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Fat Loss > Sci-MX > Sci-MX CLA 1000 Leancore (160 Softgels)

Sci-MX CLA 1000 Leancore (160 Softgels)

Sci-MX CLA 1000 Leancore (160 Softgels)

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Sci-MX CLA 1000 Leancore (160 Softgels)

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Echo Supplements on Sci-MX CLA 1000 Leancore (160 Softgels)

CLA as a supplement is ideal for anyone looking to lose fat particularly in stubborn areas such as around the waist. CLA contains no stimulants so is great to combine with other fat burning supplements such as Sci-MX Shred-X for the fastest results. CLA is not just for bodybuilders - indeed many of our customers are using it all year round alongside a general fitness lifestyle to keep lean at all times.

Sci-MX Nutrition CLA 1000 Leancore in particular is a great quality of CLA supplement where the CLA is sourced from safflower and as the name implies there is 1000mg of CLA per softgel. The use of softgels rather than capsules makes them go down very easily compared to pills or capsules - available in three size tubs Sci-MX CLA Lean is a great choice for getting rid of stubborn fat and keeping it off.

Sci-MX CLA 1000 Leancore (160 Softgels) Manufacturers Description

Sci-MX CLA 1000 Leancore (160) - 160 Servings
Weight Management Range: Conjugated linoleic acid softgels.

  • Full Strength CLA
  • High in Active Isomers
  • Easily Digested Softgels

The Science - Sci-MX CLA 1000 Leancore

    Helps maintain a fat loss diet by providing essential fatty acids the body is unable to produce
    Linoleic acid may help to maintain normal blood cholesterol concentrations
    1000mg softgels include 2 active isomers c9,t11 and t10,c12, plus natural tocopherols

Sci-MX CLA 1000 Leancore - When To Use

  • Take 1 softgel with water 3 times a day with meals

Sci-MX CLA 1000 Leancore - Nutritional Information

Nutritional Information Per Daily Serving (3 softgels)
Conjugated linoleic acid 3000mg
- (of which c9,t11 isomers) 1140mg
- (of which t10,c12 isomers) 1170mg
Natural Tocopherols 250ppm

Sci-MX CLA 1000 Leancore - Ingredients
Conjugated linoleic acid, gelatine (softgel), glycerol (softgel), purified water.

Sci-MX CLA 1000 Leancore - Allergy Information
Contains no nut ingredients, but may contain traces of peanuts and various types of nuts and seeds.

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