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Sci-MX Muscle Meal Leancore (2.2kg)

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Sci-MX Muscle Meal Leancore (2.2kg)

Sci-MX Muscle Meal Leancore is a delicious and well balanced meal replacement protein shake that is designed to help add lean muscle

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Between 22nd August - 24th August

ECHO £24.29 MSRP Price: £56.99 57% off!
  • Description


    Echo Supplements on Sci-MX Muscle Meal Leancore
    Sci-MX Muscle Meal Leancore is a great high protein meal replacement product and an Echo favourite due to its great profile, taste and the fact that you can buy three flavours at once in the variety pack tub so you never get bored of the same flavour all the time! Here are a couple of the best things about Sci-MX Muscle Meal Leancore:

    • Delicious Taste - While we would never choose a product just for taste, there are a lot of meal replacement products out there that you don't look forward to drinking - not the case with Sci-MX Muscle Meal Leancore.. if anything you will have to stop yourself having too many shakes!
    • Great Protein to Carb Ratio - The ratio of protein to carbohydrates in Muscle Meal Leancore is close to 1:1, an equal amount of protein and carbs which is ideal if you are looking to make lean muscle gains rather than pack mass on quickly (for that look at something like Sci-MX Omni Hardcore) - this makes Sci-MX Muscle Meal Leancore ideal during the summer months

    In addition to these points Sci-MX Muscle Meal Leancore also benefits from added Aminogen which could enhance the effect of protein, digestive enzymes to help protein absorption and added vitamins - making Muscle Meal Leancore a great meal replacement choice.

    This 2.2kg Muscle Meal Leancore tub contains 20 servings which should last 2 to 3 weeks or slightly more if not using at weekends.

    Sci-MX Muscle Meal Leancore - Manufacturer's Description
    Muscle Building Range: High protein meal shake for lean muscle gain.

    • 47/53% Protein to Carb Ratio
    • Lean Gain Formula
    • Boosted with Vit-MX Sport

    The Science - Sci-MX Muscle Meal Leancore

      Nutritionally rich and balanced shake to be used in conjunction with a muscle gain training and eating plan
      46g protein, 52g carbohydrates and 430 calories per serving contribute to lean muscle gain
      Fast, medium and slow release proteins continually deliver amino acids to muscle for up to 9 hours
      Optimum levels of magnesium, calcium and iron contribute to normal energy-yielding metabolism
      50% RDA of vitamin B6 and B12 help reduce tiredness and fatigue
      Vitamin C, zinc and copper contribute to the maintenance of a normal immune function
  • Nutritional Information
    Nutritional Information Per Serving (110g)
    GRS 9 Hour Protein 46g
    - of which BCAAs 8.1g
    - of which Glutamine 8.8g
    - of which Glutamine Peptides 1.9g
    Cross-Action Carbohydrates 51.6g
    Aminogen 100mg
    Optizyme 50mg
    Vit-MX Sport 664mg
    - of which Vitamin C 60mg
    - of which Vitamin B6 0.7mg
    - of which folic acid 100ug
    - of which Vitamin B12 1.25ug
    - of which pantothenic acid 3mg
    - of which calcium 400mg
    - of which magnesium 188mg
    - of which iron 7mg
    - of which zinc 5mg
    - of which copper 0.5mg
    Nutritional Profile
    Calories 430
    Protein (on dry matter) 46g
    Carbohydrates 51.6g
    - of which sugars 6.5g
    Fat 4.4g
    - of which saturates 2.1g
    Fibre 0.6g
    Salt 0.4g
  • Ingredients

    Cross-Action carbohydrate blend (maltodextrin, fructose, rice starch, waxy maize), GRS 9-Hour protein blend (whey protein concentrate, calcium caseinate, soya protein isolate, peptide bonded glutamine rich hydrolysed wheat protein, milk protein isolate, whey protein isolate), skimmed milk powder, glycine, MCT oil, flavouring, red beet powder (colouring), cellulose gum (stabiliser), magnesium oxide, glutamine, leucine, isoleucine, valine, taurine, Aminogen (digestive proteases from aspergillus niger and aspergillus oryzae), calcium carbonate, ascorbic acid, ferrous gluconate, Optizyme (lactase enzymes), sucralose (sweetener), zinc oxide, copper gluconate, calcium D-pantothenate, cyanocobalamin, pyridoxine-5-phosphate, pteroylmonoglutamic acid.

    Sci-MX Muscle Meal Leancore - Allergy Information
    Contains milk protein, lactose, soya and gluten. Contains no nut ingredients, but may contain traces of peanuts and various types of nuts and seeds. May contain egg.

  • Directions For Use

    Sci-MX Muscle Meal Leancore - When To Use

    • Between meals up to 3 times per day
    • Also suitable for post workout muscle replenishment
    • Use in addition to a healthy and balanced diet

    Sci-MX Muscle Meal Leancore - How To Prepare

    • Add 2 heaped scoops (110g) to a shaker with 350-400ml of water
    • Shake for 30 seconds
    • Allow to settle for 30 seconds and drink
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    LeanMeanChebEnd 24/05/2018
    Tastes really good and works for me. I sometimes use it for snacks too as I can never stay that dedicated.

    I'd recommend adding some oats and fruit too if you've got time, makes for a much more nutricious meal!

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