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BioX Power Whey Complex (2.27kg)

BioX Power Whey Complex (2.27kg)

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BioX Power Whey Complex (2.27kg)

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Echo Supplements on BioX Power Whey Complex (2.27kg)


BioX Power Whey Complex (2.27kg) Manufacturers Description

BioX Power Whey Complex (2.27kg / 5lb) - 65 Servings
An Echo Supplements favourite this is some GREAT tasting whey protein! BioX Xtreme Power Whey Complex is formulated using a distinctive three tier protein matrix:

  • A 100% cross flow microfiltered and ultrafiltered whey protein concentrate
  • A 100% cross flow microfiltered, ultrafiltered and diafiltered whey protein isolate
  • An enzymatically hydrolyzed whey protein

Exclusive Filtration Process
BioX Xtreme Power Whey Complex uses an exclusive filtration process to isolate the protein. This ensures that all of the vital whey fractions remain intact in the finished product. BioX Xtreme Power Whey Complex is formulated using the most advanced flavouring technology available. BioX Xtreme Power Whey Complex is the most delicious whey protein supplement you will ever try!

BioX Power Whey Complex - Online Reviews:

UK Muscle
"I had the Rocky Road. I\'m not going to lie when I say this but this has got to be the nicest tasting protein I\'ve ever had I think for me it even tops cookies and cream - Muscle Milk"

What The Supp
"Top marks on this one for me, really great taste and with whey hydrolysate, isolate and concentrate I have got some great muscle gains in the last 2 months - gonna keep at it for the time being because it tastes as good as any other shake I\'ve had.

BioX Power Whey Complex (2.27kg) - 20 Reviews

Sachin More ( Balkum - Thane - India )

"This product is realy great and the flavour in orange is awesome!"

Sachin More

"Very nice product"

brandon lee

"fantastic product best protein around by far , always good value for money"


"Had the cookies and creme, tastes like a sugary chocolate milkshake you'd never think it's a protein shake! Really helps with sugar cravings and benefits you 100%. Going to try out the banana creme right now, reviews sound good enough to me!! Biox ROCKS!!"


"This product is probably the best one I have tried yet. I have gotten the 'Rocky Road' flavor and it's really delicious!

This has been recommended to me by the personnel at the store where I buy my supplements as they claim it is one of the best for the price and quality + proteins per portion (which appears to be accurate!)"


"Rocky Road is pure chocolate heaven !! Strawberry flavour is a bit bland"

Andrew, Chesterfield

"This must be just about the best whey protein powder available, based on quality (74% protein), taste (very nice with milk, water of even in hot chocolate!) and value. I found Rocky Road too sweet for my taste, but the chocolate flavour is excellent. Thumbs up to Echo too for a first class service."


"Great tasting and great service one again!"


"Not really to thrilled with this,it does the job but i brought it for the fantastic flavour that just didnt really turn out to be that nice.Having said that i really wanted to try the orangesicle flavour but its always sold out.I tried cookies and cream which is ok i guess but not great,mixes well though."


"Mixes well tastes great, decent protein per serving and top price."


"Best flavours out there. Cookies and cream is heaven sent - can't recommend enough!!"


"bio x simply the best tasting whey on the market had every flavour except orange .c+c defo my favorite,so easy to take digest even before bed"

Steve C

"This power whey protein is amazing. Great taste (banana cream) and easy to mix in a shaker. Just the job, I'll be ordering more when I run out, as I can't see me using any other brand again! Great price too."

Arthur jenks

"love it! it mixes well and the taste is somthing else if i close my eyes when i drink it it tastes like john the cwms milkshakes bloody lovely!!"

jez wray

"this stuff is the buisness!! end of!!"

Pete B

"WOW is all I can say - got the orange flavour its REALLY nice a total treat to drink for a change!"


"Just got some rocky road after reading some online reviews - taste is incredible, way better than myofusion!"


"Got the rocky road flavour and is was seriously DELICIOUS! I didnt expect it to taste so strong! - had it with a tiny bit of milk so it was thick and really strong! Im deffo getting a tub or 2!"

James, Maidenhead

"Got this as thought I would have a try of a different shake/flavour. Tried the orange - craziest flavour i have ever tasted, crazy but NICE!! It is definitely orange cremesicle, will be trying all the flavours if that is anything to go by."


"Got a sample of this in chocolate from ECHO - just received my first tub today and it tastes amazing - seriously better than myofusion my previous favourite!"

BioX Power Whey Complex (2.27kg) 5 out of 5 based on 20 ratings.


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