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Reflex One Stop Xtreme (4.35kg)

Reflex One Stop Xtreme is our best selling all in one gainer at Echo Supplements. One Stop Xtreme boasts an ingredient profile that many brands imitate but none come close to; from high quality protein (no soy) and carbohydrates (no sugars) and with active ingredients like Creapure creatine monohydrate, beta alanine and branched chain amino acids in HIGH doses you can trust Reflex One Stop Xtreme when looking to add strength and size!

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  • Description


    Echo Supplements on Reflex One Stop Xtreme
    Reflex One Stop Xtreme is Reflex Nutritions all in one weight gainer - the benefit of choosing One Stop Xtreme over similar products is that you know exactly what you are getting, there is no proprietary blend (secret formula) but instead just good solid, reliable ingredients - here are some of the most important:

    • Quattro Protein - This is a blend of whey protein concentrate, isolate and hydrolysate alongside milk protein concentrate (high in casein). This combination provides a good comproimise between fast and slow releasing protein sources for a truly time released protein blend. Importantly it does not contain soy protein - read the following article for why this is important: Dangers of Soy Protein
    • LOW GI, Organic Carbohydrates - Why low GI? Your body breaks down low GI carbs slower than high GI carbs like sugars. This means you will feel fuller for longer, are less likely to store the calories as fat and won't feel hungry soon after using Reflex One Stop Xtreme
    • Branched Chain Amino Acids & Leucine - Branched Chain Aminos are the amino acids Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine and are found in whey protein and are the amino acids most responsible for protein synthesis (muscle repair) - with One Stop Xtreme you get very large doses of BCAAs and additional Leucine - these are not cheap ingredients and it is very rare to get them in this quantity (10.5g) in an all in one product - typically you will get between 5-8g in most competitors products
    • Creapure Creatine Monohydrate - Creatine monohydrate is the most researched supplement around and has been shown many times to boost performance by up to 10% - you can read more about Creapure creatine at this link: Creapure Creatine
    • Glutamine Peptides - L-Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in your body, and could greatly help with preventing muscle breakdown. Glutamine Peptides are a more bioavailable form of glutamine and work better in a blend where there are other ingredients competing to be absorbed

    At Echo Supplements we believe the above ingredients are the most important parts of Reflex One Stop Xtreme, and have highlighted them for this reason - you can find the manufacturer's decription below for even more information!

    Reflex One Stop Xtreme - Manufacturer's Description
    Reflex Nutrition’s most hardcore muscle building supplement in our 15 year history. Designed to outperform all other muscle building formula Reflex One Stop Xtreme is THE product for people wanting to pack on mass fast. One Stop Xtreme is the only product to contain the exclusive Quattro protein blend with every single batch lab tested for protein content.

    • Our best all-in-one bodybuilding supplement
    • EU Grass Fed Whey Protein
    • Contributes to growth and maintenance of Muscle Mass.
    • World’s Best Creapure® Creatine
    • Increases physical performance in successive bursts of short-term, high intensity exercise
    • 2,600mg Betaine Anhydrous
    • 1,800mg added Beta Alanine
    • 3,000mg added L-Leucine
    • 1,500mg added L-Taurine
    • Patented LAB2PRO® Friendly Bacteria
    • Zinc Matrix [Albion®] to support healthy testosterone levels and protein synthesis
    • Over 10 grams of B.C.A.A and Glutamine per serving
    • Free from soy protein, creamers and oxide minerals

    55g of Quattro Time-Release Protein
    Arguably the most sophisticated protein blend in existence that you won’t find in any other product. Quattro is unique to Reflex One Stop Xtreme, exclusively from Reflex Nutrition. It consists of three different types of whey protein in conjunction with pure undenatured micellar casein. Four of the best!

    Contains Organic & Low GI Sources of Carbohydrates
    The primary carbohydrate content of Reflex One Stop Xtreme is provided by a unique complex of organic oats and barley with naturally occurring vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre. Added to this is the designer low GI carbohydrate trehalose; this provides your body with a very stable long lasting form of carbohydrate that will help prevent gains in fat whilst also providing the increased energy that is needed to fuel intense training sessions.

    Contains an Added 3,000mg of L-leucine
    Of all the essential amino acids the branched-chain amino acid L-leucine is the most potent. L-leucine is scientifically proven for its ability to initiate biological signaling via mTOR (mammalian target of rapamycin) - in simple terms it can trigger increased protein synthesis when combined with whey hydrolysate and carbohydrate taken after resistance exercise.

    Every 145g Serving Provides a Huge 10,500mg Dose of BCAA’s
    Because Reflex One Stop Xtreme contains such a potent complex of whey peptides and whey fractions it therefore contains naturally high levels of branched-chain amino acids. Just one serving provides 10,500mg of BCAA’s! Branched-chain amino acids are scientifically proven to increase protein synthesis, increase workout capacity and aid in recovery.

    5,000mg of Patent Process Creapure Creatine Monohydrate
    Nearly all of the scientific studies relating to increased muscular strength, increased power, increased endurance and increased lean body mass have one thing in common. They all used Creapure creatine monohydrate. That is because Creapure is recognised as the best quality creatine monohydrate available today, providing a patented solution to your strength and growth goals. Whilst other supplements contain different forms of creatine like creatine ethyl ester (CEE), none of these other forms have ever been proven to outperform Creapure creatine monohydrate.

    Research Proven Levels of Beta-Alanine in One Stop Xtreme
    The harder, more intensely you train, the greater performance and results. However, with intense training comes lactic acid, ammonia and acidity build up. Beta-alanine is a precursor to carnosine which helps to buffer acidity/pH changes within muscle tissue. Scientific studies have proven that beta-alanine decreases fatigue in athletes and increases total muscular output. Industry leading doses of 1,800mg beta-alanine are found in just 1 serving of Reflex One Stop Xtreme.

    10,000mg of the Most Biologically Available Form of Glutamine
    10g of glutamine peptide, a potent source of glutamine, which is credited with anti-catabolic and immune support. Glutamine peptides are absorbed by the body more easily than normal L-glutamine. This is especially important in an all-in-one formula where protein and other amino acids will compete for absorption.

    Contains a Full Compliment of Vitamins
    100% of the RDA of vitamins which makes it unique in the all-in-one market.

    Strength-Boosting Magnesium with Testosterone-Supporting Zinc and Avena Sativa
    Reflex One StopXtreme contains zinc monomethionine, the highest known quality form of zinc. This is instead of the cheaper, less easily absorbed zinc oxide. Avena sativa is included to support healthy testosterone levels. Magnesium, in the high quality form of magnesium citrate (instead of magnesium oxide) is included in the formula to help boost strength and energy production.

    Now with Patented LAB2PRO Friendly Bacteria
    Three different strains are used; Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium lactis and Lactobacillus rhamnosus. LAB2PRO friendly bacteria have been coated using a patented multi component protection process to ensure that they reach the upper intestine intact.

  • Nutritional Information
    Nutritional Information Per 145g Serving
    Nutritional Information Per Single (145g) Serving Daily (290g) Serving
    Calories 535 1069
    Protein 55g 110g
    Carbohydrates 69.2g 138.4g
    - of which sugars 2.3g 4.6g
    Fat 3.2g 6.4g
    - of which saturates 1.3g 2.6g
    - monounsaturates 0.95g 1.9g
    - polyunsaturates 0.75g 1.5g
    Fibre 4.2g 8.4g
    Salt 0.95g 1.9g
    Vitamins & Minerals
    Vitamin A 400ug 801ug
    Vitamin D3 7.5ug 15ug
    Tocotrienols (DeltaGold) 7.5mg 15mg
    Vitamin C 100mg 200mg
    Thiamin 100mg 200mg
    Niacin 1.6g 3.2g
    Vitamin B6 1.6mg 3.2mg
    Folic Acid 100ug 200ug
    Vitamin B12 1.25ug 2.5ug
    Biotin 80ug 160ug
    Pantothenic Acid 3mg 6mg
    Magnesium 150mg 300mg
    Iron 8mg 16mg
    Zinc 7.5mg 15mg
    Copper 803.5ug 1,607ug
    Selenium 27.5ug 55ug
    Chromium 50.5ug 101ug
    Added Active Ingredients
    BCAAs 10,320mg 20,640mg
    Creatine (Creapure) 5,000mg 10,000mg
    L-Leucine (free form) 3,000mg 6,000mg
    Betaine Anhydrous 2,600mg 5,200mg
    Beta Alanine 1,800mg 3,600mg
    L-Taurine 1,500mg 3,000mg
    Enzyme Complex (Digezyme) 145mg 290mg
    Choline 100mg 200mg
    Piperine (BioPerine) 5mg 10mg
    Bifodobacterium Bifidum 362,500,000 CFU 725,000,000 CFU
    Lactobacillus Acidophilus 362,500,000 CFU 725,000,000 CFU
    Lactobacillus Rhamnosus 362,500,000 CFU 725,000,000 CFU
  • Ingredients

    Premium Protein Blend (42% – of which Whey Protein Concentrate [71%] [MILK], Native MILK Protein (29% – of which 80% Micellar Casein, 20% Native Whey Protein), Low GI Carbohydrate Complex (20% – of which OAT Flour [50%], BARLEY Flour [10%]), Maltodextrin, Glutamine Peptides [WHEAT], Cocoa Powder (chocolate varieties only), Creatine Monohydrate (Creapure®), L-Leucine, Betaine Anhydrous, Flavourings, Beta Alanine, L-Taurine, Magnesium Bisglycinate, Thickener (Carboxymethyl Cellulose), L-Choline Bitartrate, Natural Colouring (Betanin [strawberry flavour only]), Enzyme Complex (Digezyme®), Sweetener (Sucralose), L-Ascorbic Acid, Colour (Beta Carotene [vanilla flavour only]), Sweetener (Stevia), Zinc Bisglycinate, Tocotrienols (DeltaGold®), Iron Bisglycinate, Multi Component Protected Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB2PRO® [Bifidobacterium Bifidum, Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Lactobacillus Rhamnosus]), Nicotinamide, Coper Bisglycinate, Natural Colouring (Anthocyanin [strawberry flavour only]), Selenomethionine (Selenium SeLECT®), Piperine Extract (Bioperine®), Retinyl Acetate, D-Calcium Pantothenate, Cholecalciferol, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Thiamine Hydrochloride, Riboflavin, Chromium Picolinate, Folic Acid, D-Biotin, Methylcobalamin.

  • Directions For Use

    Mix 145g (approximately four and a half level 60ml measures) with 400ml of water and mix thoroughly in a shaker cup or blender. On training days take one serving mid morning between meals and one serving after your workout. On non training days take two servings, one mid morning between meals and one serving in the afternoon between meals.

  • Reviews

    Customer Reviews 58 Reviews

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    Si 31/01/2016
    Been using one stop extreme for a while now, excellent quality product with quality ingredients.
    They have just changed the chocolate flavour saying its improved,but it has a chemical after taste compared to the previous tubs i had.
    Excellent price and service from echo as usual.
    ian 15/08/2015
    one stop extreme is an excellent product . As an all in one it must be the best on the market by far.
    Excellent service from Echo Supplements.
    kev 17/06/2015
    Same as Gary, I've been using onestop extreme chocolate bag for a couple of years. The chocolate made a nice thick shake and tasted ok. got a new tub, the powder is finer mixes a bit easier but drink is thinner and tastes horrible. definately not chocolate more iced coffee.
    Gary 25/05/2015
    Been using Reflex One Stop Xtreme for a couple of years and always been very happy.

    Unfortunately, they have changed the chocolate flavour and it tastes horrible now. Why did they change it!!!
    Phil 02/09/2014
    This product is excellent I have been using for a year now.
    Kevin 11/07/2014
    Really strong protein for building muscle and incredible value for money. The chocolate flavour is also my favourite of all proteins I've tried.

    I've stupidly gone for USN recently to give it a shot but will be back on the Reflex once that's gone.
    Hunter 17/12/2013
    Amazing stuff. Have put on 7lb in 3 weeks. No bloating after taking. Highly recommend to anyone wanting to put on extra mass as well as gain strength.
    Ian M 11/12/2013
    Excellent product from reflex especially if you require all your nutritional stuff in one easy to take shake,and as always have to use the word again excellent service from Echo Supplements cheers Dave.
    kendo 19/11/2013
    I always end up coming back to one stop extreme, the price is high and it doesn't last long if taken as recommend but the results are always the best out of any other product I've tried.

    As always excellent service from Echo and always the cheapest out there
    zer0 14/11/2013
    Excellent product great taste, have been using for 5 month's now
    adz 07/11/2013
    I've only had two serving and i won't be buying this again! the sweetener leaves a horrible taste in your mouth for hours after taking it yuck
    Stevie 01/11/2013
    Best delivery service out of all major supplement companies by far! And I've used a lot! In terms of product quality and price - again, top notch, can't be faulted! I'll be dedicated to echo's service for a long time to come! Keep up the good work guys!
    Rhys Hughes 25/10/2013
    I absolutely swear by this product, I love the banoffee flavour, have been using for a year and a half now and have put over 30kg of quality muscle. Cannot fault this product at all; I have used proteins and supplements by all of the major brands an this is by far the best in my opinion.
    Jonathan 16/09/2013
    Honestly not sure why anyone complains about the taste.. Out of all the various supplements on the market ive found this to be the best (chocolate and strawberry, but pref the strawberry). May try it tomorrow with water.

    Honestly think recommended servings are far too large (for me) so usually have 1 3/4 scoops with around 400ml skim milk and it is delicious. Usually drink around 3 a day, sometimes 2.

    Could not recommend this product enough as the gains have been good and noticeable.
    Daniel 29/08/2013
    Got some decent results using this product, only downside is the taste isn't great (banoffee)
    M 18/07/2013
    Good stuff :)
    Ian 18/06/2013
    This product is one of the best on the markets if not the best for putting on muscle

    as the saying goes (does exactly what it says on the tin)
    NWM 29/01/2013
    Great strawberry flavour, great "mixability" and having used for a week, taking 1 scoop in mornings and 1 scoop post workout I have made noticeable gains. I am lifting heavier, more consistently and have gained weight in the key areas. No side affects to speak of to date. Would recommend to anyone looking to pack on muscle.
    Michael Morgan 21/01/2013
    Really happy with the product, it's my second week and i can tell the difference already. I will be 100% using it all time. Great value for money.
    Dave 11/12/2012
    A seriously outstanding supplement. The ingredient list is transparent and has the best possible ingredients for each compound (eg. creapure for creatine) and in very strong doses. Compare it to any other competitor and it wins out.

    Strawberry as usual with Reflex tastes best, mixes really well especially considering the oat content and goes down easily. Fits in a standard shaker easily too.

    Use it post workout and again another time during the day to really see it shine and the weight will come within a week and strength too - if I could give it more stars I would!
    Willis 04/12/2012
    Everyone complains about the taste, i have tried banoffe and strawberry and they are not that bad, i think some people are exaggerating and just following the band waggon. Stop moan it does what is sets out to do, build quality muscle and increase strenth. If worried about taste, got to macdonalds. Its sports supplement remember that!
    Alan 01/11/2012
    Excellent product I only take half a serving a day and I've noticed big increases in strength. Only been taking a few weeks
    Beast Mode 23/10/2012
    I got this because it was half price with reflex nos fusion - not used this brand before as I usually buy the sci mx products.

    Taste is really bad its an insult to chocolate to have it on the label - omni hardcore is much better to compare them. I did add weight this month but no more than I have been with the sci-mx and seeing as the deal has finished now I will be going back.

    If anyone is interested though the nos fusion was crazy I am still using it because I was advised not to use it for every session.
    s kimber 19/10/2012
    this is a good supplement,i have only tried the chocolate and when whizzed up with ice it goes thick and creamy like a good milkshake.as for results i have noticed muscle growth and better recovery.so overall this is good value for money.
    Dan 16/10/2012
    Prompt delivery and the products are amazing!!!!!!!!!
    Nathaniel L Skye 28/09/2012
    Wow, is about all I can say to this supplement, bought two bags for 90, first off cheapest place I found it was here so top stuff for that!! strawberry flavor at first had a rather nasty after taste but I've either gotten used to it or it faded away, it is lovely now I take it twice daily and it has SLASHED my recovery time by over two thirds, I wake up the next day no soreness no nothing, and my workout hasn't changed in the slightest in fact its only gotten harder, so this stuff is like the holy grail for me, love it!
    saiful 07/09/2012
    Had banoffee flavour, horrible taste, felt like throwing up and did not look forward to having the shake. I do feel noticeably stronger and have seen increase in size, however the fear of taking this product is too much. I now have two scoops before and after workout. This product is not for the sensitive man!
    Devil 16/08/2012
    Excellent product, taste not the best but not as bad as some are making out. Results guaranteed though - best product on the market for fast gains.
    Bomber 15/08/2012
    Having been reasonably satisfied with the results, but not the taste, of the strawberry flavour I tried the chocolate flavour. What a disappointment. The product was totally bland and tasteless, at least it wasn't acidic and sickly like the strawberry flavour. I found the thought of even consuming this product made me baulk. Tried Reflex 's guarantee. After numerous e mails I returned the bag, £12.30 via the Post Office only to be told that the product contained the right amount of flavouring, what flavouring?, and as such they would only refund the value of he product. Unfortunately I am unable to comment on the effectiveness of the product. Caveat emptor.
    John 1 18/07/2012
    Really can't understand a number of the previous reviews. The chocolate flavour is totally bland and tasteless. Having said that by being bland it is not sweet, sickly and artificially flavoured like the strawberry flavour, yuk.

    Personally won't be buying either flavour (?) again.
    Richard 11/06/2012
    Superb list of ingredients. Put on good muscle when using this.

    Strawberry a bit sweet - Chocolate just right as it's not too sickly.

    Heartily recommend.
    Vikz 06/06/2012
    I've taken this product for 3 Month's now, going through 3 Packets of 4.5gr. To be honest it is a good product however banoffe is disgusting!!

    It builds muslce but i'm in two minds in switching to a different protein now...
    Barry FM 31/05/2012
    BIG SHAKE BIG GAINS!!! I am 18 days into my bulking cycle & have gained 12 1/2lbs already, as a 6ft 8" ectomorph & hard gainer this shake has given me the best results I have seen by far. The shake is best mixed in a hand shaker, half first, drink some, & then add the rest with a little more water. Still can be quite thick but very tasty flavour (strawberry) and good consistency. Quite a hardcore shake to consume on non-workout days as the creatine / strength stack is very potent and literally makes my head buzz! I have reduced shake size to 3 scoops per shake on non-T days & 5 scoops on T days, which works well for me. Great deal on Echo 2 for £90 & delivery service is top notch, e-mails & texts letting you know down to the exact hour when the courier will arrive. All in all I am really pleased with this product and in my opinion Reflex are the best in this field! BUY IT!!!!
    Arran 17/05/2012
    Great taste (chocolate) easy mixed with water or milk and good value compared to other products. Especially with the ingredients that it contains....will be defo. Using again
    Andy 25/04/2012
    Good value for the money compared to the others but not that good a taste except when mixed with milk . To early to tell if effective or not . As for delivery excellent ,I wish all online stores were as fast as echo
    Bomber 25/04/2012
    Purchased the strawberry flavour after reading so many positive reviews about its taste. Personally i find it the taste rather acidic and artificial however my wife thinks it tastes really good. Not to my taste.
    Alex 25/04/2012
    Took this while doing the 20reps squat prog- bench went up from 70 for 10 to 85 for 10 in 3 weeks. started the prog on 70kg squats- ended on 125kg for 20 reps. The best all in one i have ever taken- never had such good gains
    Ian 14/03/2012
    First of all Echo had the best price on this that Ive seen anywhere. Secondly they could notve been more friendly and helpful taking the time out to discuss my goals and routine in relation to product usage. Combine this with free next day delivery Echo are THE best supplement suppliers Ive used and I wouldnt go anywhere else.

    As for the product itself it is beast to mix and isnt the best tasting Ive ever tried however I don�t care about those things they are pure cosmetics. I buy a product for results and so far OSX delivers.

    I wanted to gain mass without any extra fat and I also do MMA so instead of the recommended 4.5 scoops twice a day I take 3 scoops first thing in the morning 1.5 scoops pre workout and 3 scoops post workout. Rest days I take 3 scoops twice daily.

    Theres no doubt Im gaining mass and not fat. That isn�t just a placebo effect either I�ve had people commenting on the change in my physique. Id prefer to give an update in a month when results would be more prominent but Im adding extra weight in my routine so strength is notably improving too. I�m also positive that the test fusion is working.

    With low GI carbs super pure creatine 55g of multi-release protein stacks of BCAAs a full whack of vitamins a test stack and healthy gut enzymes to put on mass this really is the only supplement I need.
    Malcolm 09/03/2012
    Having tried all three flavours I think is time to write a review. First of all the ingredients are the best on the market - and it definitely works very well at putting on mass fast. A couple of gripes though the strawberry doesn't mix as well as the other two flavours - no idea why :/

    Next there should be an option to buy in a tub, my hands are always powdery as hell after having a serving and its really hard to get the last little bit out of the bottom of a bag.

    This sounds like I am moaning but I am nitpicking here - the product works and in chocolate at least is pretty much perfect. I would recommend keeping an old tub though to transfer the powder into.
    PP 08/03/2012
    Taste of straw and choc is is bad-ish...but acceptable if u care about training and want to see gains...just started yesterday so cant wait to see changes !!
    dan 09/01/2012
    just made the swith cyclone oh my god i cant belive the diffences I'm seeing its unreal wow ok choc doesnt taste as good but strawberry more then makes up for it. It really is a all in one and at such high doses' n sides massive gains and amazaing value/quality
    Tommy Johnston 14/12/2011
    Excellent delivery time
    dean 05/12/2011
    was put of by how sweet choclate was but the strawberry flavour tastes so real its unbeleavable yes it does add at a little round your middift but if you keep on top of that area shouldnt be a problem...
    Ian 24/11/2011
    Best deal ever 2 for £90 strawberrys lush!!! and only been a month and am seeing some serious gains!!
    mikey 11/11/2011
    ok sold! starberry tatstes lush scared to try the other flavours thou, good all in one good value and free next day delivery awsome!
    pidge 01/11/2011
    beats omni mx hardcore for my money keept switching between to the 2 and this has came out on top on a number of head to heads mosti inporntly it won hands down on packing on muslce!!
    amazaing 31/10/2011
    choc and banoffe are way to sweet and such a let down compared to strawberry which tastes amzaing just a shame i cant finish my bannoffe so i'm having to order another strawberry instead becuase its maybe appart from say gasspari the best tasting protien shake i've had in years end of! but most imporntanly is im starting to pack on muslce and fast its all about stunning the muslce fibres then hitting them straight aways with this as part of a high protien diet and boy and i starting to pack it on now...
    Buy This now 03/08/2011
    2 for £90 what a bargain! been using for just over a month now and already noticed massive gains in size and strength and a cut down in recovery time also the added the test fusion stack helps pump you up as well! Great tasting and great value with guaranteed results what more could you want?
    dan 15/06/2011
    Don't bother reading any reviews buy it and try for yourself you'll soon see what all the fuss is about...
    AndyM 27/05/2011
    Just took delivery of 2 bags of OSX (2 for 90 quid thanks echo!) and couldn't resist giving them a taste. So based ONLY on taste this is amazing, much better than muscle fuel from usn that i has before. Time will tell if the results are as good but on paper it looks a beaut! Bag is good quality as well and the zipper is MUCH better than then crappy 'push together' ones you usually get.
    NUFC-TOON 15/05/2011
    Wow got one stop extreme on a 2 for £90 deal (crazy price its 55 everywhere else!!) and am now just about finished the second bag. Thoughts are first that the bags are much better than tubs - my lass moans when I have tubs everywhere, bags can be hidden!

    Second flavour wise strawberry beats banoffee hands down - the banoffee seems to leave me unable to eat for a while afterwards. I've made good gains in weight (5lb this month) and strength is going up without much visible extra fat.
    Alex 30/04/2011
    ive now been on one stop extreme for 3 weeks now going with the guide lines and also filling out my protein requirements daily ( 2.2grams per kg) plus stacking with a nitric oxide is the way to go! this stuff is awesome i've gained almost 3/4 of a stone already! i honestly think this with a a healthy diet plenty of exercise and you will see the results you are looking for only problem is the size of serving which is like half a shaker! goes down kind of like syrup haha but defiantly easy to drink. and the delivery of this product was 2nd to none! got it less than 24hours since i delivered it.
    Will 04/04/2011
    Great taste for an all-in-one! Much better than ISO7 and Boditronics! Mixes so much easier as well, just do it in a hand shaker! Perfect product for anyone wanting to put on mass without additional fat! Working well for me so far and will definitely buy 2 sacks next month - don't be put off by the price.... it's worth every penny!!
    Hammer 82 02/04/2011
    One Stop Extreme - very interesting product the ingredients all look top notch although I'm not sure about the 'testofusion' part of it (wild oats, zinc and magnesium?) - apart from that though it all looks very clean and worthwhile.

    I've previously used Reflex Nutrition One Stop which is similar but with less in and less carbs but was looking to bulk up a bit now.

    First impression I actually quite like the packaging although it means you get powder on your hand it fits in the cupboard so the wife doesn't mind as much. I got the strawberry flavour and it mixes very well especially considering the carbs are oats I was expecting a lot more lumpiness! Tastewise it isn't all that sweet but much more filling and thick than one stop.

    At the end of my first bag now and I certainly feel like I am getting stronger and have more energy for sure. I think that I have added a bit of mass (hopefully muscle!) taking one stop xtreme twice a day, good solid product.
    Ian 13/03/2011
    Managed to pick up the last bag in stock from echo - in chocolate flavour - first impressions are that it tastes and mixes really really well even though the serving is big (half a shaker) compared to cyclone that I had before. Been using it for a week now and I feel stronger in my workouts (taking one before and one after) and feels like I have put weight on!
    Moono 05/03/2011
    Just finished my first bag in banoffee - tastes really nice just like a dessert top stuff!
    VEGAS 09 12/02/2011
    Just a look through the profile of one stop xtreme was enough to make me switch from muscle fuel anabolic, just taken my delivery and tucked straight in - the banoffee is AWESOME I would highly recommend this. Obviously can't report back on results yet but given the profile and the gains I was making on muscle fuel anabolic I think this is going to be even better :D
    Joss Powick 02/02/2011
    I think this is a great product! The strawberry flavour is like a fruit smoothie rather than a milkshake and is rather addictive. Pound per pound (£ & Lb) it beats the competition hands down!

    Checkout my full detailed review here:


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