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Zinc / Magnesium

Zinc and Magnesium supplements have 2 main purposes - optimising natural testosterone levels and helping with recovery time whilst asleep. You will notice that some of our zinc and magnesium supplements have "ZMA" in their product name - this is a patented ratio of Zinc, Magesium and Vitamin B6, whereas other brands have used their own ratio.

First of all natural testosterone levels - if you are deficient in zinc or magnesium then you may have lower than optimal testosterone levels. This is simple and cheap to rectify though; just take any product from this section and it will have sufficient amounts of both!

Second is recovery - one thing that most people notice immediately once they've started to take zinc/magnesium supplements is that their sleep is much deeper and many people experience more vivid dreams. This is due to a deeper sleep and in the deep sleep stage where dreams occur your body recovers most, so the more of this quality sleep you can get each night, the better your recovery will be.

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    Boditronics Zinc & Magnesium Complex (60 Caps)

    ECHO £11.60 MSRP Price: £17.99 36% off! As low as: £11.20
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