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Anabolic Designs BULLK (60 Caps)

Anabolic Designs BULLK (60 Caps)

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Anabolic Designs BULLK (60 Caps)

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Anabolic Designs BULLK (60 Caps) Product Description

Anabolic Designs BULLK (Now with NMDA) (60 Caps) - 30 Servings
At Anabolic Designs we are continually making formulas that are cutting edge and focus on quality over cost. This is why our BULLK formula has been upgraded to give consumers more value money and an improved product with no additional cost. The new Anabolic Designs Bullk gives you the comsumer more bang for your bucks!

Our products are rarely the cheapest but there’s a reason we are one of the most trusted names in sports nutrition today and it’s our commitment to making the best formulas, with the best ingredients, to the best science-backed research that we constantly not just seek releasing new products but also keeping our current lines light years ahead of the competition.

Anabolic Designs BullK - Beefed Up!
Anabolic Designs BullK has been beefed up by adding NMDA for further enhancements in

  • Rapid bulking phases
  • Surges in natural strength & Mass
  • Improved Libido and promotion of Alpha male mentality
  • Increased Anabolism
  • Improved rates of protein synthesis

Anabolic Designs BullK Re-Formulation Explained
Anabolic Designs BullK is still powered by Bulbine Natalensis. This is still the central engine powering the BULLK matrix as this herbal dietary supplement has been shown to elicit serum testosterone increases of up to 347% over baseline and simultaneously reduce estrogen and prolactin by more than 39% - making it the absolute king of the all-natural hormone boosters.

Anabolic Designs BULLK (60 Caps) - 6 Reviews



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"takes 3 weeks to start working so stack with tauro test for instant raise in test and then this kicks in and wow! its unreal ran two bottles of this back to back saw unbelievable gains!!!"


"Wow this is crazy great for strenght traini g smashed all my pb's only downside is so agressive by week 6 and irrabtle 24/7!"


"Agression, motivation and harness of muscles all went through the roof its crazy!! one thing i would say is its made me slightly iritable and maybe alittle over agressive but hey the the price you gatta pay!!"


"One week in and already feeling a serious hardening of my muscle and I think I have put a pound or two on already - very impressed so far"


"Lets keep it simple - taking this with rav and have put on near half a stone in just under 3 weeks, no slow down just writing this review as I buy some more in case anyone isn't sure!!!"

Anabolic Designs BULLK (60 Caps) 5 out of 5 based on 6 ratings.


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