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Sci-MX Whey Plus Rippedcore 2.2kg + Shred X

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Sci-MX Whey Plus Rippedcore and Shred X are one of the most popular combinations here at Echo - now you can save money by buying as a bundle!

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Sci-MX Whey Plus Rippedcore (2.2kg)

Sci MX Whey Plus Rippedcore

Sci-MX Whey Plus Rippedcore

Sci-MX Whey Plus Rippedcore is ideal for both men and women looking to slim down and tone up. You take whey plus rippedcore either in place of a small meal or inbetween meals and the precise combination of whey protein, CLA and green tea combine to help you lose fat naturally.

As well as being a very effective formula Sci-MX Whey Plus Rippedcore tastes fantastic and mixes perfectly in a hand held shaker to produce a shake that is a real pleasure to drink - with whey rippedcore you will actually look forward to having your supplements

Sci-MX Whey Plus Rippedcore is available in three delicious flavours - chocolate, strawberry and vanilla - and many of our customers buy a tub of each flavour to alternate on different days. The added Actilight prebiotic helps you digest this product without any bloating; making it even more of a pleasure to drink. This 2.2kg tub is the largest size tub of Whey Plus Rippedcore and the best value; if you'd like to try it before committing to this amount then Whey Plus Rippedcore does also come in a 900g 'taster' tub.

Sci MX Whey Plus Rippedcore 20g Protein Per Serving

Sci MX Whey Plus Rippedcore 73 Servings

Key Benefits

  • 20g Protein - Each serving of Whey Plus Rippedcore provides as much protein as you'd find in a balanced "real food" meal like a fish portion, with the protein blend made up of:
    • Whey Protein Concentrate - very high in the important BCAA (branched chain amino acids) whey protein is the gold standard and as expected forms a large part of the whey plus rippedcore blend
    • Soy Isolate - soy is the best plant based protein as it contains all of the essential amino acids, making it a valuable part of this protein blend
    • Milk Protein - milk protein is a slow release protein source and in this blend it serves to keep the amino acids releasing for a few hours which in turn helps you feel fuller for longer - and less likely to snack!
    • Peptide Bonded Glutamine - a fast acting source of protein due to it's chemical structure, this helps with muscle repair and when combined with the rest of the protein blend makes the whey plus rippedcore suitable as a post workout shake
  • Actilight Fibre - Actilight is a branded specialist fibre which helps aid digestion & improves the taste of the protein without adding un-needed calories or sugars. Because fibre isn't digested by the body it won't add body fat
  • CLA - a safe and effective, non stimulant based fat loss ingredient. CLA is an Echo favourite as it's had reliable studies showing fat loss even without any change in diet or exercise. We'd recommend topping up the dosage found in Whey Plus Rippedcore with a standalone CLA supplement (eg. Sci-MX CLA 1000 Leancore ) for best results.
  • MCT Oil - an easily digested source of fat that has a thermogenic effect and makes you feel fuller, MCT Oil is a great addition to the Whey Plus Rippedcore formula
  • Green Tea Extract - one of the "core" fat loss ingredients that should be found in any diet protein, green tea extract is a powerful antioxidant ( especially the active EGCG component ) and it boosts metabolic rate by increasing fat oxidation in the body cells. When combined with the CLA, MCT Oil, Actilight fibre and protein blend it makes a seriously effective diet protein

Who is Sci-MX Whey + Rippedcore For?

Anyone looking for a versatile diet protein supplement that can be used on it's own to boost protein intake, inbetween meals to keep hunger at bay and even as a post workout shake.

When to Use Sci-MX Whey + Rippedcore?

You can use Whey Plus Rippedcore any time you want to boost your protein intake but good times are first thing in the morning, post workout and inbetween meals. Whey Plus Rippedcore is also suitable for use in cooking and it's great flavour works welll with pancakes & porridge.

Who Are Sci-MX Nutrition?

Sci-MX Nutrition is our top selling brand at Echo Supplements. They have a HUGE range of premium quality supplements to cover any nutritional requirement and we recommend Sci-MX very highly. Echo Supplements is an official Sci-MX E-Partner and we probably know more about their range than anyone else!

If you're unsure which Sci-MX Nutrition supplement best suits your needs please email us on info@echosupplements.com and we will be able to advise.

Sci-MX Nutrition Top 3 Supplements

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1 x Sci-MX Shred-X Rippedcore (100)

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Bundle Price £39.99

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    Sci-MX Whey Plus Rippedcore and Shred X are one of the most popular combinations here at Echo - now you can save money by buying as a bundle!

    Use as follows
    • 1 or 2x servings of Whey Plus Rippedcore per day
    • 2x Servings of Shred-X per day of either 1 or 2 caps at a time, depending on tolerance.
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