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Sci-MX 17-T (180 Caps)

Sci-MX 17-T (180 Caps)

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Sci-MX 17-T (180 Caps)

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Echo Supplements on Sci-MX 17-T (180 Caps)

Sci-MX 17-T Somatocri-MX is really a few products into one great natural male hormone support supplement. First of all Sci-MX 17 T is formulated to increase both growth hormone AND testosterone; these two hormones really have a huge effect on muscle growth, leanness and recovery. Quite simply the more your body is naturally producing the better.

This is another area where Sci-MX 17-T Somatocri really stands out - you only take a dose when it is most effective; just before you go to bed. The third product contained in 17-T alongside a testosterone booster and growth hormone booster is ZMA. This stands for Zinc and Magnesium Aspartate - zinc and magnesium in this dose has been scientifically proven to boost recovery especially during sleep. You will find that due to the very deep sleep this gives you that you may end up having some very vivid dreams!

Finally Sci-MX have also included Bioperine which boosts the absorption of all of the ingredients within the supplement. Sci-MX 17-T has been popular at Echo Supplements since the very beginning - combine it with Sci-MX Lean Grow MRF for lean, sustained muscle gains!

Sci-MX 17-T (180 Caps) Manufacturers Description

Sci-MX 17-T Somatocri MX (180) - 30 Servings
Muscle Building Range: Testosterone & Growth Hormone targeted anabolic support system

  • With 17-T-GHRH-MK2
  • Multi-Pathway Formula
  • Works During Sleep

The Science - Sci-MX 17-T Somatocri MX

    ZMA with zinc maintains normal serum testosterone concentrations
    Designed to work during sleep when the anabolic drive peaks
    Vitamin V6 contributes to the regulation of hormonal activity

Sci-MX 17-T Somatocri MX - When To Use

  • Take 6 capsules with water 20 minutes before bedtime
  • For best results use uninterrupted for a minimum of 30 days

Sci-MX 17-T Somatocri MX - Nutritional Information

Nutritional Information Per Serving (6 Capsules)
17-T-GHRH-MK2 Providing
- Leucine-ketoisocaproic acid 1.8g
- Orthinine Alpha-Ketoglurate 1g
- Phosphatidylserine 200mg
- Theanine 200mg
- 5-methyl-7-methoxy-isoflavone 180mg
- Bioperine 5mg
- Vitamin C 478.5mg
- ZMA 478.5mg
- of which Vitamin B6 6mg
- of which Magnesium 450mg
- of which Zinc 22.5mg

Sci-MX 17-T Somatocri MX - Ingredients
17-T-GHRH-MK2 (leucine ketoisocaproic acid calcium, orthinine alpha ketoglurate, magnesium oxide, phosphatidylserine, theanine, ascorbic acid, 5-methyl-7-methoxy-isoflavone, zinc citrate, pyridoxine hydrochloride, bioperine/black pepper extract), gelatine (capsule), magnesium stearate (gelling agent), silicon dioxide (anti-caking agent).

Sci-MX 17-T (180 Caps) - 9 Reviews

Steve kelleher

"I'm usually bit sceptical of claims made by products but decided to give these a go and must say I'm impressed. Not a massive transformation but definitely aiding mass gain. 3 weeks into with no change to diet and 6 pounds of good gains. Will use again for sure and also impressed with echo service. Well done and thanks."


"Its B******t"


"Was kind of expecting to have wasted £45 (and it is expensive!) but I was wrong - you can feel this somatocri working from within 2-3 days and strength goes up by the end of the week. Really good!"


"strength is much much higher since using 17t. i do powerlifting and 17t is drug free too so safe to use all year round"


"Ive been using this with anabolic muscle fuel and gained alot of lean muscle and great size.Honestly it does work with a proper training programme."

Greg hall

"I've increased in size and muscle mass after taking this so impressed with results"


"It spiced up my sex life ;)"


"Not sure if I beleive the hype behind somatocri 17-T but I've used it for 3 weeks now and am horny all the time and really 'up' for every workout so maybe it does work."


"Awesome natural test and GH booster - easy to take (3 caps with dinner, 3 before bed) and really works.

I've found I am adding lean muscle with ease and all my mates now want some!"

Sci-MX 17-T (180 Caps) 5 out of 5 based on 9 ratings.


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