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Weight Gainers > MET-Rx > MET-Rx Size Up (2.7kg / 6lb)

MET-Rx Size Up (2.7kg / 6lb)

MET-Rx Size Up (2.7kg / 6lb)

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MET-Rx Size Up (2.7kg / 6lb)

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Echo Supplements on MET-Rx Size Up (2.7kg / 6lb)

MET-Rx Size Up is one of our best selling all in one gainers and gets consistently great feedback all round. If you're looking to bulk up then high quality calories in the right amounts is the most important thing after good training.

Size Up delivers 54g protein and 91g carbohydrates per seving and a whopping 633 calories. Just adding a single serving every day will for most people lead to an increase in size very quickly. In addition MET-Rx Size Up contains added glutamine and creatine which help with recovery and strength respectively.

Taking a serving of MET-Rx Size Up every day can lead to gains in strength, size and faster recovery. Size Up comes in 3 delicious flavours (chocolate, strawberry and vanilla) and mixes very well with a regular shaker.

MET-Rx Size Up (2.7kg / 6lb) Manufacturers Description

MET-Rx Xtreme Size Up (2.7kg) - 16 Servings
If you are one of those people who have a tough time packing on solid, powerful muscle, try MET-Rx Xtreme Size Up, specially designed for those who want to gain weight and pack on quality mass. MET-Rx Xtreme Size Up is a blend of Whey Protein, Creatine, Glutamine and naturally occurring high quality BCAA’s taken from the finest source to ensure every amino acid needed by your muscles is supplied.

MET-Rx Xtreme Size Up contains a top quality carb blend and is formulated with no fructose so you wont experience the dreaded crash that comes from consuming sugar laden formulas. Keep your muscle and mind energized so you can keep training and growing.

Optimal Intake of Vitamins & Minerals
MET-Rx Xtreme Size Up is packed with a rich source of specially selected vitamins and minerals essential to metabolism. Optimal intake of key vitamins and minerals is especially important when following a high calorie diet for mass gain, in order to ensure proper usage and muscle metabolism of ingested calories.

  • Calcium contributes to normal muscle function
  • Vitamin B6 helps support healthy protein and glycogen metabolism
  • Riboflavin contributes to energy yielding metabolism
  • One a day formula
  • Great tasting and easy to mix
  • No fructose or aspartame

To train seriously you need to get lots of rest and take plenty of key nutrients. MET-Rx Xtreme Size Up makes it easy to get high quality protein, complex carbs and essential nutrients that are important for a serious, intensive training program and healthy diet.

MET-Rx Size Up (2.7kg / 6lb) - 13 Reviews


"Chocolate flavours my favourite and it tastes fine. Bought during the recent sale and its a bit harder to mix than MET-Rx Mass Gainer (that i usually go for)and both seem to work well so i'll probably stick to mass gainer in future"


"Really enjoyed taking it but I went through the stuff too quickly!"


"Outstanding results from met-rx size up, I am putting on weight (GOOD WEIGHT!) really quickly from adding two of these shakes a day - one little thing though is that it doesn't mix quite as well as other shakes that I've used in the past - a bit too grainy to be pleasant. But then I just get it down because it works!!"

Phil B

"I bought the vanilla flavor, it does'nt taste great but it definatley works. I am going to try a different flavor next time."


"I use this alongside Maximuscle Promax - they both taste a bit sh*t but REALLY work I'm getting closer and closer to the look I want every month :D"


"I have been using MET-RX weight gainer for just over two weeks and can already see a difference, great value and tastes good as well"


"Brilliant product and great value, but if you don't have a strong stomach opt for the chocolate or strawberry as the vanilla needs a bit of work. Other than that it really is one of the best weight gainers out there. Also...

Thank you Echo Supplements! Fantastic service and delivery. You couldn't ask for a better experience. I will be sure to come back in the future."


"Works really well for putting size on but taste is lacking compared to some others i've tried (nitro juice from echo tastes much better for one) - good multibuy price though the best i've found online."


"Decent weight gainer, like the added creatine and glutamine saves a lot of money.

Tastes good - not too sweet but still quite thick and tasty :)"


"I bought this with the FREE BOOK offer on it - the size up is nice, pretty simple twice a day and it gives me loads of protein, carbs, creatine and glutamine.

The book that comes with it is incredible - I thought it would be just junk but it gives a great 'whole picture' guide to where training, diet and supplements SHOULD fit into your diet and I've changed a few things around based on it and noticing good changes - buy the book alone if you don't want size up, its well worth a few quid!"

Dwayne 1988

"MET-Rx - good job, I've used phd synergy and usn muscle fuel before and just got a little fat but with XTREME SIZE UP its lean gains all the way and the added creatine makes a good difference to strength and glutamine to recovery :)"


"Tasty stuff I buy this a few at a time as it doesn't last all that long but it does the job so well!"

Dermot W

"The original and best - stick with METRX for weight gainers I've tried a few others and keep coming back to size up.

For flavours stick to strawberry or chocolate, vanilla is lacking a bit!!"

MET-Rx Size Up (2.7kg / 6lb) 5 out of 5 based on 13 ratings.


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