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Sci-MX Pro 2 Go Flapjacks (24x80g)

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  • Sci-MX Pro 2 Go Flapjacks (24x80g)

Sci-MX Pro 2 Go Flapjacks (24x80g)

Sci-MX Nutrition protein flapjacks are a great healthy option for a protein packed snack. Available in 4 flavours we are a little partial to the yoghurt based flavours although the choc hazelnut is the most popular!

Each flapjacks contains 21g high quality protein alongside healthy natural oats making them ideal as a pre workout snack.

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ECHO £19.50 MSRP Price: £44.99 57% off!
ECHO £19.50 MSRP Price: £44.99 57% off!
  • Description


    Sci-MX Pro 2 Go Flapjack

    Sci-MX PRO 2 GO Flapjack

    Sci-MX Nutrition Pro2 Go Flapjacks are a great healthy option for a protein packed snack. They have been scientifically engineered to provide you with a healthy small meal that can be taken with you anywhere. Pro 2 Go Flapjacks taste great and have a natural "real food" feel to them when compared with many other artificial tasting protein bars.

    Key Benefits

    • Tasty & Filling - First and foremost you need to be able to ENJOY the food you consume - Sci-MX Pro 2 Go Flapjacks definitely tick this box. With 4 flavours to choose from including yoghurt-y, chocolate-y and caramel-y type of flavours you'll definitely find a flavour to suit you.
    • Convenient - Each flapjack contains 21g protein and around 38g healthy low GI carbs - similar to a bowl of porridge and a medium chicken breast - but can be carried around in virtually any environment. They won't melt (unlike many protein bars) and are soft enough to eat even when chilled.
    • UK's No.1 Protein Bar - You don't need to just take our word for it, Sci-MX Pro 2 Go Flapjacks are the top selling protein bar in the UK!
    • Oats - The carbohydrates in these flapjacks comes from oats which are a low GI carbohydrate source meaning they will give you sustained energy, no crash and will minimise cravings.
    • Whey Isolate & Concentrate - Sci-MX Pro 2 Go Flapjacks contain premium quality whey protein which is VERY highly bioavailable (your body will make use of it all) and high in BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids) - these are crucial when it comes to muscle growth and repair
    • Flaxseed - With added flaxseed, the Sci-MX Pro 2 Go Flapjack becomes an even healthier snack. Flaxseed is an important source of Omega 3 fatty acids, lignans (a powerful antioxidant) and fibre; this shows the quality of the Sci-MX formulation.
    • 21g Protein Per Bar - Each flapjack contains the same amount of protein as a medium chicken breast or 4 eggs but can be eaten on the go with no cooking required.
    • 2g Sugar Per Bar - With only 2g sugar per flapjack the Sci-MX Pro 2 Go Flapjack is very effective in keeping your energy levels stable which can help prevent snacking and in turn maintain a lower body fat level.

    Sci-MX Advanced Protein Range

    Who is Sci-MX PRO 2 GO Flapjack For?

    The Sci-MX Pro 2 Go Flapjack is suitable for anyone that wants to add a healthy snack or small meal into their daily diet which amazingly comes in under 300 calories. It's particularly suitable for anyone that has a job which means sitting down to a meal is nigh-on impossible.

    When to Use Sci-MX PRO 2 GO Flapjack?

    You can eat a Sci-MX Pro 2 Go Flapjack at any time of the day. At Echo we would recommend having a flapjack in-between meals to keep energy levels steady and avoid eating unhealthy snacks. For example replacing a typical chocolate bar, pasty or sandwich with a Pro 2 Go Flapjack could save you hundreds of calories every day!

    Another useful time for a Pro 2 Go Flapjack is around 1 hour pre workout - this gives you time to digest the flapjack before training but makes sure you have plenty of fuel to push yourself in training!

    Who Are Sci-MX Nutrition?

    Sci-MX Nutrition is our top selling brand at Echo Supplements. They have a HUGE range of premium quality supplements to cover any nutritional requirement and we recommend Sci-MX very highly. Echo Supplements is an official Sci-MX E-Partner and we probably know more about their range than anyone else!

    If you're unsure which Sci-MX Nutrition supplement best suits your needs please email us on and we will be able to advise.

    Sci-MX Nutrition Top 3 Supplements

  • Nutritional Information
    Nutritional Information Per 80g Bar
    Calories 293 Kcal
    Protein 21g
    Carbohydrates 37.7g
    - of which sugars 2.1g
    - of which polyols 13.4g
    Fat 8.1g
    - Of Which Saturates 3g
    Dietary Fibre 3.5g
    Sodium 0.05g
  • Ingredients

    Oat blend (rolled oats, malted oats [contains malt extract, vegetable oil], oat flour), protein blend (milk protein isolate, hydrolysed gelatine, whey protein concentrate, emulsifier: soya lecithin), humectant (glycerine), milk chocolate flavoured coating 8% (sweeteners: isomalt, sucralose; non-hydrogenated palm and palm kernel oil, whey powder, reduced fat cocoa powder, wheat flour, emulsifiers: soya lecithin, E476; flavouring), dried glucose syrup, sweeteners (maltitol, sucralose), water, reduced fat cocoa powder, hazelnuts 1.8%, flaxseed flour, vegetable oil, flavouring, antioxidant (mixed tocopherols).

    Allergen Information: Contains gluten, soya, milk and nuts. May contain peanuts and egg.

  • Directions For Use

    Ideal for in between meals, ensuring a sufficient protein intake in the diet, or after training to start recovery fast.

  • Reviews

    Customer Reviews 40 Reviews

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    cheap & do the job 22/05/2017
    for under a quid a bar you can't go wrong really they are a little tough to chew through but taste itself is nice and they fill you up for a good couple of hours
    clairey 16/03/2017
    Great value, nice taste but a bit of a 'chew job' to finish them s they get tough when they are chilled
    phoebe 06/03/2017
    I really hate porridge and everyone (EVERYONE) says to have porridge with added protein for breakfast.

    The scimax flapjacks are the closest thing I can find and they taste great & really fill me up for a few hours.

    Would definitely recommend if you are also a porridge hater!!
    not great 22/02/2017
    the macros are decent and i like the idea of 'oats and whey on the go' but the consistency of these bars is just too hard
    Nev 12/02/2017
    Strangely addictive they are pretty solid these Flapjacks which is why they get a lower rating but I find myself reaching for them all of the time - strangely addictive!
    Yoghurt and honey 19/01/2017
    This bar is very delicious the yogurt later makes it more easy to eat
    Dani 28/11/2016
    Not really a flapjack at all, more an incredibly dense and oddly pale brick of carbohydrates. The oats are ground so finely that the texture was crumbly and dry. The yogurt coating was nice though and the honey flavour well executed so taste wise not too bad. For the macros however there are lower carb, higher protein and better tasting flapjacks on the market - Oatein and Grenade are still my favourites.
    Mrs E 14/11/2016
    Amazing value for money and impeccable service as always from Echo Supplements
    Jamie 17/02/2016
    Chocolate & Hazelnut Flavour – I had high hopes for this, I envisaged eating a bar of Nutella essentially! Sci-Mx have always been pretty good when it comes to bars, this one on the other hand wasn’t great. It was sticky and chewy as a flapjack should be, but at the same time somehow it was really crumbly and quite bitty, kind of odd. The taste for me was the biggest let down, I got the chocolate, it was hard not to, however I got nothing else…. Where was the Nutella I expected?
    Dave 14/09/2015
    These bars are great tasting,and a good price.Delevery was quick. Will be returning to order again soon.
    Davo1982 10/03/2015
    Great tasting - much nicer than the reflex bars that taste of cardboard. had the raspberry ones and on Honey now - both taste great.
    Kate 18/09/2014
    Absolutely love these protein bars, they are chewy but not rock solid. I've tried all the flavours but the best ones have got to be choc&hazelnut and yoghurt& raspberry. Echo supplements seem to have the best value as I got 48 bars for £45, bargain!! Also super fast delivery, and received one free protein cookie with my order. Would highly recommend!
    Chris 06/09/2014
    I've avoided these in the past as the flavours are not that appealing, but given the opportunity to try an apple and caramel one I decided to bury toffee apple nightmares of childhood and give it a go. Sci-mx continue their very high standard of presentation with a smart looking wrapper and the "flapjack" is of a good size and weight. I put flapjack in quotes as noted by some others the texture really isn't very "flapjacky" at all. It's more chewy and a sort of warm refresher bar. Fortunately it tastes much better. The hint of apple is nice and the caramel not overpowering at all.

    It's a decent eat as a post workout snack, the price is quite reasonable for a box of 24, my only minor complaint is the gelatine being counted in the protein content. As per usual you don't really know how much whey you are getting, but other than that I was quite impressed.
    mitchell 25/07/2014
    Ive has this bar in Yoghurt and Honey not a flavour id usually choose but after tasting it I thought it was great a really lovely yoghurt honey flavour .

    21g of protein,
    37.7g of carbs of which only 2.1g is sugar

    These suit me down to the ground. Good tasting , Very good price here at echo . (cost a fortune in the supermarket)

    Cracking Flapjack.
    Andy 21/07/2014
    Pro 2 go flapjack

    A flapjack to me is good oaty bar. The oatier (if that's a word) the better.

    Now I have just tried a yoghurt and honey pro 2 go flapjack. On first appearance it looks like it could be flapjack in a yoghurt coating, it looks appetising. But when I took a bite I realised this is not a true flapjack. It is not a flapjack consistency, no oats in site. I am not saying it is not nice, because I thought it tasted good, and was actually quite moreish. I just so wanted it to be oaty like a flapjack should be.

    On the plus side there is 21g of protein in a good tasting bar.
    But it is less of a flapjack and more of just a sci-mx pro 2 go protein bar in a flapjack wrapper.
    Phil 15/07/2014
    Tried yoghurt and honey. Overall, not a bad bar. Decent ingredient profile, satisfying without being filling, and a reasonable option for on the go snacks.

    The bar is quite moist to bite, but has a slightly crumbly inner texture, easy to chew and not a jaw breaker like some.

    The honey for me is a little overpowering and gives it a slightly too sweet taste, but I would definitely consider these if out and about and looking for a quick snack.
    Nick 15/07/2014
    Another great product from Sci mx.
    Great value snack that is a healthy in between meals alternative.
    I tried the yogurt and honey flavour.
    The yogurt on the bottom side of the bar is a very nice treat, the honey flavour is very strong though, somewhat a little to strong for my taste, very very sweet, again that's me not liking overly sweet products.
    If you do like sweet then these are for you. I can see why these are such strong sellers. Be very interested in trying the other flavours.
    The bar satisfied me for a few hours which I liked, took a fair bit of chewing but i find that the norm for flapjacks.
    Jamie 14/07/2014
    Overall a good product, the taste is good but the texture isn’t so great. It makes for a healthier snack alternative mid afternoon and with 21g’s of protein per serving it goes along way to hitting your macros too. Be careful though, if you’re watching carbs this is fairly high for a snack. I wouldn’t choose this bar over say a quest bar, but I would buy again if I was on a budget.
    Drew 13/07/2014
    Protein flapjacks are often quite boring, bland and dry, but I am happy to say that these weren't!!

    I had the Yoghurt and Honey flavour and really enjoyed the taste - no fake or overly strong taste and the consistency for me was perfect.

    At 80g per bar, its enough to satisfy your hunger AND it delivers 21g of protein per serving!! Low in sugars, crammed full of healthy, oaty goodness, you really won't be disappointed with these!!
    Rich 09/07/2014
    Apple & Caramel:

    I'd give this particular flavoured flapjack bar 3.5 stars! It's pretty much identical to CNP's flapjacks when it comes to texture - chewy, but didnt struggle to eat!
    The nutritional profile makes it a good post workout/recovery snack, or even a meal replacement as it's a great ratio of protein/carbs/fats. Even though it's sweet, its low in sugar, a guilt free treat perhaps! I marked it down due to the flavour; I could taste some kind of apple in there, but very little caramel.
    Would certainly try other flavours!
    Stuart 29/06/2014
    Yogurt and honey flavour.

    As standard from Sci Mx - a sound, no nonsense product with the predicted essentials.
    This flapjack is packed with the macronutrients any sports person looks for. Whether it be a pre work out energy booster, post work out recovery or used as a quick snack to adhere to your daily nutritional targets. No complaints in the actual purpose of the product.
    The only downfall of this particular product (This could be down to my personal taste) is the texture, it has a bland taste which comes with a dry, powdery sensation when I chew. This could just be me being pedantic and fussy. Other than this, this product provides everything Sci Mx look to offer to their target market - suiting the nutritional needs of the modern athlete.
    Cat 25/06/2014
    Yoghurt & Honey flavour:

    I'm a flapjack fiend but regular shop-bought flapjacks aren't the healthiest of options. So when these high-protein bars came along i was excited to try them and see what they could offer.
    Firstly the good:
    1) the cost! There aren't many protein bars which you can snap up for £1 (or less if you get two or more boxes on the multi buy offer!)

    2) they are substantial! A single bar weighs in at a whopping 80g, certainly enough to keep you going after a hard session or in preparation for one.

    3) 25% protein is pretty good for a "flapjack" protein bar! 21g of protein in each one (about the same as 3eggs, or 100g minced/ground beef, or 180g of cottage cheese)

    4) Pretty obviously… they're good on the go! You can easily sling one in your bag or pocket to have throughout the day, without having the faff of a protein shaker if you want your protein fix on-the-go or in a hurry.

    The bad:
    1) The texture: for me this bar didn't quite work. The texture can only be described as "mushy" and "grainy". I certainly didn't think i was eating a flapjack, and it was quite dense so difficult to chew. So for me, not one for eating in public (think of a giraffe chewing..). I managed around half the bar in one go, then had to leave the rest for later in the day.

    2) The taste: i wasn't wholly sold on the yoghurt and honey flavour. I think it was a little too sweet and this could be down to the high polyols content of 19.5g (surprisingly, there is only 3g of sugar in the bar!). This is a bit more of a personal thing and mightn't bother most other people. From other comments, on the whole this issue seems to just be around this particular flavour, and
    I'd like to try the caramel and apple flavour ones out to see if these have the same sweetness.

    Overall, i thought these were good value for money - a big bar for around £1, far cheaper than buying them in the local supermarket! They have a good protein hit and are great for on-the-go. They're sweet enough that they feel like a treat without the high sugar content that would come with an actual flapjack. With 50% of the bar being carbohydrate, (41,7g total carbs: of this 3g sugar, 19.5g polyols) these are a great source of energy pre-workout or in recovery.
    These pack a punch and half a bar settled my hunger pangs until my next proper meal. The texture was not what i was expecting but was not grossly unlike many other protein bars.
    I'd be keen to try the apple and caramel ones in future!
    Steven 24/06/2014
    Tried this bar as a replacement for breakfast. I was a bit pessimistic as I am not a big fan of honey flavoured things. This surprised me though, unlike other bars I have tried this one was tasty and did not have a "fake" taste like a lot of other products do. The flavour was nice and it kept me going til lunchtime. I would make sure you have a drink of water to wash it down with though as with most protein bars it can be a little dry.
    Irfaan 23/06/2014
    Flavour - Yoghurt & Honey

    Review - Well, i wasnt exactly sure what to expect as i have tried a number of different protein flapjacks in the past but to my surprise, the Yoghurt and Honey flavour actually tastes quite pleasant. You wont get a horrible chemical-like aftertaste either and i think SciMX have nailed it with this one. It isnt too chewy or crumbly and is relatively moist; perfect as a snack if you dont fancy having a protein shake. Will DEFINITELY be trying the other flavours..

    Verdict - if your looking for a protein flapjack, i dont think they get any better than this. (Thumbs Up)
    Barry 23/06/2014
    Tried the Yoghurt & Honey flavour. Amazing! Feels more of a treat than a protein flapjack but with 21g of protein per bar its a winner! Not dry or too heavy, this flapjack is moist and the flavour is delicious! Very Moorish! If you have a sweet tooth this bar is perfect but it's not too sweet or sickly like some bars. Sci-Mx have got this one just right! Will be ordering soon!
    Will 23/06/2014
    A low carb flapjack with a good protein/carb ration. Contains two types of protein and some flaxseed. A convenient protein source when you want a bit more than a shake made with water and priced well at just over £1 each. Texture is chewy if a bit grainy but not unpleasant. Taste is ok (honey & yoghurt) if slightly sickly sweet for my taste,although I don't like stuff to sweet.
    Overall, a good product that taste fine,is convenient and is decent value for money.
    Dale 22/06/2014
    The Yoghurt and Honey are my favourite. Really nice taste, wonderful price and excellent service! Would highly recommend!
    Cordyboy1 21/06/2014
    A high protein flapjack that includes Whey, milk, BCAA's and EFA's. I must admit I am not a flapjack person and this didn't change my view. The texture was slightly moist but a bit crumbly. The taste was sweet and sickly I struggled to digest and couldn't get saliva in my mouth to chew it I had to have water with it. The base was a vanilla taste chocolate the added to the sickly taste. I couldn't eat a box of these and wouldn't recommend
    Jeremy 16/05/2014
    I have tried many protein flapjack bars, but keep coming back to these. My favorite I the Chocolate Hazelnut. The bars are chewy and quite dry so I would always recommend eating with a drink.
    Al 15/05/2014
    Decent tasting bar. Although two of these a day for a week and your probably gonna needs some decent laxatives too. Far too dense for me and I don't usually have any issues.
    Matt Neal 06/11/2013
    Great price, fast delivery. Have tried both the choc & hazelnut and raspberry & yoghurt, both very nice. Have ordered a few times already from Echo, will order again.
    Sarah 31/07/2013
    Best protein bar available!
    Yandros 29/06/2013
    The chocolate and Hazelnut flavour are amazing. Great value for money when you purchase a couple of boxes at a time (brings the price down to about 94p a bar). Unfortunately, I'm not the only one in the family that enjoys them. Meaning the disappear rather quickly :-)
    Phil 17/05/2013
    Had the chocolate and hazelnut bar as a free sample from Echo and was pleasantly surprised! Having tried CNP protein bars and being disappointed with the taste, this one was quite nice! Recommend some water though as requires a lot of chewing. Solid choice for a snack.
    Jolly jo 06/03/2013
    I'm half way through the box already... Such good value..
    Asif 09/02/2013
    Excellent service and super fast delivery. Arrived free of postage charges within 24 hours of purchase. Best price! 100% recommendation
    Sarah 06/09/2012
    Great price (and service and delivery). These are much tastier than other protein products I've tried. Choc and hazlenut & yog and raspberry the best, do like apple and caramel but these taste a bit more grainy and not as nice now to me (used to be quite chewy and caramelly) not sure if they've changed formula or if this is compared to the other new flavs. Yog and orange not great.
    Tony 07/07/2012
    I had been buying these from my local Tescoat £1.80 a bar so when I saw 48 bars for £48 I snapped them up.
    Indie 11/03/2012
    The ingredients of these protein flapjacks looks great but they are VERY different tastes in the different flavours. The chocolate and hazelnut are really nice - not dry or boring but I got an orange and yogurt the second time and they are rank! Not sure I want to take the risk again so going to stick with the choc and hazelnut for now - unless echo want to sell other flavours one at a time, hint hint!!
    Phillipa 11/03/2012
    Delicious and healthy and cheap. I bought 48 bars for £60 so £1.25 each - my gym sells the SAME bars for £2.50 each they must make a fortune! I did notice sci-mx have changed the flavours around but they have kept the apple and caramel thank god - best flavour by far!

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