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Reflex Instant Mass (2.72kg)

Reflex Instant Mass (2.72kg)

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Reflex Instant Mass (2.72kg)

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Echo Supplements on Reflex Instant Mass (2.72kg)

When looking at weight gainers / meal replacement supplements there are 2 really important things to consider; the quality of ingredients and the ratio of protein to carbohydrates.

Firstly the quality of ingredients: Reflex use whey, milk and egg white protein in their Muscle Drive protein blend which gives a sustained release of protein over a few hours - ideal for use as a snack between main meals. Even more impressive is when you look at the carbohydrates used - with almost any other weight gainer you get high GI carbs such as dextrose or maltodextrin. Not so with Instant Mass - Reflex have used an organic blend of oat flour and barley flour so you don't get a nasty sugar crash half an hour after having a shake!

The second really important thing to look at with this type of product is the ratio of carbs to protein - Instant Mass uses a near 50:50 split which is ideal and scales up well so if you want an extra 10g protein per serving you don't have to add lots of carbs at the same time.

A nice side effect of not using sugary carbohydrates is that the taste of the product isn't sickly sweet - Instant Mass mixes well and is very pleasant to drink, with strawberry being an echo supplements favourite flavour! You can buy Reflex Instant Mass in 2 sizes - a 2.7kg tub or a 5.4kg bag which works out better value once you've decided on a flavour!

Reflex Instant Mass (2.72kg) Manufacturers Description

Reflex Instant Mass (2.727kg) - 20 Servings
Reflex Instant Mass is not a typical weight gainer. It is an ultra high quality product made with a near perfect 50/50 split of protein and carbohydrate. Reflex Instant Mass is arguably the best weight gainer product you can buy on the market today for three very simple reasons:

  1. It contains more protein than ANY other brand
  2. It contains lower GI carbs, where other brands will use maltodextrin or dextrose
  3. Every batch is tested for protein, and protein is perhaps the most important aspect of gaining quality muscle mass

Instant Mass - Finest Ingredients
Reflex Instant Mass provides 54 grams of the highest quality proteins available per serving. An amazing high quality blend of undenatured ultra filtered whey protein concentrate, undenatured milk protein concentrate (80% micellar casein, 20% whey protein) and Egg White Protein Isolate.

Reflex Instant Mass contains our exclusive Muscle Drive complex, a combination of the amino acid glutamine which has been peptide bonded so that it can pass into the blood more easily and whey protein hydrolysate which provides more easily absorbed protein chains. For added benefit we also include Digezyme digestive enzymes and Lactospore probiotics.

The Ultimate Lower GI Source of Carbohydrates
Reflex Instant Mass was the first weight gainer in the world to use an exclusive blend of organic oats and barley. In fact, it is still one of the only weight gainers you can buy today which offers an organic whole grain source of carbohydrate. This carbohydrate source provides a low glycemic source of energy along with naturally occurring vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre.

Added Zinc, Magnesium and Antioxidants
Reflex Instant Mass contains vital minerals like magnesium which is essential for muscle contractile strength and zinc which plays an important role in maintaining testosterone levels.

Reflex Instant Mass (2.72kg) - 3 Reviews


"great product and it works."

Paul Q

"Great gainer, price at echo makes it worth getting a couple of tubs in diff flavours rather than a big bag so cudos for that.

Reflex instant mass *could* mix a little better but thats a tiny little gripe - top product and most importantly it WORKS!!"


"Buying Instant Mass is a real no-brainer for me, why would you buy ANYTHING else??

Quality protein, oats are the carb source and it tastes great - not too sweet (usually others are sweet as they are full of SUGAR) and mixes fine. Chocolate is the best flavour IMHO but I have had strawberry too and its nice as well!"

Reflex Instant Mass (2.72kg) 5 out of 5 based on 3 ratings.


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