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Reflex Diet Protein (900g)

Reflex Diet Protein (900g)

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Reflex Diet Protein (900g)

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Echo Supplements on Reflex Diet Protein (900g)

A 'diet' protein shake is something that is a very popular request at Echo Supplements but until Reflex Diet Protein there wasn't really a diet shake with enough active ingredients in to be truly effective in helping you to lose body fat while also providing high quality protein and not being loaded with carbohydrates, which is important for those on a low-carb diet.

  • Clarinol CLA - studies have shown that CLA can help you lose body fat whilst maintaining lean muscle, and while other brands offer tiny amounts of CLA (under 1 gram per daily serving) Reflex Nutrition have included a full 3.2g per day (2 servings) as has been shown in studies to actually work
  • Green Tea Extract - Green tea has been shown to be both a powerful antioxidant and can help lower body fat due to its thermogenic effect, and is included once again in a good dose - 300mg per day. Compared to other brands comparable products this is in some cases more than double!

There is more to Reflex Diet Protein than just green tea and Clarinol CLA (L-Carnitine L-Tartate, high quality protein, added probiotics to name a few) but this is the first diet whey protein product to include them in such high doses - read the manufacturer's description below for the full nutritional information and directions!

Reflex Diet Protein (900g) Manufacturers Description

Reflex Diet Protein (900g) - 18 Servings
Reflex Diet Protein is arguably the most sophisticated diet shake available today. Reflex Nutrition have used the latest advances in protein and weight loss technology to bring you a product that is specifically designed to aid those interested in maintaining a healthy, well defined and toned body.

Reflex Diet Protein Contains Unique Bioactive Peptides & Over 100% RDA of Calcium Per Daily Serving
Reflex Diet Protein uses a unique ratio of purified whey protein and micellar casein to provide an unrivalled source of protein that contains bioactive peptides that may help curb appetite, boost glutathionine levels (antioxidants), promote healthy intestinal flora and provide essential amino acids for recovery from exercise. In addition to providing an extremely high quality source of protein, Reflex Diet Protein also provides natural dairy calcium which is scientifically proven to assist in accelerating fat and weight loss. Note: Does not contain inferior soya protein like some brands products. Soya protein has a lower biological value compared to whey and micellar casein.

Reflex Diet Protein Contains Patented Clarinol CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), a Safe, Natural, Research Proven Diet Aid
One daily serving of Reflex Diet Protein provides 3.2g of Clarinol CLA which may help keep the weight off and maintain a better shaped figure.

Reflex Diet Protein (900g) - 19 Reviews


"Really enjoy using this product. This is the second flavour that I have bought from this range - previous was chocolate. It tastes really good, is very filling and mixes well. Also good value for money. I could not say if it had significantly improved with weight loss as I have been following a high protein diet and using supplements for quite some time. Delivery service is also very good."


"Great product, test no too sweet. good even after training on late night. Racommanded."


"I have tried a few different diet protein shakes and this is by far the one with the best taste. I find it easy to drink and its not got an after taste either which ive had with other products before. ive only given 4 stars though because i dont feel as 'full' as i have done with some other products. Overall, from expereince, this is the best one i have tried though."


"Brill almost lost half a stone 6 weeks combining with shredabull well worth the money!!!"


"Not a bad flavour in comparison to other similar shakes around. Assimilates well with water and isn't particularly heavy/creamy to drink. I used this as a morning breakfast shake and post workout, saw good lean muscle mass gains and loss of body fat. Really good shake. Only downside would be the messy container it comes in."


"Brilliant service from echo supplements. I purchased both the chocolate and strawberry flavours. Both are delicious and very easy to drink, Would highly recommend."


"Taking the strawberry flavour at the moment and it is absolutely disgusting. Iv tried it with water, terrible, milk, terrible, even tried making it into a smoothie to mask the taste,

Still terrible.

It sticks to the teeth and has a very weirs after taste. Am very disappointed as reflex whey chocolate was so good. £40 wasted :(

However will try the chocolate one. Give it one more try and see how it goes."


"I was under the impression that PhD Diet Whey and Reflex diet Protein were one of the same products and this couldn't be further from the truth.

It doesn't seem to offer as a suitable meal replacement as it's digested far too quickly.

The aftertaste is disgusting and tastes like how baby lotion smells. I have to resort to necking it in one.

Value for money is great if you get the £45 deal with the thermo fusion capsules but have already sold on the second 900gram bag because of the taste."


"Im currently on the banofee at the moment and can't manage to finish the recommended serving because the taste is so vile. I will try others before casting off though."


"I love this protein, exactly what I need and tastes good too!"


"Strawberry is really, really nice and I am impressed given the ingredients that reflex have made it taste so good - A++"


"Cracking product, cracking price - check out the 2 for £45 deal echo have on makes it £22.50 each delivered free :)

Tastes nice - fairly thick and very easy to have twice a day and mixes well."

Lincoln Bobbi

"Lost almost an inch off my waste this month since taking diet protein. Need some more now!"


"Tastes great in banoffee!"


"Just what I have been waiting for - thank you REFLEX and thank you ECHO for this, ordering one of each flavour it will help support me losing my baby fat as I'm struggling for time to cook at the minute!!"


"Great profile, great taste - give this a try!"

Jack Hughman

"I had to double check the label which states 350ml as opposed to 300ml compared to the instant whey suggestion. Fortunately, my doubts of the shake being too thin were short lived. The texture and consistency is absolutely amazing! This is a thick shake! As for taste, it tastes like chocolate liquor, didn't think I'd like the taste as the choc mint is a firm favorite of mine but this beats it hands down.

Echo Supplements kindly provided a sample sachet of banoffee deluxe whey with my order to which the diet holds its own in terms of flavor and consistency. No chalky residue, no sugary or sweetener aftertaste either.

Can't comment on the effects or potential as this was my first experience but for a thick, creamy and very delicious protein shake you can't go wrong with Reflex Diet. Strawberry tomorrow and it has a lot to live up to compared its chocolate counterpart."


"Fantastic stuff - great brand (REFLEX UK) and cheaper than buying all the ingredients on there own by far.

Got a chocolate and a strawberry and taking it twice a day (one each) still not sick of them after a week, mixes perfectly - awesome :D :D"


"I can only comment on the flavour as I've just got what is apparently the FIRST batch of diet protein (thanks echo!) and both chocolate and strawberry are delicious, a real treat to drink and twice a day gives a great dose of CLA, Green Tea and Carnitine - can't wait to try banoffee!!"

Reflex Diet Protein (900g) 5 out of 5 based on 19 ratings.


Reflex Diet Protein (900g) - Special Offer Deals

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