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Reflex Vegan Protein 2kg

Reflex Vegan Protein 2kg

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Reflex Vegan Protein 2kg

Reflex Vegan Protein 2kg

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Echo Supplements on Reflex Vegan Protein 2kg

Reflex Vegan Protein is a high protein shake made from Pea Protein rather than the more traditional milk based proteins. The result of using peas is that you get a different amino acid profile, taste and price:

  • Amino Acid Profile - You can find the full amino acid profile below but the main things to note are that pea protein is high in BCAAs, glutamine and arginine which is great for muscle building
  • Taste - If you're used to the taste of milk based protein shakes (whey etc.) then Reflex Vegan Protein is going to taste different to what you're used to - the taste is a lot less sweet and has a slightly nutty taste to it; this isn't unpleasant but certainly different to whey shakes such as Reflex Instant Whey
  • Price - Pea protein is a lot cheaper to buy than whey protein but delivers the same amount of protein (74%) if not more than most whey shakes on the market

Vegan Protein is also free of artificial sweetners and colourings so is a really healthy, natural choice of protein shake. Overall if you like the taste of Vegan Protein then it is a great way to save over £10 per tub on a high quality whey protein shake!

Reflex Vegan Protein 2kg Manufacturers Description

Reflex Vegan Protein 2kg - 84 Servings
Reflex Vegan Protein delivers an exceptional nutritional profile along with great taste, additional Digezyme digestive enzymes and LactoSpore probiotic spores that is perfect for all sports people or anyone else looking for a high quality vegan protein.

  • Suitable for Vegans
  • Free from artificial sweeteners and colourings.
  • Made using Deep Green energy
  • Soy free formula

One of Nature's Best Proteins
The vegan sourced protein in Vegan Protein is made from a patented manufacturing process. The unique and environmentally friendly process extracts pure European pea protein from Pisum Sativum using water and no chemicals. This provides what Reflex Nutrition believe to be the perfect instant mixing vegan protein powder that is highly digestible and directly comparable to the best animal sources of protein like whey, eggs and milk. This great tasting instant mixing product provides 74% protein that has 98% digestibility and a great amino acid score of 95%.

Reflex Vegan Protein Contains More BCAA's, More Arginine & More Glutamine for the Athlete
The critically important branched-chain amino acids, L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine and L-Valine, which are responsible for building, repairing and maintaining muscle tissue are contained in abundance. In fact, pea protein contains more BCAA's than the best egg white protein. Further pea protein contains up to double the amount of arginine, responsible for growth, repair and nitric oxide synthesis, when compared to whey protein. Finally pea protein contains higher amounts of Glutamine compared to whey protein and egg protein.

Reflex Vegan Protein 2kg - 2 Reviews


"Great amino acid profile, good protein content and fantastic in it's low carb and fat contents. I've tried all three flavours mixed with water, milk and with yoghurt, they mix well, good smooth consistency though it took a bit of experimentation to find the ratio of water to protein for each flavour that I liked.

Now for the flavours. All three smell really good when you open the product but they don't translate well to taste. As they are sweetened with stevia, which helps if you have a low tolerance to sugar and removes excess carbs like in maximuscle, it doesn't taste sweet at all. Stevia is so gross, in my opinion. They may not be sweet but are tolerable. The chocolate is nutty and slightly bitter, though nothing like chocolate, the strawberry was, well, different and the smooth fruits is down right grim to drink.

Overall, the best one to buy would be the strawberry as it is the easiest to tolerate drinking, however I am quite partial to the smooth fruits mixed in yoghurt with some banana and flax as a pudding, mainly because I have a 2kg tub to work through and I cannot drink it...

Also, the chocolate one makes good protein hot chocolate, weird but its cold out. Warm some milk and mix with the protein, some peanut butter and coco powder."


"Received my first tub of this through the post this morning, fantastic service from Echo as always (as well as the free samples!).

This is something I've looked forward to trying for a while as the amino acid profile is excellent, the price is pretty reasonable and it's sweetened with stevia which is a big bonus for me.

First impressions - the powder seems a lot finer than whey protein or other products like Peptide Fusion. I ordered the Rich Chocolate flavour, and smelling it didn't bode well at first - it didn't smell like chocolate at all really.

I scooped a serving into my Smartshake and topped it up with water. The powder mixed really well, really smooth to drink. Flavour-wise though, the chocolate is a bit of a disappointment. It doesn't taste of chocolate at all. I don't dislike the flavour per se, but it's a bit bitter and has a slightly nutty aftertaste. I'm going to try putting a teaspoon of honey in with it and see if that combination works well, and I imagine that if you're blending it up into a post-workout shake it wouldn't taste too bad either. Next time though I'm definitely going to get a different flavour!

Overall, excellent protein profile, excellent mixability, poor taste (for chocolate anyways), although I can live with that which is why it only loses 1 star. If you're fussy though, I'd get one of the other flavours."

Reflex Vegan Protein 2kg 4 out of 5 based on 2 ratings.


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