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AD Elite Series Shredabull (90 Caps)

AD Elite Series Shredabull (90 Caps)

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AD Elite Series Shredabull (90 Caps)

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Echo Supplements on AD Elite Series Shredabull (90 Caps)

Shredabull is a fat loss supplement that works on many levels unlike some which are only thermogenic. At Echo Supplements we were eager to try this and see if it really worked - they say a picture is worth a thousand words so here first of all are the results of 2 real world trials of Shredabull:

  • Dave (Echo Supplements) - I decided to give Shredabull a try alongside Tauro Test and this is the result after 5 weeks of both, there is around 10lb of weight loss between the two images: Shredabull Image One
  • A customer of ours also trialed this combination and submitted his photos - again this is around 5 weeks difference: Shredabull Image Two

Hopefully you can see that the above trials are "real world" results rather than the sometimes ridiculous before/after pictures you see in magazine adverts, and from my own perspective the best things about Shredabull is that there were no side effects (fat burners commonly give jitters and/or sweats) and I didn't make any drastic changes in my diet or training. For only £1 per day the difference is incredible!

AD Elite Series Shredabull (90 Caps) Manufacturers Description

Anabolic Designs Shredabull (90 Caps) - 30 Day Supply
Ultimate Fat Burning System- Incineration Domination - Shredabull delivers a hard hitting advanced blend of ingredients to launch an aggressive assault on fat loss without jittery side effects. Shredabull contains a multi pathway attack on fat stores that results in rapid fat loss, great energy levels and mental focus allowing the ability to incinerate fat and dominate in and out of the gym.

Why use Anabolic Designs Shredabull?
Anabolic designs Shredabull is overloaded with a synergistic blend of matrixes that attack fat stores in a multitude of ways. Incinerate; Thermogenic attack, Thyrocharge; increased thyroid activity, Lipicarbolate; Fat and Carbohydrate regulator, Cortikill; Cortisol control and muscle preservation matrix and Neuro Zone; Mental focus blend. This six pronged assault on fat stores will result in a leaner harder physique faster.

Use of Shredabull will result in various sensations, increased energy, warming sensations, laser like focus and reduced appetite without jitters.

Anabolic Designs Shredabull Explained:
Incinerate: Thermogenic Matrix:
Incinerate is loaded with fat burning ingredients which promote the vitally important process of thermogenesis. Thermogenesis promotes significant rates of fat loss by increasing your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate), in turn causing a higher rate of calorific expenditure without requiring any additional exercise. The Incinerate matrix delivers a comprehensive blend of proven compounds to ignite the process of thermogenisis and begin torching fat stores faster than ever before.

AD Elite Series Shredabull (90 Caps) - 15 Reviews


"Worked fantastic for me considering i used grenade and reflex thermofusion before. In combination with proper nutrition and HIIT. Its excellent!"


"Good, but not as effective to me as Grenade and Sci-Mx fatburners, but everyone's different, it's about what works for you."


"Waste of money, did nothing to me."


"It really does work, and fantastic value!"


"Shredabull has been the best fat burner I have used by far. No side effects and lost quite a lot around my hips over 4 weeks without any change to my training (4xper week)."


"Had some mild side effect - Cold chills & slight anxiety/overwhelming feeling when taking more than 1 cap reasonably close together (only get this feeling upon taking the second tab a few hours after the first). Noticed positive effects though. Helping the leaning process well though. Please remember this is only my experience, everyone's tolerance differs person to person, my tolerance may just be low with the ingredients in these caps.

Over all; Good product with working effect - would probably get better effects if I was able to take 3 tabs a day!



"Brilliant Product, within a week I had dropped weight and bodyfat, couldnt believe how efficent it was! no side affects. Will be ordering more once my tub runs out!"

John M

"Excellent product, used for 3 weeks now and already getting fantastic results. You have to train and maintain a healthy diet to get results but the hunger supression works a treat..."


"Really good product, no rushy feelings or side effects just simple huger suppresion, combined with moderate exercise have lost over 9 lbs in 2 weeks very good. third Time on them and work everytime, plus the fast delivery and great price from echo supplements means I will definatley get them again."


"Not as amazing as some of the other reviews on here are saying, a little difference but not mind blowing stuff tbh.."


"Really impressed with shred, no jitters or sides and it doesn't keep me up at night. Fat loss wise I can see changes in the mirror (nearly finished the first tub) and people have made nice comments."

Benjamin 82

"Really impressed with SHREDABULL - a few stats I weighed 16st (fat) when starting this product. Now at the end of my second tub (2 months) I am down to 14st 7lb and feeling great about it - no slowdown in weight loss either.

If I can keep up this rate of fat loss I will be over the moon!! Going to try it with TAURO TEST next I think and see if I can speed it up again :D"


"Incredible - fast acting fat loss, no side effects. Blows the competition away nuff said."


"Took this alongside the Tauro Test and had some great results - thank you for the advice and will definitely be telling the lads about this package"


I've hit a wall with weightloss even after changing to weights and was finding it really tough. Tried shredabull and by the end of the tub was really starting to notice a difference. It was also great as didn't get any hot flushes or jitters as you can with some of the others - definitely to try if you are wanting aid with losing weight!"

AD Elite Series Shredabull (90 Caps) 5 out of 5 based on 15 ratings.


AD Elite Series Shredabull (90 Caps) - Special Offer Deals

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