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CLEARANCE > Sci-MX Omni-MX Rippedcore (2.1kg) + XPlo

Sci-MX Omni-MX Rippedcore (2.1kg) + XPlode 400g

Sci-MX Omni-MX Rippedcore (2.1kg) + XPlode 400g

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Sci-MX Omni-MX Rippedcore (2.1kg) + XPlode 400g

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Echo Supplements on Sci-MX Omni-MX Rippedcore (2.1kg) + XPlode 400g

Sci-MX Omni MX Rippedcore takes the confusion out of choosing sports supplements when aiming for a lean muscular physique. Sci-MX Nutrition have included all of the ingredients you need and none that you don't in the correct dosages. Simply take two servings of Sci-MX Omni MX Rippedcore every day and you will notice results.

Omni-MX Rippedcore contains creatine monohydrate - the most proven form of creatine, proven to produce strength and size gains quickly, glutamine to provide a recovery and immune system boost, BCAAs (branched chain amino acids) which kick-start the muscle repair process and combine well with glutamine.

Using Sci-MX Omni-MX Rippedcore as directed a tub will last you two weeks, so 2 tubs are required to last 1 month - per serving this is very cheap and the benefits are huge!

Sci-MX Omni-MX Rippedcore (2.1kg) + XPlode 400g Manufacturers Description

Sci-MX Omni-MX Rippedcore (2.1kg) - 30 Servings
Muscle Building Range: Elite grade all-in-one ultra lean gain solution.

  • 10 Bio-Active Ingredients
  • 65/35% Protein to Carb Ratio
  • Whey, Creatine, BCAAs & ZMA

The Science - Sci-MX Omni-MX Rippedcore

    36g protein, 19g carbohydrates and 262 calories per serving contribute to ultra lean muscle gain
    Fast, medium and slow release proteins continually deliver amino acids to muscle for up to 9 hours
    Creatine increases physical performance during short-term, high-intensity, repeated exercise bouts
    Vitamin B6 contributes to the regulation of hormonal activity, supporting a normal anabolic drive
    ZMA with zinc contributes to the maintenance of normal serum testosterone concentrations
    Optimum levels of vitamin B6 and magnesium help reduce tiredness and fatigue

Sci-MX Omni-MX Rippedcore - When To Use

  • Take 1 serving 30 minutes before training and another serving immediately after
  • On rest days take 1 serving in the morning and another in the evening
  • Take a maximum of 2 servings per day

Sci-MX Omni-MX Rippedcore - How To Prepare

  • Add 2 heaped scoops (70g) to a shaker with 300-350ml of water
  • Shake for 5-10 seconds
  • Allow to settle for 40 seconds and drink

Sci-MX Omni-MX Rippedcore (2.1kg) + XPlode 400g - 13 Reviews

roger a

"Great product doesn't upset my stomach but taste is not great bit mixes well. Great deal with xplode will be ordering again before end of the month"

Chris Weller

"Fantastic product, strawberry tastes very good and mix's well. Great offer as always from Echo Supplements."


"hard core + 3 weeks + only 2 seperate scoops a day= people noticing the difference for me and i have mine with milk. PS Make sure you train with it as a missed session leaves you with extra energy to burn and can give you hart pulps."


"Great product that works very well but it gives me bad wind, echo are a top company and I was given helpfull advise on all aspects of my training very helpful as I've only been into this for a year"


"Top company!!"


"Tasted great but didn't agree with me, couldn't give it a fair trial"


"I know taste isn't everything but this is truly awful (strawberry). I find this really strange as Omni MX Hardcore tastes amazing. I've got no doubt you'll get results from this just as long as your taste buds don't work. P.s it gave me a bad stomach, something I'm not prone to."


"Started using this product about 3 weeks ago and seeing results.. starting my second tub.. wouldn't pay full whack for it but it works! more convenient than other things.. Strawberry is definitely the best flavour.. chocolate tastes like sweat.. love the strawb though!"


"Takes about 3 weeks to start seeing results but well worth the wait if you train hard. Tried all the rest including cyclone and keep returning to this. Strawberry def the best tasting"


"Best supplement I have ever used - makes you stronger and leaner. I'm looking nice and toned now not like a bodybuilder - great product."


"I gave omni mx 3 stars because I found the taste a bit tough to get down in chocolate.

I did get stronger and bigger with it but the taste really put me off - I'll try it again in another flavour as the results were good, hopefully it will taste better!"


"I've marked this 4 stars as its a great product but a little expensive for me, I found Boditronics Profusion Reloaded a cheaper alternative option.

Both seem to do the job really well but you have to think about the money!"

Daz C

"Omni-MX is a great product - I switched from PhD Synergy and almost immediately saw results.

Taste is better and I'm getting really lean muscle gains with no fat to be seen! Very highly recommended!"

Sci-MX Omni-MX Rippedcore (2.1kg) + XPlode 400g 4 out of 5 based on 13 ratings.


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