Oatein is our best selling brand of high protein snacks - their range includes a delicious flapjack, soft & moreish cookies and high protein brownies.

Oatein flapjacks have a rolled oats based recipe which gives them their real home-baked taste and texture. Rather than loading them with powders and substitutes, Oatein use naturally occurring protein sources and an oat mixture.

This gives them a natural flavour and consistency rather than a chalky or powdery one that so many protein based snacks have.

Protein COOKIES are a relatively new category of protein bar and it's taken a while for anyone to really PERFECT the idea... well Oatein have done it! These NEW recipe Oatein Cookies are absolutely immense, at Echo we love our protein bars and the Oatein Cookie tastes amazing but more importantly has that soft, moist texture that up until now has separated the protein cookie from the traditional cookie.

Brownies are one of those foods we tend to write off when starting a healthy diet aimed at a lean physique. This is a reasonable thing to do as your average store-bought brownies contain 30g+ sugar (using Costa as an example) and very little protein. Of course Oatein have completely flipped the macros on their head with their take on a protein brownie!

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