Casein: All Night Aminos

Casein Protein Powder - Aminos all day long!

You may have heard of Whey Proteins less dashing twin brother. He might not be quite the spirit of the party but he cooks up an incredible pasta and speaks 4 languages fluently. Meet Casein Protein.

What is Casein Protein?

Just like Whey Protein, Casein protein is sourced from good old cows milk and is extracted in the same way - Check out our Guide to Whey protein to learn a little bit more!

Casein accounts for nearly 80% of the protein content in milk (with whey accounting for the remaining 20%!) and due to its low solubility forms the solids in milk and is a key component of many cheeses! Because of it’s thicker consistency it’s sometimes used in food as a thickening agent too.

Because Casein Protein is sourced from dairy, it should be avoided if you’re intolerant to lactose or are vegan - If you’re looking for a lactose-free/vegan alternative you can find the alternative HERE -

Long Lasting Protein Support

Casein, unlike whey protein displays a rather unique ability to blob into a gel-like substance, especially when combined with the acids in our stomach. This provides some very interesting properties that can be harnessed to optimise our muscle building game!

Casein digests over the course of 5-7 hours, gradually releasing its amino rich goodness to support your muscle growth throughout the day.

  1. Casein is a great way to help hit your daily protein requirements.
  2. Casein offers a complete profile of amino acids.
  3. Casein can help with maintaining muscle mass during dieting cycles.
  4. Casein is an excellent protein source to promote satiety.
  5. Using casein in baked goods can increase the protein content and add texture.

No More Midnight Hunger Pangs!

As we’ve already discussed protein in general is really good at keeping you satiated.

Well, casein protein takes things a step further than Whey. While whey is digested relatively quickly, casein's extensive digestion period ensures you don’t wake up starving in the middle of the night. No more midnight trips to a kitchen!

However, that’s not the big talking point here. Because of Casein’s staying power it’s able to supply your muscles with the protein you need during during the night when your body would usually run out - And remember, sleep in the time when we recover most efficiently.. It's the point in the day when we REALLY want protein.

Casein for Weight Loss

Considering Casein satiating power, it’s surprising that it’s use for weight loss isn’t more talked about. A 22g serving of Casein protein contains around 110 calories and is extremely low in fat and carbs meaning you can control your macros easily while ingesting a long-lasting protein.

Casein VS Whey?

While casein and whey are comparable in most wheys, they do have the differences we’ve discussed. To recap:



Slow Acting - Digest in 5-7 Hours

Fast Acting - Digests rapidly

Stay satiated All night

Stay Satiated for a few hours

Increased Protein Synthesis

Increased Protein Synthesis

Enjoy for breakfast to set you up for the day or take before bed to keep you full all night.

Most effective Post-Work or enjoyed throughout the day

Complete Protein

Complete Protein - extremely rich in BCAAs for optimal muscle growth

However, the real question shouldn’t be Casein Vs Whey but Casein AND Whey...

The Ultimate Duo? Casein AND Whey

Research has shown that Whey protein far outperforms Casein in terms of pure anabolic value and if you’re only going to take one form of protein supplement, take Whey protein unless you have very specific goals in mind.

Used in conjunction though? Think french fries and tomato sauce. They’re both good by themselves, but together? Perfect chip-harmony.

While whey protein provides your muscles with the immediate hit they need just after exercise (including a powerful kick of protein-synthesis promoting L-Leucine) casein supports you in your ‘down-time’ keeping things ticking over optimally during the night.

Though its much debated. Some believe that you shouldn’t directly mix casein and whey proteins as caseins' globulating property can impede the anabolic effect of the whey protein. While this makes sense in theory, there are plenty of athletes who combine the two and still report excellent results. We’d recommend you try for yourself to find out what works best for you!


Most athletes will find casein to be the ideal sidekick to their whey protein supplementation rather than their primary weapon of choice. It’s most common use as a pre-sleep supplement has been proven to be effective both for muscle rebuilding and recovery and for weight loss.

Our Recommendations

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Casein

OP Gold standard Casein

ON Gold Standard Casein is one of our best-sellers. Each serving contains 24g of slow release casein protein with a healthy dose of BCAAs and Glutamine. It's also vegetarian-friendly and is the perfect 'tool' to maintain maximum protein synthesis and reduce romantic midnight walks to fridge.