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Sci-MX Pro 2 Go Duo Protein Bars (12x60g)

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  • Sci-MX Pro 2 Go Duo Protein Bars (12x60g)

Sci-MX Pro 2 Go Duo Protein Bars (12x60g)

Our most popular protein bars and with our multibuy special offer they are 50% off RRP when you buy 2 or more!

Sci-MX Pro 2 Go Duo Bars are delicious dual-layered bars with a nice soft texture and they are a real pleasure to eat. With each Pro 2 Go Duo Bar providing 20g of time released protein they are suitable for any time of the day and even as a post workout recovery snack.

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ECHO £12.00 MSRP Price: £29.99 60% off!
ECHO £12.00 MSRP Price: £29.99 60% off!
  • Description


    Echo Supplements on Sci-MX Pro 2 Go Duo Bars

    Sci-MX Protein Duo bars are a real protein filled treat - each bar provides 20g of protein alongside 22g of carbohydrates and 7g of fat; this makes a protein duo bar an ideal small meal replacement (or dessert) if you are eating a 6-small meals a day diet. The protein found in Sci-MX Protein Duo bars is the GRS (Gradual Release System) Protein blend used in Sci-MX GRS 9HR Protein System which is a really high quality blend.

    • Voted Best Tasting
    • Delicious Double Layers
    • GRS 9-Hour Protein
    • Convenient On-The-Go Format

    Above all of this information Sci-MX Protein Duo Bars are a serious Echo Supplements favourite as they taste amazing in all three flavours - caramel & vanilla is the most popular but strawberry and cream is a deceptively more-ish flavour as well! Feel free to mix and match flavours to take advantage of our multibuy discount and the correct price will be worked out on the basket page.

  • Nutritional Information
    Nutritional Information Per Bar (60g)
    Calories 221
    Protein 20g
    Carbohydrate 22.7g
    - of which sugars 11g
    - of which polyols 9g
    Fat 7g
    - of which saturates 3.9g
    Dietary Fibre 1g
    Sodium 0.22g
  • Ingredients

    GRS 9-Hour protein blend (milk protein concentrate, whey protein concentrate, milk protein isolate, egg protein, soya protein, whey protein isolate), chocolate with sweetener 20% (cocoa mass, maltitol, cocoa butter, milk fat, emulsifier: soya lecithin, vanilla), hydrolysed wheat gluten, glucose syrup, sugar, humectant (glycerol), palm fat, isomaltulose, caramel 0.8% (sweetened condensed milk, glucose syrup, palm oil, sugar, caramelised syrup, emulsifier: mono and diglycerides of fatty acids, salt, flavouring), low fat cocoa powder, emulsifier (soya lecithin), salt, vanilla 0.03%.

    Allergen Information: Contains milk, soya, egg and wheat. May contain traces of peanuts and various types of nuts and seeds.

  • Directions For Use

    Eat and enjoy as a small meal! Despite how tasty they are try not to replace all of your meals with Duo Bars!

  • Reviews

    Customer Reviews 45 Reviews

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    JB 22/06/2017
    Excellent service and communication - and the product happens to be good too !
    Atlantis 27/05/2017
    Cheap n Cheerful! Actually very tasty I wouldn't recommend these very often a day with 10g sugar in each bar but post workout they are perfect
    Dan G 26/04/2017
    Great bars! Literally tastes like a chocolate nougat bar. Macros are great too, not too many carbs like some protein bars.
    Pont 02/03/2017
    Great taste nice soft texture and great price. Fast delivery too ordered on Thursday and got it on Saturday
    Nice 12/02/2017
    20g protein in a bar and tastes really nice
    At £12 a box at the minute they're my post workout meal
    Great value 30/01/2017
    Just picked up 6 boxes on the 12 bar for 12 quid deal such a bargain!!!
    Boomerang 17/01/2017
    Tastes top nice n soft to eat and cheap too
    Dani 28/11/2016
    Not a fan of these. Layers of different coloured nougat in a milk chocolate coat look good but these were too chewy and synthetically sweet for me. However the macros are pretty good. I much prefer the SCI-MX caramel crisp and carb killas.
    ellie 15/07/2016
    Love these, not too heavy, tasty bar that doesn't feel like you're chewing forever! All flavours are good. Great customer service and fast delivery.
    Khalid 03/07/2015
    Love these chewy bars. Tried all three flavours but can't stand the Orange choc but love the vanilla choc. And this is a great multi buy deal.

    A solid protein profile with no compromise on good taste.
    mitchell 16/10/2014
    I tried the Vanilla caramel dam these taste good :)

    There soft and chewy just like a milky way and really tasty.

    As good as they taste the Macros are decent as well.

    Per 60g bar 20g of Protein 22.7g of carbs of which 11g are sugars its not bad at all. I will say I still see it as a treat so its gotta taste good and these really do.

    Very moorish.

    Will 18/08/2014
    Another great product for Sci-mx
    A tastey chewy bar that makes you feel like your cheating,but your not.
    Made with Sci-mx's GRS protein blend for a great hit of proteins. Carbs,sugar and fat are on the medium to high side and as such this is a good meal replacement or when you want something more than a shake.
    Taste 5/5
    Texture 4/5
    Ingredients 4/5
    Overall 455
    Value 4/5 (multi-buy even better)
    Dale 18/07/2014
    Another top-quality product from Sci-mx!

    The Strawberry & Cream flavour is delicious and is a fantastic treat to enjoy anytime of the day especially post-workout. The texture is really smooth and chewy and the bar looks pretty cool with the pink and white layered filling.

    A coating of white chocolate is really only the downside I found as this makes the bar quite high in sugar.

    Overall, a top-quality multi-protein bar from a well-known, proven company.

    Oh and the price from Echo, as always is fantastic!
    Barry 16/07/2014

    I tried the Strawberry Crème flavour.
    This bar really felts like a treat bar. You know some protein bars are tough, chewy and gives your jaw a good workout too!
    Well these are soft and creamy and you'll feel you're having a treat rather than a protein bar. Taste is spot on. Not too strong or sweet.

    So here's macros per 60g bar:
    Calories 221
    Protein 20g
    Carbs 22.7g (of which sugars 11g)
    Fat 7g

    Reasonable for a protein bar.

    The protein comes from milk protein concentrate, whey protein concentrate, milk protein isolate, egg protein, soya protein and whey protein isolate. So quite a wide variety there.
    Jymjunkieboss 12/07/2014
    I have tried a number of protein bars with mixed reviews. However I have just tried this product and my first impression was wow I like this.

    The flavor was great with choc and orange mix that I didn't find over bearing or sickly. The texture was slightly dense and took some chewing but wasn't unpleasant and it tasted delicious. I had this post workout and I felt full and satisfied after it. I want to now try other flavors in this range.
    Drew 06/07/2014
    Hmmm. Where to start.

    First off, the taste. Far too sickly, the orangey flavour (I had Chocolate & Orange) was WAY too strong and overpowering, so much so I couldn't finish the bar. The texture was a little stodgey, but largely on par with other brands.

    The multi-source protein blend (Somethign I REALLY advocate incorporating in optimum protein products) offers a "9-hour muscle support", so should have been this bar's saving grace - however, Sci-Mx have chosen not to use premium protein sources as others have, using the cheaper milk protein instead of micellar casein and opting to include soy protein.

    All of that being said, I would still recommend these as a fantastic option on a budget - I would however suggest that if you have the extra money, check out the PhD Pharma Whey HT+ bars or the Quest Nutrition bars instead...
    NEIL 28/06/2014
    First time ever for me eating a protein bar, I'm more of a food or shake guy, I've got to say I was pleasantly surprised :) strawberries & cream smelt lovely had a great texture, not to chewy, no unpleasant after taste, great ingredients for a health snack, a must for my supplement shelf.....
    Shaun 28/06/2014
    Caramel & Vanilla Flavour

    Taste 6/10
    This bar has a strong dark chocolate taste, which overpowers the “Caramel & Vanilla Flavour”. The vanilla taste is not a very strong; it tastes more like marzipan, there is a slight hint of caramel though which is nice but really the flavours take a back seat because of the strong dark chocolate coating.

    Texture 6/10
    This bar has a dual layer, which I really liked, and it has the sort of texture of a Double decker/milky way/nugget. The bar is a little chewy but I much prefer this to other protein bars which can be very dry and hard to chew and swallow.

    Price 5/10 - £20 for 12 bars which is £1.67 per bar which is about average for a protein bar and is still cheaper than buying them from supermarkets.

    Ingredients 5/10
    This bar is a little higher than average in calories at 221kcal with nearly 23g of carbs of which 50% is sugars which in my opinion is quite high. This bar does have a solid 20g of time-released protein though which is positive, coming from a blend of milk concentrate, whey concentrate, egg, soya and whey isolate. This bar is low in fibre with just 1g, which can be seen as a negative thing when compared to quest bars that have 17g. The fat content of this bar is quite high with 7g and 3.9g saturated but most people should still be able to fit them into their macro’s (if you count them).

    Overall 6/10 – Overall this was a decent protein bar, which tasted quite nice and I really liked the dual layer texture, I just wish It had more of a caramel & vanilla flavour and wasn’t so overpowered by the dark chocolate, although I do really like dark chocolate so I still rate it high. The downside to this bar in my opinion is the amount of calories it contains, the quite high sugar content and the low fibre content. The protein content on the other hand is spot on and great for snacks as it is a blend so will be released over a number of hours. The price of these bars are about average in comparison to others but I would not buy them myself as I feel there are better protein bars out there with a better nutrient profile than these, however it’s still a decent bar.
    scott 27/06/2014
    Strawberry and Cream

    I think this is perfect for a "guilt free treat". When you open this bar you smell it straight away then you see the two layers which i really liked, after the smell and the look i was worried it would not taste as good as it looked but i was wrong, the bar was delicious it is one of the best bars i have tasted and the macros in it are great, i follow a strict calorie controlled diet and i managed to fit this bar in relatively easy.
    overall i give this bar 9 out of 10.
    Phil 27/06/2014
    Protien days of old we could look forward to cardboard consistency bars that took you two hours to eat! thankfully we have moved on now...or have we? I find there are a few types of protien bar out there at the moment, you have your flapjack like bars which I find have a more chewable texture than I like with little flavour, then we have the chocolate protien much chocolate on it I wonder how it can be sereved as protien in the first place. Finally but not least we have the nougart style bars...reminice of the old chew for your life bar so which one is this....
    Well it seems that finally we have a great tasting nougart based bar that is easy to eat, and doesnt take a lifetime to chew. The taste is great (strawberries and cream) and the amount of white chocolate is just right. enough to enhance the flavour and coat the bar, but not so much you find yourself feeling like you have had a cheat meal. At over 20g of protien per bar they seem like the perfect stack when a meal is just not possible.
    You have to look at the price, £20 for 12 bars is nearly 50%less than what you would pay for any other bar...grab em while you can.
    Pete 26/06/2014
    Strawberry and Cream flavour!! I know there are others on offer from Sci-MX however this is the way to go if you want a pleasant tasting high protein snack.

    You can actually smell the flavours as soon as you open the pack. I could not wait to get it open. Bite into it and it looks like Neapolitan Ice Cream in the middle.

    Very easy to eat, hard to believe it will assist and not hinder your goals.
    Howard 26/06/2014
    What are you after in a protein bar? That's the question you need to ask yourself when going for a bar like this. Are you watching your sugar levels as you are on a mean cut? Then you may find that 11g of sugar per bar is a bit much for a snack. I tried the strawberry and cream flavour, which I have to admit am not keen on cream! Even so though it was a great tasting bar with a decent level of protein. They are soft and not grainy! The price is what you would expect of most protein bars, around that £1.50 mark (these are about £1.60). The taste and price definitely make this a worthy buy.

    Taste - One of the best tasting bars out there
    Price - Competitive pricing

    Cons -
    Sugar - It's a tad high for someone on a cut
    Paul 25/06/2014
    Gotta say one of the nicest bars I have tasted.....strawberry and cream - like eating a candy bar. 20g of protein and 23g carbs per bar. Ideal as a post workout snack or as an on the go snack.....
    Phil 25/06/2014
    Very tasty - more of a "treat" feel than other bars on the market, they're very soft and moreish - remind me of a Milky Way texture - but the profile is excellent too. Easily a more than adequate substitute for when you get those sweet cravings, most recent trial was Strawberries and Cream and it went down well. Only downside is the cost on smaller order, but multibuy deals make them much better price per bar.
    Rich 24/06/2014
    I tried one of the Strawberry & Cream bars after a run. It tasted superb; bit of a marshmallow texture to it so not too chewy. Flavour was spot on, as some bars can be overly sweet but not this one :)
    Decent nutritional content, ideal for anyone requiring a quick hit of protein/carbs through the day. One of the best I've tasted so far!
    Andy 24/06/2014
    I personally prefer flapjacks when it comes to protein bars but these were surprisingly good.

    I found them a little chewy but the flavour more than made up for it, I had strawberry and cream. It wasn't to sweet or sickly and if anything I found them very moreish.

    20g of protein and 22g of carbs makes them am ideal snack to get the protein between your meals and keep hunger at bay a little longer.

    Nick 22/06/2014
    Just tried the Strawbeery and Cream bars, i must say I loved this bar. Great flavour, nice easy to chew texture.
    The content is almost a 50/50 split of protein and carbs which is refreshingly nice, put next to some sugar laden bars.
    I would purchase these without question,
    the multi buy deals available make this a good all round choice, great taste, contents and the price.
    Rachel 16/05/2014
    Love love love the strawberry duo bars! Third time I've ordered these from Echo after trying them on a whim and becoming quickly addicted! Great for a protein filled snack between meals or after a workout, much better than the typical carb overload or chocolate, crisps etc...really satisfies a sweet craving as well, and much better tasting than any other protein bar I've managed to find.
    DAVID 30/01/2014
    klyno8 09/12/2013
    A really good price and a good tasting product - probably the best tasting protein bar I've found so far.
    Rachel 29/10/2013
    Love these, ordered a box of strawberry and cream, they were the cheapest I've seen them anywhere, good quality, short delivery time, and highest protein:calorie ratio I could find. Great product and will definitely be ordering again!
    Wez 04/10/2013
    Choc/orange is well nice not to sickly will defo order these again
    Andy 02/10/2013
    Excellent product
    Os 01/10/2013
    Best tasting bars I've tried all favours are good
    Anna 19/12/2012
    I absolutely love the Caramel/Vanilla flavour. Amazing after a workout, goes down easily. Sometimes I want more than one...
    P.Baitman 07/11/2012
    These are without doubt the best tasting protein bars i have ever tasted.The strawberry and cream flavour are by far the best,they taste better than most candy bars.
    Alex 23/08/2012
    This is a great tasting protein bar. The strawberry is the best of the lot! Some bars taste like cardboard but these are very good. I tend rouse them as one of the in between meals which works well for me.
    pep 22/08/2012
    mmmmmm delicious!!!!
    Ian 15/05/2012
    Very tasty and not to chewy like many others. Makes a good in between meal snack.
    andy younger 10/05/2012
    very tasty and make a good relacement for a chocolate craving
    Fiona 14/03/2012
    Duo bars are the only protein bar I can tolerate they aren't toughto get down and don't seem to have been designed for huge bodybuilders, they are the right size for a normal person like me! The strawberry flavour is ammmazing!
    Elana 11/03/2012
    Recommended to buy these protein duo bars by a staff member at echo supplements and I'm really happy with the recommendation. I wanted a soft bar (had a horrible chewy one from another shop) and these are definitely MUCH better. I got a box of each flavuor and I think the caramel ones are the nicest but the strawberry ones were surprisingly nice despite looking a bit sickly they weren't at all.

    At under £20 per box this works out good value for me compared to paying £2-3 at my gym for worse bars. A+
    Paul 16/02/2012
    Low in sugar and high in protien these protein duo bars are great bars, wish they were a little cheaper as they are something of a treat compared to the flapjacks where you get 24 in a box...
    Rich 16/02/2012
    Very tasty and good quality ingredients.
    Kris 16/02/2012
    Got a free sample of one of these protein duo bars with teh clearance pro-load bars and wow, MASSIVE improvement from sci-mx on this. They are soft, not chewy and the one I tried (vanilla and caramel) was delicious. Definitely getting a box of them would be interested to try the other flavours now

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