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Maximuscle Promax (2.4kg)

Maximuscle Promax (2.4kg)

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Maximuscle Promax (2.4kg)

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Maximuscle Promax (2.4kg) Product Description

Maximuscle Promax (2.4kg) - 80 Servings
Maximuscle Promax is the UK's No.1 whey protein shake to support lean muscle growth, strength and recovery. Maximuscle Promax contains pure high-protein nutrition and is perfect for supporting lean muscle and recovery, whether your goal is size & strength, sports performance or getting lean.

How Maximuscle Promax Can Help You

  • High in Biomax Whey Protein
    Maximuscle Promax is packed with 23g of protein per serving to support lean muscle growth and recovery
  • Nitrogain Complex
    Maximuscle Promax contains exclusive Nitrogain, a unique blend of glutamine peptides, taurine and chromium picolinate to support your physique and sporting goals
  • Rich In Glutamine
    To aid muscle repair and recovery, Maximuscle Promax is rich in glutamine - glutamine is considered by many nutrition experts to be essential for anyone exercising regularly; Glutamine reduces the risk of overtraining as well as supporting your natural immune defences, one of the most important amino acids in muscle tissue
  • BCAAs for Growth & Repair
    Maximuscle Promax is rich in Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) which are used for energy during exercise and play a key role in supporting muscle growth and repair
  • Perfect Before & After Exercise
    Because it's digested so quickly Maximuscle Promax is perfect for use before and after exercise; Studies show that protein taken at these times stimulates muscle growth more quickly than at any other time
  • Maximuscle Promax Contains Only 2g carbs & 2g fat
    With just 2g of carbs and 2g of fat per serving, Maximuscle Promax is perfect for those on 'low carb' or 'low fat' diets
  • Research Proven
    After exercising regularly and using Maximuscle Promax daily 91% of people saw an increase in muscle size, while 9 out of 10 people felt their muscles were more defined after 3 weeks
  • Maximuscle Promax is Easy to Drink - No Bloat!
    Contains special digestive enzymes that help digest protein for easier and faster absorption so that you can enjoy the results, without experiencing the side effects that some protein powders cause

Maximuscle Promax (2.4kg) - 4 Reviews


"Excellent product and excellent prices from Echo.



"Excellent value, reliable and fast postage.I'm new to the whole supplements thing but I will definitely be re visiting echo for my supplements again."


"Good product"


"Definitely worth the money."

Maximuscle Promax (2.4kg) 5 out of 5 based on 4 ratings.


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