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Protein > Sci-MX > Sci-MX Ultra Whey Protein (908g / 2lb)

Sci-MX Ultra Whey Protein (908g / 2lb)

Sci-MX Ultra Whey Protein (908g / 2lb)

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Sci-MX Ultra Whey Protein (908g / 2lb)

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Echo Supplements on Sci-MX Ultra Whey Protein (908g / 2lb)

Sci-MX Ultra Whey Protein is a top quality whey protein supplement that mixes perfectly and tastes great time after time. At Echo Supplements we have no problem recommending Sci-MX Whey Protein to anyone looking for a reliable and pleasant tasting whey protein shake. Whey protein is very, very rich in the vital amino acids required for muscle growth including the most vital the branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) - there is no higher quality protein source than whey protein.

Sci-MX Nutrition rarely stop at putting the basics into a product and Ultra Whey is no exception - the main added extra that you won't see in most other brands is added Aminogen. This clever compound boosts the absorption of the protein by up to 100% making Sci-MX whey protein more effective than most similar alternatives. As well as the added Aminogen Sci-MX have also added a blend of vitamins (Vit-MX) which help provide the best environment for a high protein diet such as magnesium, zinc and B vitamins.

This 908g / 2lb tub of Ultra Whey contains 20 servings which for most people (although it obviously depends how many servings you use per day!) will last 1-2 weeks. Sci-MX whey comes in four great flavours - chocolate, strawberry, vanilla and banana. All taste great and the vanilla flavour is ideal if you blend up your own shakes (with fruits or oats for example) as it has a very neutral taste. 

Sci-MX Ultra Whey Protein (908g / 2lb) Manufacturers Description

Sci-MX Ultra Whey Protein (908g) - 20 Servings
Advanced Protein Range: Whey isolate and concentrate with protein-optimising ingredients.

  • Premium Micro-Filtered Whey
  • Protein-Optimising Enzymes
  • Boosted With Vit-MX Build

The Science - Sci-MX Ultra Whey Protein

    Fast-acting whey isolate and concentrate formula replenishes muscles with key amino acids
    Premium quality, cold-process, cross flow micro-filtered whey ensures maximum bioavailability
    High protein content contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass
    Zinc and magnesium contribute to protein synthesis ensuring optimum construction
    Includes scientifically proven Aminogen and Optizyme advanced enzyme complex
    Vitamin and mineral complex designed specifically for people with high muscle work rate

Sci-MX Ultra Whey Protein - When To Use

  • Before and after training, between meals and upon waking
  • Can be used as a milk substitute with breakfast cereals
  • Take up to 3 servings per day

Sci-MX Ultra Whey Protein - How To Prepare

  • Add 2 heaped scoops (45g) to a shaker with 300ml of water
  • Shake for 5-10 seconds
  • Allow to settle for 30 seconds and drink

Sci-MX Ultra Whey Protein (908g / 2lb) - 1 Reviews


"mixes well tastes great results are awesome best protein I've used."

Sci-MX Ultra Whey Protein (908g / 2lb) 5 out of 5 based on 1 ratings.


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