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Reflex Instant Mass Heavyweight (5.4kg)

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  • Reflex Instant Mass Heavyweight (5.4kg)

Reflex Instant Mass Heavyweight (5.4kg)

Reflex Instant Mass Heavyweight is Reflex Nutrition's "mega gainer" which at Echo we class as any product delivering over 1000 calories per recommended serving (in this case 1,160 calories!) and they have formulated it with quality first and foremost in mind.

To this end Reflex have only used highly bioavailable premium quality proteins including their trademark Native Whey Isolate (where many brands load up with cheaper soy protein) alongside top carbohydrate sources including Trehalose & Oat Flour - low GI, low sugar carbohydrates so you can get the benefits of a high volume of calories without loads of sugar too.

To top off this exceptional supplement Reflex have included the world's purest Creapure branded creatine monohydrate and a comprehensive vitamin and mineral complex. If you're looking for the best quality 1000+ calorie gainer, you found it!

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21st November

ECHO £39.50 MSRP Price: £74.99 47% off!
  • Description


    Reflex Instant Mass Heavyweight

    Reflex Nutrition Instant Mass Heavyweight

    Reflex Instant Mass Heavyweight is Reflex Nutrition's "mega gainer" which at Echo we class as any product delivering over 1000 calories per recommended serving (in this case 1,160 calories!) and they have formulated it with quality first and foremost in mind.

    To this end Reflex have only used highly bioavailable premium quality proteins including their trademark Native Whey Isolate (where many brands load up with cheaper soy protein) alongside top carbohydrate sources including Trehalose & Oat Flour - low GI, low sugar carbohydrates so you can get the benefits of a high volume of calories without loads of sugar too.

    To top off this exceptional supplement Reflex have included the world's purest Creapure branded creatine monohydrate and a comprehensive vitamin and mineral complex. If you're looking for the best quality 1000+ calorie gainer, you found it!

    Key Benefits

    • Protein Sources - as you might expect from Reflex Nutrition there are no cheap proteins (soya in particular is a major ingredient in many other gainers) and the blend is made up of Native Whey Isolate, Whey Protein Concentrate, Milk Protein (Casein), Egg White Protein, Hydrolysed Whey & Peptide Bonded Glutamine from wheat protein. This means the protein found in Instant Mass Heavyweight is all VERY highly bioavailable and also naturally VERY high in branched chain amino acids & glutamine
    • Carbohydrate Sources - once again the important thing to note is you don't see dextrose or fructose in the carbohydrate blend of Instant Mass Heavyweight. Reflex Nutrition have chosen to combine Maltodextrin, Oat Flour and Trehalose (a very slow digesting type of sugar) for a complex carbohydrate blend which won't give you a sugar crash soon after drinking it
    • Protein to Carb Ratio - a great thing about Instant Mass Heavyweight is that you can take half servings (150g serving) and still get a good amount of protein (30g) whereas in many other "mega gainers" which pack in over 1000 calories per full serving this isn't possible. This is due to the protein to carb ratio being just right to get the calories in without being too low in protein
    • Added Creatine, Vitamins & Minerals - on top of the awesome macronutrient formulation is the addition of a wide range of vitamins and minerals (including testosterone supporting zinc and magnesium) and 3g of creatine monohydrate which is a great supplement in itself for increasing size and strength
    • Increased Size & Strength - The inclusion of ultra pure Creapure Creatine into the Instant Mass Heavyweight formula means you will benefit from increased size and strength for as long as you take it every day. If you're using half servings of Instant Mass Heavyweight as described above then you may want to add in an extra scoop of Reflex Creapure Creatine to ensure you get a full effective dose every day
    • Good Flavour Choice - Reflex Instant Mass Heavyweight comes in four tasty flavours: Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla and Chocolate Peanut - so you need never get bored of the flavour as there are 3 other great options
    • Huge 5.4kg Bag - Instant Mass Heavyweight comes in a huge heavy duty bag so you get great value for money and because it isn't in a tub it doesn't take up too much room around the house

    Who is Reflex Nutrition Instant Mass Heavyweight For?

    Instant Mass Heavyweight is formulated for the hard gainer - if you feel like you just CAN'T put on any weight no matter how much you try and how much you eat then this is the product designed for you!

    When to Use Reflex Nutrition Instant Mass Heavyweight?

    You can have a serving at virtually any time of the day but obvious times to have a serving of Instant Mass Heavyweight would be pre and post workout (you can split one serving into half before and after instead, if one is too much before hand) and in-between meals. You COULD replace meals with Instant Mass Heavyweight but keep in mind you need to have a strong calorie surplus to add weight so make sure you're still getting more calories in overall!

    Who Are Reflex Nutrition?

    Reflex Nutrition is one of our top selling brands at Echo Supplements. Reflex place their focus on QUALITY above all else and as a result their range of supplements always provide effective dosages of the highest quality ingredients in the world. This is no exaggeration!

    Reflex Nutrition Top 3 Supplements

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    Manufactured in an Informed-Sport registered UK site.

    Reflex Nutrition - Vegetarian Suitable For Vegetarians

    This product is suitable for those following a vegetarian diet.

    Reflex Nutrition - Albion Minerals Albion Minerals

    Albion Minerals are the world leaders and innovator in mineral amino acid chelate technology meaning that the minerals found in Reflex Nutrition products from Albion Minerals are of a superior highly bioavailable form.

    Reflex Nutrition - Halal Certified Halal Certified

    Reflex Nutrition are a partner of the Halal Trust which certifies that this product is suitable for anyone that wants to ensure their supplements are Halal.

  • Nutritional Information
    Nutritional Information Per Serving (300g)
    Calories 1160
    Protein 60g
    Carbohydrate 219g
    - of which sugars 3.3g
    Fat 4.8g
    - of which saturates 1.8g
    - polyunsaturates 1.7g
    - mono-unsaturates 1.1g
    Fibre trace
    Salt 0.69g
    Vitamin A 400ug
    Tocotrienols (DeltaGold) 7.5mg
    Vitamin B6 1.6mg
    Vitamin C 100mg
    Thiamin 1.6mg
    Riboflavin 1.6mg
    Niacin 9mg
    Vitamin D3 7.5ug
    Folic Acid 100ug
    Vitamin B12 1.2ug
    Biotin 80ug
    Pantothenic Acid 3mg
    Magnesium 150mg
    Iron 2.3mg
    Copper 0.8mg
    Zinc 7.5mg
    Selenium 9ug
    Chromium 50ug
    Creatine Monohydrate 3000mg
    Glutamine 1000mg
    L-Choline 100mg
    Piperine Extract (Bioperine) 5mg
    Lactospore Bacillus Coagulan  
  • Ingredients

    CarboBiotics (Maltodextrin, Oat Flour, Trehalose), High BV Protein Blend (Whey Protein Concentrate, Native Whey Protein Isolate, Milk Protein Concentrate, Egg White Protein Isolate, Hydrolysed Whey Protein (degree of hydrolysis 30%), Hydrolysed Whey Protein [degree of hydrolysis 4%]), Peptide-Bonded Glutamine (Derived from Wheat Protein), Creapure Creatine Monohydrate, Fat-Reduced Cocoa Powder (Chocolate varieties only), Flavourings, Colour (Betanin [Strawberries & Cream variety only]), L-Glutamine, Magnesium Citrate, Potassium Chloride (Choc-Peanut Butter variety only), L-Choline Bitartrate, Sweetener (Acesulfame K), L-Ascorbic Acid, Bacillus Coagulans (LactoSpore), Emulsifier (Soya Lecithin), Sweetener (Sucralose), Zinc Monomethionine, Tocotrienols ([DeltaGold] 35% total Tocotrienols of which 84-92% Delta-Tocotrienols, 8-16% Gamma-Tocotrienols), Iron Bisglycinate, Nicotinamide, Copper Aspartate, Selenomethionine (SeleniumSeLECT), Piperine Extract (Bioperine), Retinyl Acetate, D-Calcium Pantothenate, Cholecalciferol, Riboflavin, Thiamin Hydrochloride, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Colour (Beta Carotene [Vanilla Ice Cream variety only]), Chromium Picolinate, Pteroylmonoglutamic Acid, D-Biotin, Methylcobalamin, Anti-Caking Agent (Calcium Silicate).

  • Directions For Use

    For a full serving mix 300 g (approximately two level 250 ml measures) with 700 ml water in a suitable shaker cup or blender, mix until smooth.

    • New users of this product may find it easier to start with a ½ serving, and then slowly increase to one or more full servings per day as required by your calorie intake plan.
    • For a creamier, more calorie-dense shake try mixing with semi-skimmed milk instead of water.
    • Instant Mass Heavyweight is suitable for consumption throughout the day as required by your calorie intake plan.
    • Consume between meals to maintain a positive nitrogen balance. Consume 20 – 30 minutes post-workout to contribute to a growth in and the maintenance of muscle mass.
    • Consume 45 - 60 minutes before bed to contribute to the maintenance of muscle mass overnight.

    The above is our recommended usage directions; You may of course mix with more of less liquid to reach the desired consistency and taste.

  • Reviews

    Customer Reviews 18 Reviews

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    Grebbs 04/06/2017
    Disclaimer up front - I'm a real Reflex fanboy.

    With that out of the way I LOVE this product it has helped me put on muscle on my shoulders and chest where NO other gainer did anything. I have tried Serious Mass from ON Nutrition, Mutant Mass and Myprotein Hard Gainer to name a few in the last year and they just didn't come CLOSE to this one.

    Around 3 months ago I was sugested Reflex nutrition from my friend who is a qualified personal trainor and I'm slowly starting to use all of their range.

    They have the LOWEST sugar and BEST quality protein out there and I am confident to recommend this stack that I have now to anyone that is skinny and looking to get more muscular:

    Instant Mass Heavyweight
    BCAA Intra Fusion
    Muscle Bomb Pre Workout

    Next up I am added NEXTGEN multi vitamin compound because it looks way better than the myprotein one I have now.

    On flavour with this product vanilla is best then strawberry then chocolate. Not had choc peanut as I am allergic to nuts.
    Theodoros 06/03/2017
    Very clean gainer I cannot find a similar product with such low sugar and 1000 calories.

    Bit lumpy and not as cheap as some others (seen a few under £30) but obviously better quality.
    Rodger R 22/02/2017
    I've given instant mass heavy weight 3/5 stars but depending on how you use it you may be able to up this.

    First of all the profile is exceptional there is no other product out there that uses such high quality carbohydrates (I'm looking at you ON serious mass, Mutant mass!!) to keep the sugar at a very very low level.

    Similarly the protein sources and quantity are where you'd expect them to be for a Reflex product - no problems there and the added vitamins a winner.

    BUT and it's a BIG but .. the product mixes into a sodding lumpy mess with a hand shaker so I HAVE to lower the rating from the 5/5 I would have given it otherwise. If you use a blender or are willing to mix it for 5 minutes per shake it is great (and indeed taste is spot on - not too sweet or too bland) but if you're like me and just want a 10-20 second shake after a workout you will be disappointed.
    Great product 26/01/2017
    Could mix a bit better it takes quite a shake but quality is exceptional and so low sugar!
    Lee 22/09/2014
    A full serving of this packs an incredible 1160kcals!

    I’d really have thought with this high amount of calories they could fit in more than 60g of protein. The carbs are fantastic at 219g. Brilliant for those reefed days. For the amount of calories, Fat is a very respectable 4.8g.

    The vitamin and mineral inclusions are brilliant too. Very nice to see a vast array covering all the main and important vitamins. All well dosed as well.

    Unfortunately I didn’t really like the shake much. The chocolate flavour had a little bit of a metallic aftertaste to it. I really didn’t enjoy it that much. Even mixed with full fat milk, the taste was just a bit unpleasant.

    I’d be willing to try a next flavour next time as the profile is quite decent but unfortunately I just didn’t like the chocolate.
    Peter 12/09/2014
    Reflex have produced a new Mass Gainer which is packed with 4 different proteins & a 50/50 split with carbs. Per serving this packs in 55g of protein, 60g of carbs & 542 kcal. I found this a little watery but could be down to the amount of water I added which is personal preference really but I must say the flavour Choc Peanut was fantastic! As this is a new product it has a higher price tag attached to it compared to other brands but if you like reflex products & can afford to spend that little bit extra you won't be disappointed.
    gavin 12/09/2014

    Now we all know that REFLEX have got a top name for there flavourings BUT i really was not fust on this in CHOC/PEANUT was ok i could defo taste the the nutty taste & with a rich choc taste BUT i didnt think the taste was strong enough for me was a little weak compared to there other CHOC/PEANUTS shakes.

    Now this has a massive 1160cals per 300g thats the whole serving. with a massive all in 1 blend BUT they give us a 6 source protein blend what stands out 1st is NATIVE WHEY as we all know this is the best & most expensive wheys & REFLEX have that here we also get 5 other proteins Whey Protein Concentrate,Milk Protein Concentrate, Egg White Protein Isolate, Hydrolysed Whey Protein (degree of hydrolysis 30%), Hydrolysed Whey Protein [degree of hydrolysis 4%]) As you can see all the important proteins are here & no cheaper sources BUT we only get 60g of protein in the whole 300g serving. Next is the CARBS & this packs a massive 219g WITH ONLY 3.3g SUGARS thats very impressive & its only from 3 sources (Maltodextrin, Oat Flour, Trehalose) I think most will be happy as ive seen all in 1s use many different types of carbs. FATS are only 4.8g with only 1,8g of that being SATS again this is very good as the cals are so high at 1160cals per whole serving. We also get all the other added goodies like creatine mono at 3g per whole serving & then as always ZINC,MAGNESIUM & ALL THE VITAMINS which our bodys need to help us all take the proteins & carbs in.

    OVERALL: This is totally ideal for any 1 looking to pack some serious cals in with only the best ingredients. I would have given more stars but at £48.95 for just 18 servings altho thats the full servings so this could be doubled to maybe make 36 servings.
    Jamie 18/08/2014
    Choc Peanut Butter – I’ll start with the taste on this one, wow its amazing. Think Ferrero Rocher and you won’t be far off! Its like someone has taken a handful and liquidised then for your pleasure, however on the flipside of that it is kind of sickly towards the end, but perfectly manageable. The consistency is a little watery compared with a lot of other mass gainers out there but you can easily play with water content to find a balance, it mixed up well with no bits or residue left.
    The ingredients and protein content in this are as you would expect from the pros up at Reflex, first class.
    On one hand it’s not the cheapest but on the other you get what you pay for in life too.
    This product certainly goes along way to making up macros when on a busy schedule or your stuck for something to get down your neck when whole food isn’t an option. I would definitely recommend this and will be using it again
    Barry 27/07/2014
    I had the Chocolate Peanut flavour.

    To be honest I wasn't sure what flavour it was. Only noticed it afterwards at the back of the sample packet, just above the barcode. Certainly an unusual flavour. Hard to describe it tbh. Not something I've had before in a protein powder and not readily discernible as Chocolate Peanut imo. Kind of an oaky flavour. But ok and drinkable.

    Reflex Instant Mass Heavyweight is a "gainer". Quite what this 44yr old is doing having a gainer, I'm not sure lol. I'm more used to fat burners etc ha ha but the ingredient list looked good so I was happy to try this.

    As you can see maltodextrin is the 1st ingredient on the list and while technically a complex carbohydrate it does however rate high on the glycemic index so this product is best used post workout imo.
    Shaun 17/07/2014
    Reflex Instant Mass Heavyweight – Chocolate Peanut

    Mixability 9/10 – Mixes extremely well, does not settle if you leave it for a while or have any lumps but does get a little head in my experience.

    Taste 8/10 – Nice chocolate flavour, tastes very similar to other chocolate protein powders and doesn’t taste overly sweet or leave a nasty chemical aftertaste, but unlike others the peanut taste is stronger in this than others which I really liked.

    Texture 7/10 – For a mass gainer this mix is still relatively thin and nowhere near as thick as your normal mass gainer, although I did only get a sample which is a quarter of a serving so if you were to mix a full serving in 500ml water I imagine it would be quite thick and would fill you up.

    Price 6/10 – At £49 for only 18 servings (£2.72/serving) this could be thought of as steep but when you consider that a serving is 300g which gives 1160kcal, 60g protein, 219g carbs 4.8g fat. Consider the money involved in making those calories through meat, rice, sweet potato etc them costs would add up quick and would costs a similar amount, if not more. So although it seems steep in comparison to other mass gainers, they are not on this sort of level serving size wise and would only give you half the macros for around £1.75 mark so this is about the average if not slightly cheaper.

    Ingredients 8/10 – This is a great mass gainer in my opinion. The carb content of this a 219g is very high and would be perfect for those who need all those carbs to help gain the weight, these carbs come from a good source such as oat flour and also maltodextrin with only 3.3g sugars which is amazing to get 219g in a shake and only 3.3g sugars! There is a good, high quality blend of proteins no cheap soy protein, which will give you a steady release of amino,’s over a number of hours. This shake is also low fat for the number of calories in it at just 4.8g with only 1.8g saturates. The added 3g creatine could also be seen as a benefit.

    Overall 8/10 – This is a high quality mass gainer with quality sources of protein and carbs whilst being low in sugars and fat. It tasted great and wasn’t overly thick (although remember I only had ¼ size) or difficult to mix. When you consider the macros involved in 1 shake the price isn’t too bad either and would be something I would highly recommend to those who need the added calories from a quality source. There are many poor quality mass gainers out there full of sugars, unnecessary fats and poor sources of protein and carbs but this definitely isn’t one of them. One of the best on the market in my opinion!
    Jymjunkieboss 12/07/2014
    I was hesitant to try this product as I am minimizing sugar and cutting but as a Reviewer you have to make sacrifices.

    I tried the chocpeanut and opening the pack you instantly smell the sweetness and peanut reminds me of a snicker bar. I took the product pre workout to give it a go. It mixes well and the taste is heavenly leaving you wanting more. Like drinking a smoothie and not unpleasant.

    You can add more water to dilute the taste or add some if your whey protein if it's too sweet for you. I took this on a big session back and shoulders and felt a real surge in power and wanting to lift bigger. I actually hit a PB for shoulders.

    I have taken gainers in the past but would certainly purchase this product in the future and recommend it. It also has benefits to support your immune and testosterone systems.
    Chris 11/07/2014
    Once again Reflex have come up with a much higher quality product than competitors when it comes to the ingredient profile. No cheap sugars, no 50% soy protein or gelatin, just a top blend of whey/milk/egg/glutamine with a mix of quality carbs. Added to this is a resonable amount of creatine (creapure!) and a nice mix of added vitamins and minerals. It's very unusual to see a 1000cal shake not half filled with junk/fillers, unfortunately the taste and mixabilty do suffer probably on these counts.

    Mixability: 6/10 - The instructions warn not to let this settle, and when mixed it looks very silty (when settled it's more like mud!).
    Taste: 5/10 - The choc peanut butter in powder form actually smells just like a ferrero rocher rather than peanutty, when mixed the smell dulls but the taste is not particularly pleasant (although this is obviously subjective).
    Quality/Value: 9/10 - You cannot argue with the ingredients really and it's a whopping & convenient bag for the price. You've got the cals of a pizza, but with a much better ingredient profile that you can slam straight after a monster gym session.

    Overall - Great product......just need a different flavour.
    Howard 11/07/2014
    I remember years ago when starting out in the gym a friend had recommended a mass gainer protein shake to me. Not having a clue what I was doing I bought a big old tub of it and used it constantly. I ended up with a fat arse! More recently I looked back at the product I had used with a fresh set of eyes and was flabbergasted at the high levels of sugar. If only I had known about this reflex weight gainer back then I probably wouldn't of had to cut as hard as I did to get rid of that fat!

    I had the chocolate flavour of reflex protein. It mixed well considering the size of the serving. The taste was good, a bit artificial due to all the sweeteners that have been added to make up for the lack of sugar but still enjoyable.
    You can't argue with the nutritional make up of this one, pretty solid all round and as mentioned before low in sugar.
    Price is a little more expensive than the average protein at about £1.36 per half serving but this is a weight gainer we are talking about.

    Pros -
    - Good taste
    - Low sugar
    - Complex carbs

    Cons -
    - Not that cheap
    Nick 08/07/2014
    Having just tried the choc peanut flavour I have the following observations to make.
    The contents are really complex and just what you need in a quality gainer, all bases are covered, however the product was just to watery for me when mixed, very thin. That's my personal preference of course, I like a thick satisfying shake. This one just wasn't that way.
    It smelt great on opening but I was honestly disappointed with the flavour, just not strong enough.
    However it is priced sensibly and it is a very high quality gainer, just wasn't to my taste. I have given it 4 out of 5 just for the contents, reflex missed the trick with the taste.
    On a plus side mixes very easily and really easy to drink.
    Phil 07/07/2014
    I tried the choc peanut butter flavour.

    Smells excellent when you first open it, really strong peanut and chocolate aroma, but this doesn't last during drinking.

    The actual taste is a lot weaker, hint of chocolate, hint of peanut, and a very slightly bitter end feel. Not unpleasant, but not as good as it smells, but perfectly drinkable and easily so.

    The profile of the product is top notch, not full of sugars like most gainers on the market. Personally I used this during an 8 hour rugby tournament for recovery and easy nutrition between matches. Good protein sources, micro nutrients and creatine are good additions and the carb blend just right for post exercise, and in my case during long duration activity.
    Irfaan 04/07/2014
    Flavour - Strawberry

    Review - Personally i don't usually drink mass gainers but decided to give Reflex Instant Mass Heavyweight a try. Upon opening the packet there was a strong pleasant smell of strawberry which i couldn't wait to try.
    The recommended serving size is 300g of powder with 700ml of water, however i only used 600ml as the powder started to look quite watery even when i had put 500ml of water in. Shook the shaker vigorously to get rid of any lumps which may have formed and then drank. Surprisingly the shake tasted quite good, not overly-sweet or too watery, and having just finished a pretty intense legs workout i wanted to take full benefit of its 'Quattro' protein complex as well as essential vitamins and minerals like Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Copper and Creapure Creatine with added Zinc and Magnesium.

    Verdict - If your looking for a reasonably tasty weight gainer shake which has everything you need for packing on size, then this is the one for you.

    Bottom Line - Not a bad product overall, i give it 6/10 as its slightly on the watery side even when mixed with less water than recommended.
    Andy 02/07/2014
    Reflex Instant Mass Heavyweight looks impressive for a mass gainer. It has a mixture of proteins including high and low hydrolysed whey protein, whey protein concentrate and isolate, and micellar casein. Then there is l-glutamine and vitamins, plus added testosterone and immune support.
    It is high in calories yet very low in sugars with the carbs coming from oats, maltodextrin and treaholse.

    I had choc peanut butter flavour. I opened the pack and was immediately hit by the smell of peanuts and chocolate, god I was looking forward to this one.

    I mixed it with milk as I really wanted to savour those delicious aromas in a smooth yet slightly thicker shake.
    Unfortunately this where the dream ended for me.
    Even when mixed with milk it had what I thought was a very watery consistency, even more so for a mass gainer. In fact so much so I had to do a double take and went to my fridge to check it was milk I had put in it.
    Then there is the choc peanut butter flavour. It's hard to describe, it tastes like chemicals with a hint of peanuts or something along those lines.

    Some might say I am a bit harsh only giving it 3 stars. I have always been a fan of Reflex and really like the look of this protein as mass builder and they have gone for quality ingredients. But I feel it is let down by its consistency and flavour. If only it mixed and tastes as good as it smells, this might not be a problem for some people, but if I am having a protein shake a couple of times a day I want to enjoy it.

    Drew 01/07/2014
    Not normally being a fan of mass gainers, I didn't expect much from this product, how wrong was I?!!

    The biggest problem I have with them generally is that they are full of sugars - the Instant Mass Heavyweight however only has 3g of sugar!! The carbs are from Maltodextrin, Oat Flour and Trehalose which is so refreshing!!

    Even more impressive is the protein content. 60g of protein made up from 6 different types of protein giving a quick hit with a prolonged breakdown. Fantastic.

    I had the Chocolate Peanut flavour and after giving the Reflex Native Whey a rough time for NOT tasting of peanut, the Instant Mass Heavyweight tasted like a Snickers bar!! Absolutely delicious!!

    In a regular shaker cup it mixed well without any clumps or powdery deposits and the consistency was thick, but but so thick you give yourself a hernia drinking it...

    To be blunt - this product stands head and shoulders above any other mass gainer on the market. Bar NONE. Period.

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