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Boditronics L-Glutamine (500g)

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  • Boditronics L-Glutamine (500g)

Boditronics L-Glutamine (500g)

As the most abundant amino acid in muscle tissue, glutamine is essential for muscle growth. Your body can produce glutamine, but any intense physical exercise or any form of prolonged stress can deple

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  • Description


    Boditronics L-Glutamine

    Glutamine is the most prevalent amino acid that makes up muscle tissue and plays a key role in muscle growth and preventing catabolism. While our body’s are capable of producing L-Glutamine, during exhaustive exercise and stress it easy to deplete your glutamine levels.

    If that does occur, a lack of Glutamine can leave your muscles open to catabolism, wherein your body uses your muscles for energy instead of more desirable energy sources such as carbohydrates (glycogen!) and even better: fat. There’s no way to build muscle mass if your body is constantly devouring it!

    Regular supplementation of Boditronics L-Glutamine maintains a healthy absorption of glutamine allowing you to make the most of your workouts and thrash your goals.


    • Promotes Muscle Growth - Glutamine plays a key role in protein synthesis and if you don’t have enough, repairing muscle tissue becomes incredibly difficult for your body. During exhaustive exercise we deplete our muscles stores of glutamine. Without a good supply if can take up to 6 days to return to a an optimal state! Boditronics L-Glutamine ensures you’re muscle have the resources they need to truly excel.
    • Prevents Muscle Deterioration - Glutamine protects your muscles from catabolism (a state in which your body consumes your muscles for energy). Instead, glutamine protects your muscles from this effect and ensures your body instead consumes fat and sugar stores.
    • Improves Gut Health - Glutamine improves gut health. While this isn’t as exciting as making gains many athletes highly supplemented or simplistic, monotonous diets can lead to gut discomfort.
    • Immune System Booster - Working out regularly and hard can leave your body tired and susceptible to illness. Glutamine has been shown to help protect against illness keeping you healthier, day by day.

    Who is Boditronics Glutamine For?

    If you regularly push your body hard Boditronics Glutamine will deliver the support you need to excel. While the biggest difference will be felt by high-intensity athletes like bodybuilders, Glutamine is important to any hard-working athlete and will suit men, women, runners and cyclists equally alike.

    When to take Boditronics Glutamine

    As a Dietary supplement add 2 teaspoons (10 grams) to 300-500 ml of water or fruit juice and consume within 30 minutes, one serving before and one serving after training.


    Boditronics as a brand have been one of our top brands since Echo opened - their formulations are second to none and all products are manufactured in an Informed Sport Registered Site - meaning that their manufacturing factory is regularly inspected to ensure there is no risk of contamination with banned substances. Boditronics is also a brand which our customers come back to time and time again and we are happy to recommend the Boditronics range.


  • Nutritional Information
    Nutritional Information Per Serving (10g Scoop)

    Amino Acids

    Per 10g Serving



  • Ingredients

    L-Glutamine (USP/EUP Grade)

  • Directions For Use

    As a Dietary supplement add 2 teaspoons (10 gms) to 300-500 ml of water or fruit juice and consume within 30 minutes, one serving before and one serving after training.

  • Reviews

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    alexander imrie 30/03/2012
    I know alot of these things can be in your head, but i felt good really quickly. I will put that down to L-Glutamine.

    I think it was a improvement on just using the whey protien but remember im 43 now i was never expecting miracles and whas never big either. 14.7 at my biggest 6 foot tall. I am know about 14.

    cheers alexander
    Garry 05/12/2010
    L-Glutamine is so under-rated, I've been taking this for about 8 months now and not had a cold or anything in that time and rarely get DOMs.

    One thing I would say is to up the dose to 3 per day to get the maximum effect!

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