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MET-Rx Supreme Whey (5lb / 2.27kg) + FREE Shaker

MET-Rx Supreme Whey (5lb / 2.27kg) + FREE Shaker

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MET-Rx Supreme Whey (5lb / 2.27kg) + FREE Shaker

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Echo Supplements on MET-Rx Supreme Whey (5lb / 2.27kg) + FREE Shaker

MET-Rx Supreme Whey was one of the original and best whey protein shakes and remains at the top end of the market today. Supreme Whey from MET-Rx mixes very well in water and gives a fairly thick, creamy but not overly sweet taste and texture - I am particularly fond of the vanilla flavour as it mixes very well with yoghurt or porridge to increase the protein content of a meal.

MET-Rx is one of the few brands to provide a full amino acid breakdown for their whey protein as well which can be found in the manufacturers description below when you click the 'read more' link.

MET-Rx Supreme Whey (5lb / 2.27kg) + FREE Shaker Manufacturers Description

MET-Rx Supreme Whey (2.27kg / 5lb) - 81 Servings
MET-Rx Supreme Whey is a high quality blend of whey protein isolate, hydrolysed whey and whey protein concentrate, MET-Rx Supreme Whey protein powder is perfect for those wishing to build and maintain a strong, healthy physique. Whey is one most absorbable forms of protein and MET-Rx Supreme Whey is used by top athletes who demand results fast.

Why Protein is Essential
Weight trainers know that protein is essential for anyone wanting to build lean muscle, strength and optimise recovery. Protein is one of the most important nutrients for health, growth and well-being, especially when training. Even people trying to lose excess fat know the benefits of following a high protein, low carb diet.

No Milk Required
While some brands require you to ‘top up’ the calories or ‘improve’ the taste by adding milk, MET-Rx recognises that some people find it hard to digest milk. MET-Rx Supreme Whey is one of the only protein drinks that is designed to be mixed with water and taste great. For those that feel casein in milk is a benefit at bedtime, MET-Rx Supreme Whey also mixes easily with milk for slower digestion.

Great Tasting Whey Protein
MET-Rx Supreme Whey is a great tasting blend of micro-filtered whey protein isolate and ultrafiltered whey protein concentrate.

MET-Rx Supreme Whey (5lb / 2.27kg) + FREE Shaker - 20 Reviews


"brilliant product at the best price around, this is the first time i`ve ordered from echo and they are excellent.... keep up the good work :)"


"i snorted mine feel sick now send me more please im addicted"


"Great protein shake. Delivery was spot on and product is superb"


"This is a great product at a great price but having ordered from Echo a few times now what really stands out is their excellent customer service. It really does make a difference. Thanks again."


"perfect ingredient for a breakfast shake."


"Superb service from Echo, thank you. New Metrx pleasant enough, seems a lot sweeter than old menu but only a portion of a gram more sugar. I've only tried vanilla perhaps I'll try strawbery next."

richard dix baker

"Superb and fast delivery"


"5 Star service guys followed my delivery instructions so GOT MY PURCHASE 1ST TIME & ...ON TIME :) Nothing worse that a re-delivery. As for shake not best taste but I've found this normally means it does the job. Thanks for freebie as well guys keep em coming"

GREAT Value!

"I find MET-Rx whey to be the best value whey around nowadays with the other brands pushing up prices over £40 a tub supreme whey is looking like a better bet every time I buy. The taste is decent in chocolate flavour and it goes down well with no gas or stomach discomfort. Oh, and the free brownies are lovely thanks echo!"


"I bought the supreme whey with the free brownie and while the whey is good as always the brownie is ******* incredible the best protein bar I've ever tasted off to get a few boxes now I don't think bulking will be a problem no more :D"


"good product mixes well with water and in the blender with milk..been using it for a while nothing wrong about the product !!!"


"great product"


"tastes good, cheaper than other shops and also received a free sachet. Yet to see effects as bought it today"


"Good amount of protein, low carb, low fat, great amino acid profile, amazing chocolate flavour. I recommend 2 scoops post workout with 50g of dextrose and 5g of creatine. I also recommend Met-rx Nitropump and Met-rx Tribulus 250 for a great supplement combo. These 5 supplements are everything you need to assist you for maximum growth. You will love the results."


"Great value whey protein, tastes nice and mixes well - low carb as well, very impressed!"


"Now on my third tub of Supreme Whey, banana is the best flavour and its really easy to mix and drink. Top marks to Echo supps for always giving away a freebie with it too - I've now had a tub of thermo surge, a shaker and some multivits as WELL as the free whey samples - happy days I hope it continues!!"


"Top notch product AND service from ECHO - ordered thursday afternoon and got my supreme whey AND a free shakes AND a free sample on friday morning!

I opted for a tub of strawberry and a tub of chocolate and they are both nice, but strawberry edges it for me - mixes really well and very high in protein."


"Great product, great price - banana is a the best flavour I've had in a protein shake, vanilla I don't think tastes AS good but it DOES make a difference I have gained more muscle with met rx supreme whey than any other supplement I have tried."

Curious George

"Nice stuff, good price and when I ordered I got thermo surge pills for free - a nice help for my diet :)"


"Go for strawberry its wicked. Only minor thing is this seems to take a little longer shaking than the boditronics shake but apart from that its spot on - 100% recommended."

MET-Rx Supreme Whey (5lb / 2.27kg) + FREE Shaker 5 out of 5 based on 20 ratings.


MET-Rx Supreme Whey (5lb / 2.27kg) + FREE Shaker - Special Offer Deals

MET-Rx Whey / Creatine Package
- MET-Rx Creatine Caps (240x700mg Caps)
- MET-Rx Supreme Whey (5lb / 2.27kg) + FREE Shaker
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MET-Rx Supreme Whey / Amped Package
- MET-Rx Supreme Whey (5lb / 2.27kg) + FREE Shaker
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