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Sci-MX Pro 2 Go Cookies (12)

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Sci-MX Pro 2 Go Cookies (12)

The Sci-MX Pro 2 Go Protein Cookie sits in-between a super-clean low-calorie snack (like the Sci-MX Oat Bake bars) and a regular cookie which would be packed with sugar.

Each protein cookie delivers 23g protein (the same as you'd get from a medium chicken breast) and is around 300 calories which compare to an average of 220-250 calories for most protein bars.

BUT let's be honest, it's a COOKIE and it is so, so, so much nicer to eat than a protein bar; the texture is soft and the taste is the best we've tried at Echo for protein cookies. If you're looking for a high protein snack that you'll actually ENJOY eating then the Pro 2 Go Cookie is perfect.

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ECHO £10.50 MSRP Price: £23.88 56% off!
ECHO £10.50 MSRP Price: £23.88 56% off!
  • Description



    Sci-MX Pro 2 Go Protein Cookies

    The Sci MX Pro 2 Go Protein Cookie sits in-between a super-clean low calorie snack (like the Sci-MX Oat Bake bars) and a regular cookie which would be packed with sugar.

    Each protein cookie delivers 23g protein (the same as you'd get from a medium chicken breast) and is around 300 calories which compare to an average of 220-250 calories for most protein bars.

    BUT let's be honest, it's a COOKIE and it is so, so, so much nicer to eat than a protein bar; the texture is soft and the taste is the best we've tried at Echo for protein cookies. If you're looking for a high protein snack that you'll actually ENJOY eating then the Pro 2 Go Cookie is perfect.

    Sci-MX have recently released a smaller (50g) cookie which works out at 200 calories each if you're looking for the same great taste but less calories.

    Key Benefits

    • It's a Cookie - OK this might sounds dumb, but for SO long we've had to forego cookies in a quest for a lean physique and now they're back on the menu!
    • 23g Protein Per Cookie - Around the same amount of protein as a medium chicken breast in each cookie, primarily from milk protein which is high in the important branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) for muscle recovery
    • Low GI Carbs - All flavours contain oat flour as a carbohydrate source which will help you feel fuller for longer and give a steady release of energy. If you want an even healthier option then go for the "Oatmeal & Raisin" flavour which has a more natural (rather than sweet) taste due to the use of oat flakes & toasted oats instead of the maltodextrin found in the other flavours
    • Convenient Format - You can carry these around and they don't need warming up before you eat them - the ultimate in convenience and taste!

    Who is Sci-MX Pro 2 Go Protein Cookies For?

    Cookie lovers!

    When to Use Sci-MX Pro 2 Go Protein Cookies?

    You can eat them inbetween meals as a calorie controlled snack, they're suitable as a post workout meal and also to replace small meals throughout the day.... or just whenever you fancy a cookie!

    Who Are Sci-MX Nutrition?

    Sci-MX Nutrition is our top selling brand at Echo Supplements. They have a HUGE range of premium quality supplements to cover any nutritional requirement and we recommend Sci-MX very highly. Echo Supplements is an official Sci-MX E-Partner and we probably know more about their range than anyone else!

    If you're unsure which Sci-MX Nutrition supplement best suits your needs please email us on and we will be able to advise.

    Sci-MX Nutrition Top 3 Supplements

  • Nutritional Information
    Nutritional Information Per 75g Cookie
    Calories 303
    Protein 23g
    Carbohydrates 30.5g
    - of which sugars 4g
    Fat 9.6g
    - of which saturates 4g
    Fibre 2g
    Sodium 0.21g
  • Ingredients

    Milk protein*, glycerine, soya protein, rice maltodextrin, maize maltodextrin, vegetable oil, glutamine peptides, oat flour, dark choc chips (4.5%) (cocoa mass, sugar, emulsifier: soya lecithin, flavouring), white choc chips (4.5%) (sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder*, emulsifier: soya lecithin, flavouring), cocoa powder, raising agents (sodium bicarbonate, cream of tartar), dietary fibre: gum acacia, flavouring, sweetener: sucralose.
    *Sources of lactose and milk protein.

    Allergen Information: Contains milk protein, lactose, soya and gluten. May contain traces of peanuts and various types of nuts and seeds.

  • Directions For Use

    Eat as required!

  • Reviews

    Customer Reviews 21 Reviews

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    Dan G 02/05/2017
    Heavenly cookies. Chocolate ones speak for themselves, but the Oatmeal and Raisin flavour is so good. I'm usually a chocolate only guy but both flavours are superb. Decent macros too.
    art 16/03/2017
    awesome best tasting protein bar
    amisha 05/03/2017
    I actually got one of these sci mx cookies free in my delivery from echo - this isn't a requested review or anything but thought I'd say that first!

    The GOOD news is that I'm back to buy a box off the back of the free bar they put in my order.

    Got a double choc chip flavour freebie and having never tried a protein COOKIE before (had many, minging bars) I was keen to give it a go.

    I was blown away with it. Tastes fairly close to a regular cookie but much better macros.

    I've since tried the "lennie and larries" cookie that a friend said was better but it has lots more calories than the sci mx so think I will be sticking with this one.

    Thanks again echo for the freebie
    Emil 21/02/2017
    the white chocolate and strawberry is sickening sweet, and has no real flavour other than sweet berry/apple like taste. Don't like it, and I'm really not picky at all !!

    there is no cookie flavour nor "baked" or "toasted" flavour. wish they had used oats in this because texture is kind of off too, no really bite or chew in it.

    can't taste the white chocolate at all.

    the ingredients are OK, but nothing fancy or high quality. does contain both soy protein and hydrolyzed wheat which isn't impressive. ingredient list is quite long which is a negative..

    for a 2 for 1 price it's OK, but otherwise i will never buy again !
    Sci MX cookies 18/01/2017
    Definitely best high protein cookies that I've tried much better than Lenny and Larrys in terms of nutrition and to be honest taste too. I've since had three flavours and the choc chip is still the best - oatmeal a bit bland in comparison
    Dani 20/11/2016
    Easily the best protein cookie I tried yet! The double chocolate is soft but chewy, however the natural and rich cocoa flavour was really good. Lots of dark and white chocolate chips throughout made this cookie look just as good as it tasted. Solid macros, packed with protein and low in sugar would be ideal for anyone's diet.
    Marco 29/01/2016
    Having bought protein cookies before I was unsure about this product however This company do a much better job. Personally I would choose to have this product after training because if you want great results you need to take pre-workout on empty stomach and by the time you finish training your starving so this product is perfect. The texture is really good and it isn't chewy whatsoever. If you're the kind of person who doesn't like protein shakes especially because they make you more hungry and the washing up this is the most perfect item and it goes straight into gym bag love it......
    Jamie 28/01/2016
    As far as protein cookies go these taste great, it's not chalky or crumbly, it’s actually pretty chewy! I had the double choc chip flavour which tastes great. It’s a handy source of protein to be eaten on the go, with 23g of protein per serving its carrying the same amount as a shake.
    Chris 06/09/2014
    I keep trying cookie protein snacks in the hopes of finding something that genuinely is cookie like (cookies are my downfall....but iifym's right??). Whilst again this particular one falls a long way short of fresh baked Morrison's goodies, it's probably the closest thing to a soft biscuity protein snack I've tried so far.

    The addition of glutamine peptides is nice, but I cannot seem to spot how much is actually included? It's a nice split of carbs and protein, not overly high on either so it does fit nicely as a snack without making too big of a dent in your macros. The chewy texture means it's also quite filling. The white chocolate chips are nice although the strawberry pieces I thought seemed a little odd texture wise, but tasty enough.

    Another good product from Sci-MX - but I'm still searching for that genuine cookie protein snack.
    Edward 04/09/2014
    Great cookies! I've tried several different protein cookies and this has become one of my favourite. The cookie feels a little oily in your hands, but they taste really good. I would prefer to eat these over the PhD diet whey cookies. They have managed to get the texture right they taste like cookies do, and are the right amount of gooey. The only draw back is the calorie level, but as a treat snack that's high in protein you can't go wrong.
    Peter 31/08/2014
    Very nice texture, unlike a lot of other protein cookies I have tried. A great portable protein hit, As with most protein bars and snacks it's quite chewy, but it's not endless to finish like others. With 23g of protein per cookie it really is great for on the go or with a cup of tea! Great price individually or multi deals available.
    Will 23/07/2014
    I had a strawberry and white choc and was very pleased with it.
    Taste - 5/5 Great taste,as good as a normal cookie. Quite sweet but a nice fruity sweet,nice hint of White chocolate.
    Texture - 4/5 firm and chewy. Nice,you feel like you're having something satisfyingly.
    Ingredients - 4/5 not the best biological value protein but 23g of it,carbs and sugar ok levels,slightly high fat but nothing to worry about.
    Price - 4/5 a little pricey but I'd buy two boxes and get a good saving.
    Overall - 5/5 another good product from Sci-MX,they seem to do everything well. A tasty treat for post workout or between meals to boost your protein.
    mitchell 21/07/2014
    SCI MX PRO 2go Cookie
    Just had one of these :) Double Choc Chip

    Had to smile as ive never had a protein cookie before and I was wondering what they would be like.

    per 75g Cookie 23g protein , 30.5 g carbs 4g of that sugar so not bad on the sugars but id still see this as a treat the point being though if its a treat it has to taste good or its not much of a treat.

    The cookie is chocolate with white chocolate pieces and its good, its chewy , chocolaty, and big for a cookie although they seem to make them this size in the shops now

    I got this from Echo I could munch through a few of these no problem so discipline is the key here :) but if you want something to fill those cravings this is a good choice!
    Dale 18/07/2014
    I have always been a big fan of Sci-Mx products and these Pro2go cookies do not disappoint.
    The Double Choc Chip flavour is fantastic, a very chocolaty taste with a soft texture and crunchy choc chips. The size of the cookie doesn't disappoint either as it is fairly large so it would seem you get your monies worth.
    I enjoyed these after a very long run and they went down a treat, very moreish and great as a snack at any time of the day to add quality protein to your diet.

    Another quality product from Sci-mx - Highly recommended!
    Shaun 17/07/2014
    Sci MX Nutrtion Pro2go Cookie – Double Choc Chip

    Taste 8/10
    This cookie tastes good and has a strong chocolate taste similar to other protein bars of this flavour (identical flavour to Bodybuilding Warehouse Protein Flapjacks). It has a nice chocolate brownie taste and the additional of the chocolate chips tops off the flavour to replicate something a lot less “clean”.

    Texture 7/10
    I wouldn’t really say this has the texture of a cookie as there is no crunch to it, to me it is more like a brownie with a soft texture. The bar is a little chewy if you bite off too much but it doesn’t overly dry out your mouth as many protein bars do. This has a better texture and appearance than many protein bars I have tried.

    Price 6/10 - £20 for 12 cookies which is £1.67 per cookie which is about average in comparison to a protein bar and is still cheaper than buying them from supermarkets. If you get the multi-buy discount it is much better value for money at just £15 per box of 12 which is only £1.25 per cookie!

    Ingredients 5/10
    This cookie is a bit higher than average in calories at 303kcal, however this is a decent sized cookie containing 30.5g of low GI carbs of which only 4g sugars, which in my opinion is low. This cookie does have a solid 23g of time-released protein though which is positive, coming from milk protein. This cookie is quite low in fibre with just 2g, which can be seen as a negative thing when compared to quest bars that have 17g. The fat content of this cookie is quite high with 9g and 4g saturated but most people should still be able to fit them into their macro’s (if you count them). Quite a few additives too though which isn’t the best.

    Overall 7/10 – Overall this was a nice tasting cookie with a lovely chocolate brownie texture and the added chocolate chips are a nice touch and a bonus! It does contain a good amount of quality carbs and protein with a low sugar content so would make a great treat, however I wouldn’t recommend it to those who are lactose intolerant due to the milk protein content.
    The downsides to this cookie in my opinion are the amount of calories it contains, the quite high fat content and the low fibre content. Personally I would purchase these as a treat and I dipped mine in coffee which for me was epic!
    Andy 16/07/2014
    I have had the double choc chip and it tastes really good, I could of easily had a second. They are brilliant with a cup of tea or coffee and really take care of those cravings, but with the added bonus of 23g of protein.

    I found them slightly chewy, more say the consistency of a chocolate brownie than your usual cookie.

    If you take the multi buy option you can get 24 cookies for £30!

    Phil 15/07/2014
    Had the double chocolate as a sample.

    Thought it was really excellent, very satisfying for a sweet craving, went perfectly with a cup of tea on Saturday morning! Lovely chocolate flavour, soft and slightly chewy cookie, definitely recommend trying these, and will be ordering a couple of boxes in the near future to keep my weekends on track.
    Nick 15/07/2014
    Another solid product from Sci mx.
    Great healthy snack for busy lifestyles.
    With 23 grams of protein and only 30grams of carbs.
    The texture was quite chewy but it actually worked for me as you actually felt like you had eaten a decent meal.
    The double choc chip was very nice, goes great with a hot beverage.
    The multi buy deals on these products make them good value for money to.
    Would recommend without hesitation.
    Drew 13/07/2014
    Never tried protein cookies before this, so I don't have anything else to compare it to, but all I can say is WOW! I will certainly be eating them again!!

    It is slightly firmer than a cookie you would buy from a bakers or the supermarket, but the taste (Double Choc Chip) is every bit as good!

    With 23g of protein and only 30g of carbs (4g sugar), these really do feel like a treat but you're actually putting goodness into your body at the same time!! WIN-WIN!!

    A nice cup of fresh coffe, a Sci-Mx Pro 2 Go Cookie and BOOM - it's what Sunday mornings were made for, surely?!!
    NEIL 12/07/2014
    First time for me trying a protein cookie
    First off the smell is very much like a normal cookie, found the texture very biscuit like, slightly chewy, very natural chocolate flavour, no after taste, definatly felt satisfied after eating :)
    To pack in 23 grams of protein in to a cookie of this size it great & only 4 grams of sugar.
    This is certainly a must for a protein packed snack on the go :)
    Barry 25/06/2014
    I've tried both the "Strawberry & White Choc Chip" and "Double Choc Chip". Both these are very nice. Both very filling. You couldn't sit down and eat too many of these but very satisfying and if you have a sweet tooth these will do the job! My favourite was the strawberry one but only because I usually like all things strawberry :) With less than 5g of carbs per cookie and 23g of protein they're great for on the go.

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