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Reflex Peptide Fusion (2.1kg)

Reflex Peptide Fusion (2.1kg)

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Reflex Peptide Fusion (2.1kg)

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Echo Supplements on Reflex Peptide Fusion (2.1kg)

Reflex Peptide Fusion is the highest quality protein blend on the market today; no other brand offers this mixture of protein levels, high quality protein sources and formula transparency. A protein blend is a combination of proteins from different sources - typically including whey protein, egg protein, casein and various plant based protein sources.

Peptide Fusion offers a staggering 78% protein - this is unheard of for a protein blend and most blends are below 70%. In practice this means for every 100g of protein in the tub you are getting around an extra 10g of protein with Peptide Fusion. Over the course of a tub this adds up to well over 200g more protein in Peptide Fusion than other leading protein blends, or an extra 20 servings!

Following on from the high protein levels is the source of the protein used in Peptide Fusion. Reflex use only whey protein, egg white protein and micellar casein where other brands use cheaper sources of protein such as soya, brown rice and pea proteins. This means that Reflex Peptide Fusion has the highest bioavailability and amino acid profile for muscle repair and growth of any protein blend on the market.

Finally Reflex don't just use the highest quality protein sources, they also disclose the ratio of proteins used - this is again a rarity with most brands using a 'proprietary blend' to hide how much of each protein they use.

When you take all of these factors into account Peptide Fusion is the obvious choice for a protein blend!

Reflex Peptide Fusion (2.1kg) Manufacturers Description

Reflex Peptide Fusion (2.1kg) - 84 Servings
Many brands claim to offer a flagship blended protein that is market leading but conceal the most important aspects of the formulation.  Reflex Peptide Fusion sets an unbeaten standard for a blended protein by using the very highest quality ingredients in optimised ratios.

Reflex Peptide Fusion

Reflex Peptide Fusion includes the finest preferentially selected whey protein, chosen for its superior levels of Branch Chain Amino Acids and higher levels of protein, the finest, cold processed ultra filtered milk protein providing undenatured micellar casein along with the purest egg white protein available on the market. These are all assayed in the lab with custom manufactured flavourings, natural colourings and an absence of salt, artificial colouring and indeed anything that represents a compromise to health. 

Ideal Ratio of Protein in Peptide Fusion
Perhaps more importantly, we clearly state the ratios of the main 3 superior proteins so that you know exactly how much of each protein source has been used. This is opposed to the secret ‘proprietary blend’ approaches that are sometimes nothing more than a low quality and low cost mix of milk, egg and cheap soy. You can nearly always tell by looking at the ingredients list. If whey protein appears first then the majority of the protein in the tub will be whey protein because legally ingredients have to be listed in order of quantity.

With Added Glutamine Peptides & Pro-Biotics
That is not necessarily what you want if you are buying a blend for its time release properties.

Reflex Peptide Fusion (2.1kg) - 12 Reviews


"Good quality all in one, mixes well and chocolate flavour tastes nice (not that taste should dictate your choice of protein!). All helped by fast service from Echo."

Ian P

"I don't need to say too much about the product as reflex / echo have covered that well. The new formula with chocolate peanut flavour is immense though - definitely 5 stars for that flavour, other ones I'd give a 3 to as they dont'mix or taste anywhere near as good."


"Excellent product profile - I have this as part of breakfast as well as post-workout and it does very well in terms of filling me up and keeping me going. I've tried the choc mint and vanilla flavours, both mix very well and taste excellent in my opinion - I love the vanilla mixed with some quark (fat free soft cheese) and a bit of natural yoghurt, tastes just like cheesecake but perfect as a bedtime snack as it's loaded with casein! Will be buying again, really want to try choc peanut!

Many thanks to Echo (again) for their impeccable customer service, fantastic prices and prompt delieveries!"

Jack Hughman

"Well, the wait is finally over and was it worth it?

The answer is an unequivocal and resounding YES!

Peptide fusion in chocolate peanut butter is absolutely fantastic; the taste is peanut, caramel and a hint of chocolate to follow. Tastes like a peanut KitKat but more satisfying.

Mixing is no longer an issue due to new ingredients, it mixes perfectly with skimmed, soya milk and cold water. Consistency is a little thicker than instant whey which will suit most people but not as thick becoming a struggle to drink.

If this is the standard for new peptide flavours then Reflex are really spoiling us.

Congratulations and top marks yet again to Reflex for incredibly fast delivery and the best customer service bar none."


"If you want a all in one protein then this is the one, great taste and good price."


"Quite a good protein and I really like the egg white content instead of the soy crap that a lot of brands put in. Only problem is the price - way too expensive for 5lb of protein I'm afraid!!"


"Not as tasty as Reflexs Instant Whey so it loses a star but it makes you feel fuller because the shake feels more like a milkshake where the Instant Whey is more like flavoured water. Still an awesome product though and WAY more servings than any other blend!"


"Chocolate Mint is the *best* tasting protein shake you will ever try honestly like a minty Aero chocolate bar taste!!"


"My choice for bedtime protein shake, slow release micellar casein means you are not hungry in the morning."


"The best blend available in my opinion. Doesn't taste too bad either - highly recommended."


"Chocolate flavour tastes great and mixes great.A bargain price for a top quality protein."


"Tastes great in strawberry - mixes well and is the best quality protein around."

Reflex Peptide Fusion (2.1kg) 5 out of 5 based on 12 ratings.


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