MX and shaking in the usual way ...perfect banana shake!

    At the moment I've got into the habit of just having a shake and a glass of diluted apple juice at breakfast time, cereal and fruit for lunch, and a main meal at teatime. The shake is very filling, and I can easily go till lunchtime without feeling hungry. I have lost about 5 pounds in 5 weeks which is fine as I 'm not aiming to lose more than a stone and I dont want to lose it too quickly.

    Next time I will try the chocolate flavour - does anyone know if it makes a good hot chocolate drink at bedtime if made up with hot water .. yummm!

    My husband has been given the job of testing the Shred-X as I can't get to grips with the size of the capsules .. they are HUGE! You would need a throat with the diameter of a drain pipe to get these down easily! However, they are a great freebie, and if anyone can tell me what to do with them to make them palatable I'd be eternally grateful.

    Just a final word on Echo Supplements - amazing. Your stuff can be tracked all the way to your door - literally. It arrives in double-quick time, well packed and in pristine condition ... Five stars all the way!
    rogera 12/11/2013
    Good product at good price make sure you take shred x with plenty of water as it can lead to stomach irritation . Otherwise good bundle great service as usual from echo supplements
    Ellie 02/10/2013
    Used as a replacement for snacks so unable to comment on weight loss performance. It does have a grainy texture but fairly good taste and as always excellent customer service.
    Stephen 25/09/2013
    Good product with a great taste. Will defo use again.
    George 20/09/2013
    Good product in all honesty does exactly what it says on the tin, keeps me from eating the crap all night. I had the vanilla wasn't very nice taste for me but I'm fussy like that anyway. Works well with shred x which I had for free from these guys, best place for supplements I've ever bought from top service
    Jason 14/09/2013
    Bought this and got the shred x pills for free which was a massive saving, and i feel great, havent actually stepped on the scales since starting but in 2 weeks of using this i have shed some back fat and my abs are starting to come through again, plus the vanilla is so tasty !!
    Sue W 31/08/2013
    Taking L-Glutamine & Creatine with it boosts protein efficacy for me
    Lisa 31/08/2013
    Excellent weight loss product. Tastes great & is very filling. I've recommended it to lots of friends & they are all equally impressed!
    Lisa B 28/08/2013
    This product is fantastic! It was recommened to me & I've gone onto recommend it to friends. Works really well if you want to get weight off. All 3 flavours taste great. The powder mixes up well & it really does fill you up & takes away craving for sweet stuff.
    Paul 27/08/2013
    Great tasting product with excellent customer service !!

    Good price and delivered within 2 days so thank you echo
    Adam 24/08/2013
    Top product works well!! Great service thank you
    Peter D bol 19/08/2013
    Just Lovin it
    Tracy e 06/08/2013
    Very good got all my friends on this mix is good and good taste I have strawberry flavour and choc lovely. They are filling aswell and the shred x give me a lot of energy well worth the price. And good delivery service
    janette hayward 27/07/2013
    great tasting weather u use water or milk with it .A fantastic price and u get a free gift.Iwill say though when price goes up i will have 2 look 4 an alternative wont be able 2 pay anymore no matter how much i like this product
    ollie 26/07/2013
    great deal,great taste and they really work
    Nick 22/07/2013
    Fantastic product, seeing results already. Taste isnt to bad, mixes well. I opted for the Vanilla. Im taking it in conjunction with the Shred X fat burners, which id also recommend.

    The service/delivery was top notch.

    My knly gripe was my tub was only half full, its the first time ive ordered so dont no if this us regular protocol??
    Paul step 16/07/2013
    A1 product, a1price a1 service - enough said
    Garry Walker 16/07/2013
    Have used this in the past and definitely helped me out, hoping for the same result again.
    Matt Reynolds 25/06/2013
    absolutly fantastic keep me going on my period days when im feeling down #gymgains #gingers
    Craig Archibald 20/06/2013
    Normally diet shakes make me wretch but Sci-MX doesn't give me that feeling and they are easy to drink. Plus i'm losing weight!!!
    Gaz 19/06/2013
    Tastes good and mixes well. Is working okay and easy when working shifts.
    Andy Kay 14/06/2013
    Great product and also mega service from Echo
    Ricky 13/06/2013
    Great tasting, mixes well. In my opinion vanilla tastes best, especially wen bleeds with ice and a banana, taste just like a milkshake. As or the results I can't complain, lost 2 stone on 8 weeks when combining this with Grenade Thermodetonator and Shred X from sci mx. Defiantly worth a try.
    Ian 06/06/2013
    Tastes great, mixes well and at a great price. 2 weeks with sci max shredded and I'm leaner than ever! And great service from echo as usual.
    Sian 31/05/2013
    Brilliant product. Was a bit worried about how the shake would taste but it tastes great. Also stops you feeling hungry. I have been having these for breakfast and then with something small at lunch definitely working so far. Thanks Echo supplements :) will definitely use both product and company again!
    david 23/05/2013
    I use this twice a day breakfast and lunch and feel it's helped with my weight loss tastes great and mixes well. would recommend anyone to use this combination. Thanks for the help and advice.
    Gary rowley 02/05/2013
    loved the strawberry really helping with my workouts
    sg 30/04/2013
    Fast and efficient service - thank you. Bought the vanilla flavour tastes great and best of all ive starting losing weight!!
    Anon 21/01/2013
    Started using this just over 2 weeks ago, and have lost 14lbs since then! Have it between meals 2-3 times a day. Only tried to chocolate and its nice, has a bit of an aftertaste, but if you blend with ice and water and add a couple tea spoons of instant coffee you have an amazing chocolate frappuccino, it tastes unbelievable, would order in a cafe. Of course I've been exercising loads more, around 4-5 times a week, and eating much more healthily and have been taking "Grenade Thermo Detonator" fat burners along side it, but I have tried dieting thousands of times with no result, but this shake just cuts out the desire to snack entirely, and makes you feel great. Also the fat burners give you loads of energy and focus in the gym. 100% recommend to anyone wanting to loose weight and look more toned.
    Macko 15/01/2013
    Guys its not about the taste its whats inside! However the taste is good it really works, would HIGHLY recommend doing a 15 minute rowing session when you go to the gym after a weights session, shreads fat and really tones, ive lost 6kg in exactly 8 weeks gym 5 times a week.
    Excellent products 30/10/2012
    As ever product arrived next day after order, I can always trust Echo for that. Have to say this shake tastes amazing and I have seen great results. The fat burners also unlike some others I have had are excellent (no nasty reactions)

    Defiantly via both products seen a great result in a short space of time.
    Laura Amy 25/10/2012
    Really tasty, ive had a few different protein shakes and this is by far the nicest, most chocolatey 'real' tasting one with a proper milkshake consistency. Also ive had problems with other products not keeping me feeling full, this works well and is a suitable meal replacement, ive not had any hunger pangs or anything like that and ive actually enjoyed drinking it. it was great value and was delivered really quickly. ive also been using the shred-x tablets which have improved my fatigue while running, i dont get tired legs at all from them, but i do sweat quite a lot more than usual, it literally pours out which is a bit gross. id say so far though i am really happy with both products and the customer service of echo, so many thanks!
    Keith 18/10/2012
    Great service, great taste (Strawberry) drink one for breakfast and one for lunch, decent meal of an evening (No snacking) and YOU WILL lose weight !!
    Paul Stepczak 13/10/2012
    Regular user of this product. Nice taste. Speedy delivery. Didn't get free shred x tho.

    Echo Response - Your order was placed in September, the Shred-X is the October deal.
    Keith 12/09/2012
    Bought this as i had been using USN Ultralean and fancied a change. The Sci-MX does taste great (vanilla) and i did find it effective - the amount you get for what you pay for it is great value but i'll be going back to USN once this shipment is finished!
    Denise 14/07/2012
    Really tasty shake all three flavours. Both my hubbie & myself work on the road so easy to keep to the diet, better than a sandwich!
    moggie moran 26/06/2012
    very good stuff, great flavour, mixes easily in a a shaker, not too sweet like some products. assisting with my steady weight loss programme.
    sam, b/ham 14/06/2012
    I use sci-mx as a recovery formular after doing 'beachboy insanity' workout, it taste great- better than cyclone, myoplex and myprotein any day. But remember to drink your 2l of water otherwise no one will go near you- trust me!
    ms s beckford, Birmingham 06/06/2012
    This is the second time I've bought chocolate flavoured Sci-Mx, it's wonderful and taste great. I never feel hungry and love the low fat but high protein contents! Echo suppliments give the best online service and I soooo impressed with their extremly high standard of service.

    well done team

    Imran 02/06/2012
    not working on me since i started i m felling more hunger
    slim sonia 21/05/2012
    hi i purchesed sci mix vanilla flavour for the first time and i rearly enjoy this and will have it again and choclate flavour too
    s.sissons 17/04/2012
    i started useing sci mix a few months ago i bought it from the supermarket then found i could purchase off the internet and it is cheeper i do like your product very much but not tried vanilla yet i will though.and yes i have lost wieght and will still use sci max till i hit my target wieght thaks to jou i feel much better in my self and i can fit in my best dress again thanks x
    sonia sissons 02/04/2012
    i have been drinking diet sci.max for a month now and its true you dont have the hunger cravings but i did with slim fest i allso i like the flavours better .i am loosing wieght slowly the way it should be thanks to sci.max
    Louis 14/12/2011
    Great taste and really makes it easy to cut down on fat! AWESOME multibuy pricing too please keep this echo!!
    James 30/12/2010
    Go for the chocolate - really nice rich taste, something to look forward to!
    Kirsty 09/12/2010
    I've tried Slim Fast and all of the stuff you get in the supermarket then saw Sci-MX Diet Shake and decided to give it a try - really glad I did I'm losing weight and more importantly it actually tastes great!
    Jayn3p 03/12/2010
    Really nice flavours- have tried Chocolate and Strawberry. Choc my fave. Has everything I need regards protein and other ingredients instead of taking lots of pills.

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